McDonald's / buttermilk crispy chicken tenders / fries

Hello to who this may concern, last night I went to my local mcDonalds at 461 State Route 31 S Washington, NJ 08827. I ordered 2 meals. the buttermilk crispy chicken tender meal with an orange soda, I was extremely disappointed and shocked as to how hard and unsatisfying the tenders were, The meat was like rubber and EVERY piece was extremely hard. I was shocked!! In addition my husband's meal was equally as disappointing he said to me when did you get these fries? today ? they are extremely cold and soggy, I agreed. I would have brought it back however unfortunately I was on a time schedule and thought that McDonald's would be a perfect place to stop by. To be completely honest I have no desire to re visit this or any McDonald's again, I do frequent fast food chains in addition to McDonald's, I think maybe once did I go to Wendy's and have an issue with my meal. Once in 5 years! I Feel like when I think of McDonald's it was one of my original favorites and has slowly become my last. There always seems to be an issue, I took a break from McDonald's and as of last night it was my first trip back in a while. Not happy at all with the quility of our meals! not sure what you Can do in order to make this right, i wish I could go back and enjoy my meal again! I would love a refund to be honest as I paid $18 for two meals. I'm sorry I could not write a better email with one
good thing about my food everything was a complete let down! Sincerely, Ashley Johnson

Aug 05, 2018

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