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Mcdonalds - Chelmsford, Essex / poor hot chocolate quality

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I bought four Mc Chicken Sandwich Meals with 4 hot chocolate from McDonalds at Chelmer Village in Chelmsford in Essex, just to find as I got home that the drinks were quite dark. I took off the lid and saw that my cup was not filled to the maximum point. One quarter of my drink that I paid for was not in my cup. I knew that it could have been a mistake so I looked in the other three cups, they were all exactly the same. I was already very angry so I took some pictures of the three quarter filled cup and then started to drink the hot chocolate. The drink was thick and was much too sweet, it was the same with all the cups. It was very clear that there wasn't the right amount of milk as well. This infuriated me, when I pay for a drink (s) from a restaurant or a fast food restaurant, I expect to be given what I have paid for. Not a little bit less because I don't think they would have given me the food today if I had said I was paying a little less than the cost of the foods.

I enjoy the hot chocolates from McDonalds very much, but I feel that the quality left a lot to be desired today!

Preeya Ludhor
11 years old

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  • Ca
      30th of Jul, 2008
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    Whoa that is truly shocking. If it weren't for this one time that the train refused to wait for me and made me miss my appointment with the beauty parlor then what you describe here would certainly be the worst case in human negligence I have ever heard of.
    In fact when I read the part about the hot choc being much too sweet it almost made me shed a tear. I just want you to know that I think what your doing is right. More people need to post descriptive and lengthy posts of their experiences of their rare, but horrifying, accounts of personal tragedy. Maybe someday the negligent and utterly disrespectful McDonald's will pay attention to ours cries for help and refund us our $4 hot chocolate?
    BUT perhaps we should not be so aggressive in our actions, perhaps the Chelmsford, Essex McDonald's simply had a malfunctioning hot chocolate machine? I know its quite ridiculous to assume so but maybe, just maybe, the world will live on.
    Oh and I want to say that I noticed that you are 11 years old and that I admire your literary skills and spelling accuracy in your writing. Such skill is seldom found on the internet. Also I felt when I read about how you said you felt very angry, that I TO felt very angry! Your telling of the horribleness of this excruciating hot chocolate even continued to eventually INFURIATE me.

    And I also much enjoy the taste of the McDonald's hot chocolates, and having worked there I know that the hot chocolate machines used are from an independent company not associated with McDonald's and are of a high quality. Although I have never experienced any problems with the actual machines I have found that the customer is an expert at finding them.

    I understand that when you pay for a drink at any restaurant you want top quality, but on the rare occasion that you do not get your entire moneys worth of quality or quantity, writing an angry post about it on the internet isn't going to change ###. Unless you like complaining, which I sense you do.

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  • Pr
      29th of Sep, 2008
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    i was only 11yrs old, and thanks for mentioning that i have good literacy skills but i would like to say that the grammar you used to a minor was appauling. Now that i am slightly older and very much wiser i have no need to listen to your remarks!

  • To
      13th of Oct, 2008
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    I visited the McDonald in Riverside Retai Park, back last year.

    I had to visit the toilet and what a state it was. Lets hope the employees dotn use these toilets.

    See full review below:

  • Ha
      23rd of Aug, 2009
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    i agree with preeya and that for carebear to talk to you like that was awful. She was only 11 years old. For you to criticise her about complaining and fussing over a little thing, makes you as bad as each other. Your doing excactly what preeya did, complain about a little thing. Did you thing taking the mickey out an 11 year old is mature.

    Good for you preeya. For standing up for yourself. I do agree with carebear that your literacy was rather good for when you were 11! I hope you have no more horrible hot chocolate!

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