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Lowes / customer service

1 Marietta, OH, United States

We are coming to you on the erroneous and false reporting of our credit rating and I feel that Lowes has lied and done this because I am a disabled veteran and they see me as a risk of not paying my bills. It is our legal right to be treated fairly and just and not singled out for whatever reason. Lowes talks a talk about helping veterans but its all a lie from what I see. The only reason I even went to Lowes at the time is because a Lowes salesman had been to our home and gave us a bid of $17, 000.00 to repair the roof on our home in Sistersville, WV. Both I and my wife signed up for a credit card and was turned down in a matter of minutes and now here a week or so later we finally get a response why.
A year ago I bought a newer car in Columbus Ohio and it was financed with Huntington Bank who said my credit score was well over 700 at the time. Just last month I talked to my banker here at First Mutual Bank in WV and he offered to give me a better rate than Huntington was giving me on my car and I got a rate of 4% which was 2% less and several hundred dollars over the life of the loan. I have an open account with Tractor Supply, Penny's as well as Rural King for my lawn tractor as well.
Then last week or so I bought another used car in Marietta Ohio this time and my banker financed it for the same rate and I have a copy where this same Experian says my credit score dated on 12-21-18 is 757. Also on that same date TransUnion and Equifax reported close or similar scores for me & my wife.
But I get this letter where I have applied at Lowes and they say this same Experian is saying my score is 445. But to beat all that right after we got that turn down from Lowes we went into Parkersburg WV to the Home Depot there and applied for their card and was immediately approved.
What they have done at Lowes is unlawful and illegal.
I am a disabled American veteran and was happy to go and do my part. I am now 74 years old and have been a Pastor of a church for over 10 years and a member of the DAV.

Jan 13, 2019

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