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I had a problem with the bath tub located in the basement. It kept backing up with mud in it. So, I went to Lowes in Brockton and explained the problem to them. And then, I gave them the job which they accepted to do. I wanted the problem to be fixed, and to renovate the whole bathroom at the time. Lowes charged me at the beginning $8, 190.35. They started to do the job. Then, after they removed the bath tub, they charged an extra $2, 247.75 because according to them, they have more work to do than they did expect. The bathroom was done almost at the end of the year of 2015. By April 2016, the same problem with the backing up started again with the new bath tub and became worse than before. By May 2016, I went to Lowes to tell them about the problem, and they said they would send somebody to check it. An employee, with the name Zach called me, and made an appointment to come to check the tub. First, after making that appointment, he did not call and did not show up. I called him again, and he finally came over to check the bath tub. After checking the tub, he said he would talk to his boss, and did not call back. I called again, and spoke to Zach on 6/20/16. He said he would send a plumber to check it again. On June 25th, 2016, a plumber came to check the bath tub and stated that the problem is not the tub, and thought and suggested that the septic pipe is clogged, and would talk to Lowes. I called Zach on June 28th, 2016, he stated they would not pay to fix the problem because it is from the main pipe. It happened before, and that was the reason I wanted it to be fixed. The main reason was the plumbing problem. And, after the job was done, the problem was not fixed and it became worse. Please I would like you to help me with this problem, also I would like to have a refund. Thank you in advance for your understanding.

Aug 08, 2016
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  • Ro
      Sep 19, 2016

    Dear Lowe's,
    To Whom It May Concern.

    Mr. Niblock,
    First Vice Chairman, Chairman, President & CEO

    Sunday September 18th, in Lowe's store located #2646 in Greenville, Texas, myself and three dear friends came on to purchase several items. We spent about $125.00 this trip.
    Sales #S2646WF1 619365
    Trans #[protected]
    Date 09-18-16
    Time 13:47:40
    Terminal 10

    We inform the person on the register we would like a Veterans discount.
    Wallace was the cashier at the time.
    He ask for the veterans verification, so I showed him my Texas Drivers License which has "VETERAN" on the face of the license. Wallace told me he could not use a valid Texas License as proof. So I showed Wallace a copy of my Military Honorable Discharge Document and Wallace still refused my Veteran's discount.
    One of my friends with me showed his Military ID and Wallace denied my friends ID.

    Wallace was so determined we were not getting our discount. He was embarrassing me and my friends at the reguesters in front of other customers and your emoyees.
    Wallace is a black man and we are four caucasians. One lady and three men. I wonder if his "RACE" had anything to do with his attitude?

    Walkace stated it was Lowe's policy to except only 3 or 4 documents as proof.

    But to me, LOWE's loosing 10% of $125.00  was not worth the loss of four customers plus the lack of "Respect" for 2 Veterans and any customers that heard Wallace.

    I hope I have given you enough information that you can stop this kind of embarrassment from happening to other Veterans.

    Thank you for your actions.

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