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If you go to mcdonalds in goldsboro north carolina on wayne memorial drive you can get breakfast hashbrowns 2 of them for $1.00. But if you go to kinston north carolina locations you will pay $1.00 for each... Feel like if this is a chain business the price should be the same... Just check your grocery ads like food lion the same items on sale... Same price... Was not satisfied with dixon representative answer to my problem... If you are gonna have the food on menu it should be same price... And this is not the first time... They never said thank you. I probably spent at least $50 with them a month. Don't know if I will continue... Also when you order any kind of sandwich it looks like it has just been thrown on roll.

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    • Bi
      bigsmellyman Oct 20, 2008
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      Sounds like you eat at McDonald's way too often.

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    • Ho
      Howman Mar 01, 2009

      Every franchise has the right to set pricing, usually within limits set by the corporation. Every store has different costs (rent, labor, fees and taxes) and must price their goods and services accordingly.

      If you bother to read the fine print, you will see that advertisements always state that pricing is good only at participating locations. Your Food Lion ad tells you which stores participate. If you tried to use that ad at a Food Lion not listed, they would tell you, politely, to go pound sand.

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    • Ki
      Kimberly Mar 12, 2009

      We have two McDonald's in our town, right across the road from each other. One is a regular store and the other one is in Wal-Mart. The one in Wal-Mart has higher prices (anywhere from a penny to a nickle). The reason for this is because the one inside Wal-Mart has to pay rent and the corporation owns the other building. So it is not unusual to have different prices at McDonald's.

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