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Just wanted to let everyone out there know- that if you are thinking of employment with Lowe's Home Improvement Warehouse, you may want to rethink your job choices! They hire you at part time or seasonal- with full time hours- and forget having to be out for any reason!! They will fire you! I thought that being part time meant that you have flexable hours- not with them!! I have a friend who was under restricted duty- and they made that person do heavy lifting anyway. Is there a lawyer our there this person can talk to? They also will not give you breaks that you deserve. I thought that it was by law in the state of North Carolina that a company is required to give you a break after so many hours. You would think that after standing for 8 hours on a concrete floor that this may be true with Lowe's. IT'S NOT! They treat their employees like just another number, and do not care about you nor your family. I hope that this economy picks up soon- when it does they will be losing alot of wonderful hard working people. Once again I warn you- BEWARE!!

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  • Sl
      29th of Jun, 2010

    Hey fellow lowes-bashers, my issue is not nearly as bad as some of these but i had to tell about it. I bought a little trailer with a black metal frame and wood plank bottom. About 5' x 10' . Go to liscence it and it turns out that every one of these sent to lowes, at least in washington state, have the exact same vin number. Identical. All of them. So I cannot liscence my trailer without a state patrol inspection issuing a new vin # . Go back to Blowes I mean lowes and of course there a'int a DAMN thing they will do! the person at customer service just stared at me like in the " employee smells of drugs" comment. Oh yeah, my state patrol appt. is almost here. they're scheduled out 4 months. maybe i can use my trailer soon.

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  • Si
      28th of Mar, 2012

    I was hired on at Lowes as seasonal and went to part time. I worked for 8 mon. at 40 plus hr. a week. My disabled 5 year old lost his health insurance because I was making too much money. I asked to be given full time hr. and was turned down. I went to next in line over human resources and was went from 85 hr. every two weeks to 30 hr. every two week. They than went and hired two more people to take up the hr. I was working. They do not care about you or your family. Too many power hungry managers that want nothing but to ### on your parade. I would never work or shop here again. My family has spent on average of 10, 000 a year in this store but NEVER again.

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