McDonalds / chicken nuggets

My wife and I pulled in to Delmar DE Mc Donald's drive through 11/14/16. We ordered Mc pick two and paid for our meal. We pulled to the pick up window and received our drinks. The employee said can I pull ahead and wait cause the fries would be thirty more seconds to complete my order. I said no cause we have pulled ahead many times at drive thrus and they always forget about us and we have waited as much as 30 minutes and completely forgotten about. So then the girl told her manager and she fussed back to the girl I never told you how long it would be and I said I would pull forward but don't forget about us. It was five minutes and the manager brought our food and She said your sauce is in the bag for the nuggets. It was dark out on our way home and we ate our food on the way home. I had the nuggets but my wife didn't want any so I ate all of them down to the last one which didn't taste right to me so being dark, I just ate it. That night I had a burning from my stomach and after going to bed woke up at midnight to wonder if I had been poisoned . I was up for two hours and had the hottest burning inside which I drank water to sooth my insides. I don't know if it was or was not poison, but I know I was disappointed by the service I received not to mention did they do anything to my food? I couldn't eat Tuesday the day after and only drank water. I finally was able to eat Wednesday and decided to file a complaint that needs to be investigated. I hope something is done and would like to know if this kind of thing goes on. Thanks for hearing my complaint.

Nov 16, 2016

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