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Lowe's Platinum Visa / corporate blunder

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I received a letter in the mail telling me that "Congratulations! You're being upgraded from my Lowe's Consumer Credit Card (which offers 6 months, no interest) to the New Lowe's Platinum VISA (that does not offer 6 months, No interest).

I get points, I get VISA Platinum benefits and I got screwed.

The letter should have you to believe that the Lowe's Consumer Credit Card is not longer being offered and this Lowe's VISA is actually from Lowe's (it's from GE Money Bank, who handles all of Lowe's credit accounts, consumer, commercial and the VISA.

Because we thought that this was exactly like the Lowe's Consumer Card only with more advantages, we went to the local Lowe's to may our monthly payment as always and their reply was "we can't take VISA payments here".

I called Lowe's VISA and asked what was going on and they said that I was already late and a $25.00 late fee had been added to my account. I blew their ears off explaining that I had been deceived and duped with the new "Bigger and Better" credit card and I'm sure that everyone else that switched feels the same way. I went on line and made a payment. I also went to the local Lowe's and told them about what had transpired and the CSR opened us up a new Lowe's Consumer Credit Card account (since our first on had been closed and we had had it for over 20 years) she called the Lowes Corporate Credit department and told them of my dilemma. The Corporate CSR told the local Lowe's CSR that she would transfer the VISA balance to the new Lowe's Consumer Card and everything would be alright (wrong). This was July 21, 2007. We also closed the VISA account.

On August 9, 2007 I receive a call from Lowe's Platinum VISA stating that I was past due on my account (the one that was supposed to have been transferred). I explained to the lady what was supposed to happen on July 21, 2007 and evidently didn't. She told me that the transfer had never taken place and I had an additional $25.00 late charge on my account.

Now I am talking about 2 late charges and late payments within 60 days. My credit score in affected and it's not my fault. We are now talking "CLASS ACTION SUIT" here folks. How many people across the US have experienced the same "Corporate Blunder" with Lowe's VISA (GE Money Bank).

Where is a good lawyer when you need one.

Joe B.

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  • Tr
      15th of Aug, 2007
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    I just got my visa card and charged some items. Two months went by and no billing statement. I got a call today (8-15-07) from a private number saying that they were lowes visa and that I was late and a 40 $ late charge was added. Who in there right mind calls from a private number! All I know is that it could have been a scam.

  • Em
      20th of Aug, 2007
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    We got the same letter a few months ago concerning the "upgrade", in which we had no choice in the matter. Then a month ago, we bought a new dish washer and asked the salesperson if we could use our new "Lowe's Consumer Credit card" (showed it to him) on the 12 month/0 interest, no payment promotion. Of course, he said yes... it's a Lowe's card, right? Wrong. We paid a little of the balance last month and then got a statement two days ago with a $15 service charge on the remaining balance. I called the credit company and they said that the VISA accounts are not included in the promotion. After carefully scrutinizing the coupon, every Lowe's account other than the original Lowe's card we used to have was excluded in the offer! We are going to pay it off (with the added charges) and then cancel the card. And start shopping at Home Depot (which I hate). I am very disappointed, because we have been so happy with Lowe's.

  • Th
      21st of Aug, 2007
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    HEY, thanks for the heads up i almost bought my roof on that card assuming i would get 6 months no interest i will now go to home depot. I hate trickery!

  • Lo
      12th of Nov, 2007
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    I had same problem, was "upgraded" to Lowe's platinum visa-is extremely misleading-says it is Lowe's card, checks are still to be made out to "Lowe's", payments are mailed to "Lowe's". Attempted to buy a new washer with a promotional no interest deal and found out the Lowe's visa was not affiliated with Lowe's, and thus we were not eligible for the promotional discount!! The Lowe's manager attempted to reissue our old Lowe's card so we would be eligible, but was told by their own representative that "Lowe's visa" had closed our account, and we would have to reapply for a new Lowe's card with a credit check and everything!! Needless to say Lowe's lost our business, my husband was livid and now is wondering if our other credit cards are actually from their original company or someone else using their name!! How can this GE money bank get away with using Lowe's name and cash checks made out to Lowe's if they are not affiliated with Lowe's at all????

  • Ma
      10th of Dec, 2007
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    We purchased $2000 worth of appliances believing we were receiving 12 months interest free. Now after my appliances are delivered and set-up, I received the bill that does not show the promotion. If Lowe's is aware of this,then why was I not told this in the store when I presented my
    Lowe's Visa for payment.
    The store's response: open up a regular Lowe's credit card, they will put a refund on the Lowe's Visa and charge the appliances to my new Lowe's card.
    Opening another account raises the amount of our available credit and proably lowers our credit score. Or worse yet,we could get turned down and that would affect our credit.

    I have several calls into the store, headquarters, the credit company and the local news...I will let you know what happens.

  • Pa
      16th of Dec, 2007
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    I totally agree. Please keep me informed, as I will support any action against this obvious "scam".

