Lowes / troy built lawn tractor and the customer service

Carrollton, Georgia, GA, United States

My husband and i bought a troy built lawn tractor on june 2, 2017. the transaction # is [protected]. the sales #is s2968re1 1998518. 3 yr epp ope $1000 - $1499.99 item #: 731595 $199.97. ho6307 130x79bt011 $1399.00 to horse 20 hp kohler 46-in. the invoice #85190. we explained what kind of yard we have (which is all hills), we also got the extended warranty so that if anything happened it would be covered. we encourage just found out that the warranty doesn't cover the engine or fuel system. the tractor has not worked right since we bought it. when coming up the hill it spits, sputters, and dies out. the technician that came out to the house said that the warranty will not cover this problem. he said that lowes should not have sold us that mower, because it is a gravity fed fuel filter and we needed the fuel injected one. we went into the store today to get our money back on the warranty, because the warranty is of no use to us if they won'the fix anything. the people at the store said that someone will give us a call in about 5 days to see if we want a check or store credit. this is unacceptable. we still have to get our mower fixed and have to pay for it ourselves, without the money to do so. my other complaint is that almost everyone that we spoke to about this problem has been rude and accusing us of customer abuse with the mower. i have been insulted for many things but never before have i been told that i have abused my own equipment. i will not be shopping at any of the lowes stores ever again. my husband was told by someone at corporate that it sounded to her that the mower is working fine and it is not! the customer service in your stores is terrible. the money was taken off of my debit card and should be returned the same way, so weven don'the have to wait for a check to clear the bank.

Sep 18, 2017

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