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Mcdonald's / poor service!

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Location of store in question:
13707 jeffersn davis hwy
Woodbridge, va 22191

just a few minutes ago (0730 29 sep) I went to the mcdonalds on 13707 jefferson davis hwy, woodbridge, va 22191 and obtained a steak mcskillet with a dollar off coupon. well, I found out after I got home that it was a sausage mcskillet. not really a huge deal, but the lady at the window says "what" very rudely when I pull up. I told her about the mistake they made and she did not apologize. I asked her did she even care that they made a mistake and she said she wasn't the one tho put the order together. I informed the manager that the customer service is lacking and she walks away smiling instead of apologizing for making me drive all the way back to get the correct order. she basically wrote me off. I didn't yell or insult anyone. I don't like making things racial, but since it's an all hispanic owned store, and i'm black, I believe that may have something to do with their boldness and well known dislike for black people by hispanics. i've never experienced that of rudeness or boldness at any mcdonalds.

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  24th of Jul, 2007
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Whenever I go to McDonald's in Hanover ON, I have to pull ahead and wait. Very seldom is the order right. This last time I decided to go for supper at McDonalds because the pizza place would take about 10 min. before the slices would be ready. It took about 15 min. to get our food and the order was yet again wrong. If that wasn't bad enough, when I went in to get the toy's , sauces and straws they tried to ignore me. There was no need for the pure service that we received because the restaurant was not busy at all. That was the last time I will ever visit that McDonald's and I may never go to any again. The other McDonald's in town is at Walmart and is smaller. They never make mistakes and never make me wait.

  3rd of Aug, 2007
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Oh boo woo I used to work at mcdonalds, maybe the reason it was wrong everytime because you pulled ahead to the wrong window. It is a restaurant, sometimes you have to wait. There just kids working there of course they are going to make mistakes, most people check their bags before they leave, maybe you should try that.

  11th of Aug, 2007
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I stopped at the McDonalds drive thru this morning in Waynesboro Tn. to get a breakfast meal, sausage and egg biscuit with hashbrown and a small orange juice. Not a problem, right, wrong, just as I started to pull away, I took a sip of my orange juice, watered down, mixed wrong, whatever, people make mistakes, I handed it back to the young lady at the window and asked her to please get me another one. She told me to please pull up and someone would bring me a good one shortly, so I pulled up a little, and another car had to pull up with me and wait also for their food, then another. It was getting crowded, other people were getting short tempered and we were running out of places to park and wait. I waited 10 min. Oh well, they must be really busy inside. Another 5 min. This can't really be happening. Another 5 min. This is beyond belief, I get out of my car to go inside and am met at the door by the young lady that told me to move forward, with my orange juice and some other folks food. She gives me my orange juice and says sorry for the inconvenience. I take the orange juice and turn to leave, then turn and say "no, I need to see your manager, is he inside" she say's "yes" I go inside and find the manager, he say's "how can he help" I say "this service is not acceptable" "do better" and with mr. boo woo's attitude above the manager say's "have a nice day". So now I'm in a really crappy mood and not enjoying my Saturday trip across the state and down to Alabama. I drink the orange juice, it's good but , I don't really taste it, thinking about my McDonalds experience. I eat the hash brown thingie which is cold by now, then I open the wrapper to the sausage and egg biscuit (the wrapper says "sausage and egg biscuit" by the way!) I take a bite, still rehashing my McDonalds experience, chew and swallow, take another bite-------something wrong here, I pay a little more attention to what I'm eating. There's the two biscuit halves and there's the scrambled eggs folded neatly in the middle, but, not a trace of sausage, not even a stain on the biscuit halves. D--N, where will this end! Are McDonalds employees loosers that have to be constantly followed and checked? What is the manager doing with his time? Am I a looser for doing business with McDonalds? This is not my first bad experience with McDonalds. I can turn off the radio or change the channel if I don't like what I'm hearing, I can put a coat on if I get cold and I can turn on the air conditioner if I get hot, and no, mr. boo woo I didn't eat the rest of the biscuit, I'm done with McDonalds. And their biscuit!

Have a McNice McDay!

  8th of Oct, 2007
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I was in the McDonad's store on Wilson and Blanding and one of the managers was sitting down , while they had a line. I can tell that one employer was tired because of what he said: "I'm tired and no one is helping me". I really coudn't see his name tag not to say that no one in the store had a name tag on , but him and the manager Nicole. She then called his name and she said: "Jimmy come up here and run your shift". I didn't think that it was his shift the boy looked tired. He came and cleared wus out. I told him that I apperciate what he had done and keep up the good work. McDonal'd should be a place where employer can be themselfs , not for manager to torture them.

  25th of Jan, 2008
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Only losers eat at McDonalds

  31st of Mar, 2008
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If you weren't so lazy, this never would have happened. Make some real food at home instead of eating that ### that McDonald's calls food. Only losers eat at McDonald's

  29th of May, 2008
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Roland I agree.. There is a sense of boldness that these Mexican----spanish immigrants have toward other ethnicities. As with other races too... Some people have too much pride and think they own ###. Northern VA is filled with them, ...

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