  • Ja
      17th of Dec, 2007
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  • Ma
      20th of Dec, 2007
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    We gave in and got a regular Lowe's card. But the store refunded the interest we paid so far and gave us an additional $100 off our purchase.
    It has been a week and we never heard from headquarter's. They are probably sick of hearing this same complaint.

    I know that once this comes off the Lowe's Visa we will cancel the card and just keep the regular store card.

  • Su
      28th of Dec, 2007
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    I just stood in LOWES for 45 minutes with extremely supportive, helpful customer service people and the store manager trying to understand why they could not take my money to pay on my LOWES VISA account.

    I thought I asked a lot of questions when I "upgraded" to this account. I was assured that the new card would have all the benefits of the "old" card while offering the versatility of being a VISA, there by reducing the number of cards I needed to carry.

    I will be paying this card off in full as quickly as possible and then will cancel.

    I would be happy to be involved if there is a class action suit.

  • Bl
      4th of Jan, 2008
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    Me Too!

    We spent 1hr-40 at Lowes tonight and got out just as they were closing.

    We believed the "Upgrade" card had the same benefits but found out our washer/dryer purchase tonight wouldn't qualify. I'm livid!!!

    We blindly accepted the "Upgrade" card under false notions that the card worked the same. I wouldn't have wasted this much time at Lowes if I had known the outcome. The CSRs had a bunch of trouble and delayed us so long.

    Home Depot from now on!!!

  • La
      5th of Jan, 2008
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    No problems here, We did our research and read the information that came with our cards.

  • Ka
      10th of Jan, 2008
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    I open a Lowes consumer credit card in 2000 when I moved to a new home and needed some new appliances and other home improvment items. I paid off the balance in 2003. In 2005 I received the new upgrade Lowes Visa credit card and the letter stated the new Lowes Visa credit card is an upgrade to the old Lowes consumer credit card. I called accepting the upgrade card thinking the excellent credit rating I had established with my old card would be transferred over to the new upgrade card. I was NEVER told the old Lowes consumer credit card account would be closed out and that history from that card was NOT going to be transferred over to the new upgrade card. I wish I had known that because I would have never agreed to have my original Lowes consumer credit account closed. I had excellent credit history on the old Lowes consumer card card and that excellent history could have been used to caculate and boost my credit score. When I got the new upgrade card it was not owned by GE Money but owned by a different company (I believe it was Capital One Lowes Visa Credit upgrade). I made a purchase in Lowes using my new upgrade card and the first month I had to make a payment on the card I too went to the Lowes store to on the date the payment was due to make my payment as I had always done for 3 years in the past with the old Lowes consumer credit card. The Lowes clerk told me I could not make a payment on the account in the store and it was then I found out the new upgrade Lowes Visa card was NOT connected in any way with the Lowes store itself or with the Lowes credit department and that is why I could not make payments in the store any more. My payment was due that day so I called Lowes to explain the situation of not knowing I could not make payments in the store and asked if I could make a payment online and I was told that card with Capital One was the only card they have that did not have a set up for online payments at the time. I was told by the rep of Lowes Visa credit my options for making payments was only by mail or by Western Union Moneygram. When I asked if I could mail the payment with a one time waive of the the late fee because I did not know I could not make payments in the store the representitive rudely told me I should have read my contract and my bill which list payment options as either by mail or by Western Union Moneygram. She rudely told me if I wanted to avoid the$25 late fee she suggest I find a Western Union Moneygram and wire my paymnet so my payment would be ontime. Well I have always had excellent credit history with all my credit card accounts with no late payments and I did not want to have a blemish on my credit so I had to pay $10.95 fee to Western Union to wire in a $15 payment to Lowes Visa credit. I paid off the balance within the next two months and never used the card again because dealing with having to buy stamps and make sure I mail in payments each month was just NOT my thing but I chose not close the account because open accounts with good credit payments and a zero balance can be used to boost your credit score. One year later I received a letter that capital One will no longer own my Lowes Visa credit account and that the account is now owned by GE Money which does have access to making payments online . I did have to use the card for an unnexpected across country relocation which put about 5, 000 back on the card. I have $1,947 left to pay on the balance and as soon as I get that balance paid off I will NEVER EVER use that Lowes Visa card again because the APR is just too high and keeps climbing higher every month. When I try to tell them a person who has a very high credit score at all 3 bureaus as I do with an excellent credit report of no lates with all 3 credit bureaus and a low debt ratio to income as I do a person with that type of credit standing should not be receivng such a high APR. I have very low APR with all my credit cards and this GE Money just keeps raising their APR every month on this Lowes VIsa Credit card and all I hear is that it is not their fault it is the prime rate keep going up. I will transfer the balance of my Lowes Visa credit with GE Money to my Chase Visa credit card which has a much lower FIXED APR and I will NEVER charge on that Lowes Visa card again. But I will not close the account because closing an account which has excellent histroy on it can cause my credit score to drop.

