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Lowes extended service plan has not fixed my freezer and it has been 9 weeks. It took them 3 months to fix my ice maker. We bought a Whirlpool refrigerator from Lowes on 9/1/13 with a extended service plan. My freezer stopped working and I found food items thawing on September 17 2015. I placed a call to the service center and was set up with service on 9/28/15 for someone from RTA repair service to come by. The guy said he needed to replace the compressor and it takes up to 10 days to get the part. After hearing nothing back, on 10/5/15 I called the service center and they informed me it would be another 2 weeks before they can fix it and offered a loner freezer which I have had to place in my garage due to lack of space. 10/23/15 RTA called said they had the part and would come on 11/3/15 to replace it. It was replaced on 11/3/15. The freezer continues to not work. I called back on 11/6/15 to tell Lowes service center. They made appointment for 11/13/15 for another repair call - NO ONE CAME AT THAT TIME. On 11/6/15 I was also told someone would call me about possible replacement/buy out since it had taken so long - No one called. On 11/15/15 I called again and they said RTA company said on 11/13/15 that job was "completed". Supervisor said they would look into it and I would hear in 3-5 days -there was no call. I called again 11/20/15 and they said they would look into it and call, she called only to say she is working on it and will need to talk to RTA and get back to me next business day - No one called. on 11/11/13 and 11/23/15 the Lowes local store called to say they need the loner freezer back because their records show my fridge is fixed. On 11/23/15 I called service center again and after another lengthy call was told my buyout/replacement request was denied "there is nothing we can do" except schedule you for another service call on 11/27/13 for the same company to come back out. I asked to speak to this person's supervisor and was told there is no one else I can speak with. The person I spoke with was only authorized to schedule another repair call for me. The person who denied the buyout request does not take customer calls. It has been over 2 months and many HOURS of phone calls to the service center. They are not responsive. The contractors that provide the service are not reliable- they claim they repaired something that is still not working. They make appointments that they do not show up for. The supervisors at the service center say they will call and do not. I paid for an extended service plan which they are not delivering on. I have no other choice. I cannot buy another fridge because I just bought this one and IF they ever fix it I will have 2. I cannot hire my own repair person because they will then claim it was damaged by someone else. There was an additional separate issue that is also pertinent, with the ice maker that has been going on since 8/5/15. On 8/5/15 I called to report my icemaker was not working, they set up for service from Whitman Appliance repair on 8/12/15. Repairman came and told me he need to order a part and will call back when the part was in. When I called back about 4 weeks later Lowes said the repair man said it was fixed. They then set me up to have repair with RTA repair service who also came and said they would need to replace a part. It was ultimately replaced on 11/3/15.

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