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McDonalds / bad service... bad food... bad everything!

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I sent this letter to corporate McDonalds several months ago. Several days later, I did get a call from the manager or owner at this particular McDonalds (despite saying in my letter that I had no interest in talking over the phone about it). He said he was concerned and wanted to make sure these things don't happen again, but as far as I can see, nothing has changed (granted, I now go there very very really after all the problems I've had, but still).

This is in regards specifically to the McDonalds at Harry & Webb, in Wichita, Kansas. The original letter follows.

--- (#1) ---

This isn't just a complaint about one visit. This has been ongoing for months, and I've finally just decided something should be said about it.

The above-mentioned McDonalds has serious problems. When you contrast this to a GREAT store, such as the one over by where I work (Douglas and Seneca), the difference is striking. But even on its own, the Harry & Webb McDonalds (over by where I live) is the worst in Wichita - the worst I've seen *anywhere* in fact. And I used to work for McDonalds, many years ago. I can't imagine what kind of situation is going on there that allows such bad service to continue for so long.

I wish I had documented every problem I've encountered at this particular McDonalds, but here's a few.

1) Slow drive-thru. It's not just slow, it's *unbearably* slow. This was the problem at my most recent visit. I had gone to grab lunch for my wife before taking my daughter to a movie, and should have had plenty of time. I was in the drive-thru with seven cars in front of me (three of which LEFT the line before even ordering, presumably due to the long wait) for fifteen minutes. FIFTEEN minutes in the drive-thru line. Why??? No apology at the window, either (and often, they DO apologize, because the wait is ALWAYS long).

2) No receipts. They almost never give a receipt. I usually remember to ask (especially after it has happened so many times), but sometimes I forget. I shouldn't have to ask for a receipt when I pay by debit card.

3) Inaccuracies. It's rare they get an order right unless it's a VERY small order (say, maybe a cheeseburger and a sprite). But they sometimes get even the small ones wrong. It's guaranteed that if I order for myself, my wife, and my daughter, they will mess something up. They will give the wrong sauce for the mcnuggets. They will forget an item (such as my wife's yogurt parfait). They'll forget to give us straws. They've even given me the wrong order entirely. A time or two, I'd understand. I wasn't perfect when I worked for McDonalds.

--- (#2) ---

(The form didn't let me finish, so I'm submitting more to continue my first message):

...They've even given me the wrong order entirely. A time or two, I'd understand. I wasn't perfect when I worked for McDonalds. But the folks at THIS McDonalds get orders wrong the MAJORITY of the time.

4) Attitude. Some of the window workers have actually seemed ANNOYED to be assisting customers. I can't be polite ENOUGH to avoid it, especially when I ask for the correct sauces after checking the bag, or a receipt, or a missing item. One girl, months ago, actually huffed as though I was asking for something completely unreasonable just by trying to get my order corrected!

5) Bad food. I remember one time, when Chicken Selects were fairly new (at least I think they were - I had only just started ordering them, although maybe they'd been around a while). The five pieces were over-cooked, small, and shriveled. At Seneca & Douglas they add an EXTRA piece if one is a little small, and they NEVER serve dried-up pieces. This order was all but inedible. And I've had undone french fries, sloppily-made burgers, and other problems.

I would say I'd begin to keep track of it, but my wife and I will no longer patronize that McDonalds, at least unless absolutely necessary. I thought about calling the owner, Roy McCalla, whose number is on a sign by the window, but don't feel like having a long telephone conversation about this.

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  • Mc
      16th of Oct, 2008
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    Thank you for your comments.

    Since you are so happy with our McDonalds at Harry & Webb, in Wichita, Kansas, we will be sending you $200 in McDonalds' giftcards exclusively for spending at that location.

    We appreciate your patronage and customer loyalty.

    McDonald's Customer Service

  • Ma
      19th of Jun, 2010
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    I AGREE WITH YOU SIR! because this morning I tried ordering 22 burrito and they say NO we can't make it and started laughing at us! Then we ask how much can he make and he goes 10. So we wanted 10 burrito and 10 Mcmuffin, when we order that He just ignored us for 20 minute because we tried to get the total amount. So we went up to the drive thru window and he goes, What do you guys want in a RUDE ATTITUDE like he doesn't want to work or something. I am feeding 10-15 people. This isn't just the first time either. This is like over 10 times already. He is a old dude who is kind of bald at the top and got hair on the side like BOZO the clown And he is the manager too.So we was like screw it and went to the mcdonalds on rock and harry and they got it done in 5 minutes! So why wouldn't he want to make order for us on Harry and Webb? I will be Contacting Roy Mccalla OR EVEN THE CORPORATE OFFICE soon!

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