  • Ca
      3rd of Feb, 2008
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    Our Lowes Cards were originally owned by Capital One - We also got a letter stating that our card was sold. We thought "No big deal" until we got our statements and realized that they doubled our interest rate. We called and I was told that because it was an unsecured loan, they could do whatever they want. So, I though I would beat them at their own game and tried to transfer their balances. They denied it!! Again, I was told that they can do whatever they want and would not allow balance transfers for at least a year. To top that off, they no longer honor the Lowes Promotions that I receive by email unless I APPLY for them. I am currently drafting up a letter to Lowes, GE Capital and Richard Blumenthal (Conn. A.G.). He usually loves these complaints and has worked wonders in the past w/ Class Action Suits.

  • Mj
      18th of Feb, 2008
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    Same thing happenend and I cancelled but not until the purchase went through. It was a special order so I was unable to cancel the order but I will never shop at Lowe's again.

    There has to be more to the "upgrade" to benefit Lowe's that Lowe's will never admit. I would be interested in a class action.

  • Ad
      24th of Feb, 2008
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    Here is the mail I sent to lowes regarding their CrapTacular deal......

    I recieved an offer to upgrade my lowes card to a visa..... That within itself is fine, accept for the fine print.

    It states that the interest is prime plus 23.99!
    You have got to be kidding me! I am appolled that you would allow a bank to represent your name on a card that has such an astronomical interest rate..... Furthermore since you have decided to associate yourself with such a craptacular deal I will be canceling my lowes card and only dealing with home depot.... I closing I would like to point out that this is why people are losing thier houses to bankruptsy.
    Innocents that dont read the fine print and start bad relationship with fiendish people.

    Adrian Brassell

  • Do
      1st of Mar, 2008
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  • Sh
      19th of Mar, 2008
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    I am a bill collector from LOWES VISA and I knw u guys coming from. Actually I dont have any idea about how purchases made at LOWES using the visa account. Yes, GE Money Bank is now the owner of LOWES and no longer with the Capital One.

  • Sh
      19th of Mar, 2008
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    regarding the private number that calls you during weekdays(and even weekends and special holidays), dont blame and shout on bill collectors why our number is not showing on your caller ids because honestly we, collectors, are just doing our jobs and we really dont have any idea why our number is not showing up (which should be our callback number 18664199048). im telling u its not a scam because we are really calling on behlaf of LOWES VISA just becuase our number is not showing up on ur caller id. we can prove that to you if you will ask some questions to us like when did u made your last paymnt for lowes etc. sometimes we even leave a message to a third party or a spouse whenever we did not hve the chance to speak with a cardholder. please be advised also that we dont really disclose the accoutn information to a third party, or even to a spouse (states of MA, GA, SC and i forgot those states sorry).

    pls understand also that bill collectors calling for ur lowes visa are not all americans from canton ohio. some are from philippines (in south east asia) and its an outsourcing part of the business of GE Money bank.

    An important note for you whene receving a collection call frm lowes visa: dont hang up on us while we are speaking with you, the call will comeback to u after 4-5 days even if u ask for a cease and desists calls because simply, u are behind payment..even just one bucket of payment. talk to us, whether we are from canton or manila, and coordinate with us because were not calling u just because to collect money, but we want to help you with other concerns that u have with lowes visa platinum.

    regarding the conversion of private card to a visa card, whwnever u did not response to the letter that we sent u that we are converting it to a lowes visa platinum, it will ATUOMATICALLY be converted to a VISA, with or without your approval.

    any questions, concerns, can always call our customer service number at the back of your card. we are happy to serve you, but please know your responsiblities also that you have a debt and u cant hide from it.

    peace out!

  • An
      5th of Apr, 2008
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    This credit card it the pits, especially if you pay online. The rules for online payment is rediculous. You have to project your payment out at least two days after you sign on--ie if you sign on on May 31, and your payment is due June 1, you can't make the payment on time--the earliest you can pay is June 2 (two days out). You can't pay buy once in 30 day, so if you happen to be late for one payment due to the rules, you can't pay the next one on time either. If you pay via the phone, there is a $10 charge. They also changed the due date on my statement from the 5th of the month to the 1st, so when I got online on the 1st to make the payment for the 5th, I was already late although I didn't notice the date change--had to call and pay the $10. The interest is also unbelieveably high as I have very good credit and found I was paying a rate that should quality as usuary. I just canceled my card. Don't get duped into this one.

  • Br
      29th of May, 2008
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    Have an original Lowes credit card. Bought a dishwasher back in the fall. Cashier says "no interest, no payments for 12 months." I said sure, sounds good. A few months later I check my credit report...Guess what...closed account...late payments for 120 days...CREDIT SCORE DROPPED DRAMATICALLY. Am paying my bill... $539 immediately. Now I have to fix my credit and hope GE Money will be honest.

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