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We ordered a Bosch dishwasher and were aked if we needed it installed. When we said that we had a very good plumber we sadly let the sales person convince us with a free install offer by Lowes to accept their installation.
The company came but did not carry the appliance in from the truck. Instead they asked to inspect our water heater. We showed it to them. Then they needed to go to the bathroom. We said yes and both contractors went to seperate bathrooms. Now one of them did not close the door and we observed them inspecting our under the sink plumbing in the bathroom. We were then informed that we had some "extra plumbing needs". We said that we had just in the last month all toilets replaced and a new garbage disposal installed. If there was a problem we would consult the plumber who did it, especially since he lives on our street. "...but we areplumbers and wecan fix it right now!" " No, we would like to use the plumber on our street." "But you might have big water damage..." "No, we want to use our neighbour for anything but installing a dishwasher" 2 minutes later the contracter comes again and says he cannot turn off the water to the dishwasher and needs to fix some of my broken plumbing to install the dishwasher. We responded that in that case we would have the dishwasher installed by our plumber. Oh no we can install it, wejust wanted to prevent something unsafe that can cost you a lot of money.
"If it is not safe to install we need to cancel this in install and get our own plumber"
They took our dishwasher and left.

When we complained to Lowes, we were shocked to realize that they had been informed that we requested "rigged and unsafe" installations and that their crew had been insulted by us. We opposed this statement and invited any store to come to our house (5 minutes from the store) and see for themselfes that their contarcter hadactually left the house with leaving the "ankle "whatever shut off so there was currently no water supply to my old dishwasher. I invited them to open and shut the valve themself to see that it worked perfect and was not broken. I also expressed more than once my impression that the installation of the dishwasher was only not possible when we refused to be talked into extra plumbing work and asked them to leave. At no time did we requested anything "rigged'.
To our amazement Lowes might promise you call backs within 24 hours from store managers and district managers, but they don't call, nor are they interested in making sure that their crews are not trying to take advantage of costumers. All their reps can tell us, when we call back after 24 hours is that we expected them to install something to a broken part and they refused. We have come to believe that Lowes is actualy not interested at all in costumer safety nor satisfaction.

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      Jul 29, 2009

    My husband and I have had a lot of issues with Lowes after having our old kitchen completely redone and after purchasing a front door. We ended up getting their attention after my husband (whose really good at confrontation, unlike me) he threaten to call BBB and let the local newspaper know how they were taking advantage of their customers. Not sure how the Lowes near you is but this definitely got their attention and basically stayed with us till the projects were done.

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