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Two things happened at Lowes which made me decide to never go back to this store. The first incident was when I was looking at shades, and saw one on the floor with unraveling fringe. I took it to the woman at the desk and told her, and she said, 'oh, yeah that happens with those, ' and never said another word to me, turned around and said, 'What can I do for you?' to one of her co-workers. RUDE! The second incident was Saturday when my husband and I were looking at appliances. Well, a worker walked right past us, and this was the SECOND employee who ignored us, and the woman--who walked right past us-- asked another couple if they would help them. Could it be because we were an 'older' couple, and they may have thought these were newlyweds and might be buying a lot more than we? At any rate they have lost 2 good customers. Their behavior was inexcusable, and I don't tolerate such treatment. I suppose the Lowe's employees feel secure that they will have a job forever...they won't with this kind of customer service, or more appropriately, with the LACK of customer service.

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  • Ac
      Jun 20, 2011

    You are a typical self centered customer. What did you expect her to say about the shade? You took it to her she said what it was a defect with those type of blinds. The second incident it was your choice NOT to ask for help. What do you think just because you are old that everyone should drop everything and cater to you? Honestly you are obviously someone who has never worked retail and has no clue. sadly to say everywhere you go you will be disappointed because you have absolutely no clue what is actually going on in a retail situation.

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  • Ra
      Jul 04, 2018
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    @A Cahsier You are a damn idiot. Associates should acknowledge every customer within 10 feet of them even if they can't assist them immediately. Say hey and let them know someone will be with them shortly. I am in retail for over 20 tears.

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  • Sh
      Apr 19, 2019

    @A Cahsier You are an ass and if I were your supervisor you would be fired on the spot . No do not pass go, no chance for an I am sorry. You should be fired. Customers want to feel like they are valued and they should be . What has happened to just good courteous customer service.

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  • Ex
      Nov 10, 2012

    I have always been loyal to lowes but had 3 problems in one month. 1st we went to order new counter tops went on a Friday about 5:00 was told there was no one to help us and we would have to come back another day, that would be fine but live 45 min away. 2nd Ordered pergo special order flooring took about a week a to come in which was great but went to put it in on a Sat. and every box I opened about 3 pieces were busted one whole box edge was all cracked off. Third went in to buy appliances and was going to buy every thing for my kitchen I forgot my 10 percent off coupon I have been saving I asked the man if I could use it if I puled up the number and he went and asked and was told no, I said I am willing to buy everything tonight if I can get my 10 percent off and he responded oh well, So went up front on my way out and asked to talk to a manager to see if they were willing to lose that much money from us she would not even come to talk to us one of the ladies asked for her and when she was walking up the woman said there she is and she grabbed a young boy and told him to tell us no and she walked away and a young teenager came over and said she said no sorry but, you can pay the full price and get your coupon and bring the items back for a 10 percent refund. What ever happened to customer is always right? Like Donald Trump said it may take me 500 dollars to get a client but it will take 5000 to get them back. Needless to say end up buying my counter tops from a counter top place 2400, and bought my appliances from Pieratts that where awesome treated us very kind and ended up being cheaper than Lowes with their coupon. It takes a lot to upset me but this time Lowes really messed up I hope they straighten up or that location wont stay much longer.

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  • No
      Apr 26, 2017

    We have also been loyal to Lowe's but no more. The customer is no longer important. You are lucky you saw a Manager as the response at our store is "we have no help." We also went to Home Depot to buy counter tops and Ace Hardware and Menards in our area because the service was better. I was so disgusted today I called corporate and I personally feel that the management in the store needs to get his employees under control. Our store is located in a great area in Indiana and is known to be a financially strong store. I guess they know it will make money no matter what but If the complaints continue sooner or later it will fail. It's poor taste to run all these 10 and 11% off sales and have product high up on a shelf and not displayed because there is no one to either pull it down or assemble the product. How can a plastic plant pot go from 19.99 one week to 79.99 the next week? Ask Lowe's but remember..they have no help so there will be no one to answer the question. If there are carts all over the parking lot and you address it..remember without help they are allowed to be there to scratch your vehicle and that will be your problem not theirs. The worst thing that happened was there was NO ONE certified to drive a fork lift on a weekend everyone was buying mulch. My list goes on and on. I was also told it will be easier to shop the internet...might as well tell me to go away. Here's a good one..we ordered over 200.00 worth of wood and Lowe's called us and told us it was ready..We got there and they could not find the order! Lowe's better get it together; the competition is walking around with headsets and a mini computer and taking you where you need to be in the store. They know where the isles are and not responding.."I really have no idea where to look or yelling to another co worker to find the product so he/she can say "we don't have that that I know of."

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  • Su
      Nov 30, 2017

    LOWES Dublin is worst, there is hardly anyone at the store to assist, no one returns the phone call, even you [protected] customer care number don't pick up the phone to receive the customer concerns... You guys have worst customer ethics... you guys don't have any respect for your customers and their valuable time... your employees don't have work ethics to follow up or own the responsibilities, what this says is LOWS management sucks they don't care or address these enormous complain in social media and here that people raise, either you guys are loading your employees with too much work or no proper support and training is given to them. Hardley none of the lowes employees know what they do or anything around the store, they run away from their task, hardly be around for customer in the gain store... its like getting scavenger hunt...

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  • Mm
      Jan 21, 2018

    Actually turned around to shop Lowe's today (we were on our way to Home Depot, another 15 minutes away when we remembered the newer store in the neighbourhood): what a mistake! Not only did they not have the item we were after in stock – they sell 5 or 6 different sizes but had only a couple available – but the only available staff in the department was tied up with a customer. I took a picture of the item in question, including the stock # / description before heading off to find assistance. I searched through every aisle, then nearer to the checkout area before I could find a red apron. I found someone who was not a hardware guy who told me we'd go find someone from the department. Encouraged, I followed him back through the hardware section and down to the end of an aisle, where another customer stopped to ask him a question. To my shock and dismay, he dropped our search and headed off with this new individual to help him with his quest!

    *This* is how Lowe's treats its customers?!! We have only shopped Lowe's a handful of times and have had no problems there in the past but I definitely won't be back any time soon. Will also ensure that my contractor is not spending my $$ there for any current or future renovation projects.

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  • Te
      Feb 22, 2018

    My complaint is with Lowes store #1592 in Plant City Florida and their policy or the policy set by the manager Teresa who I had a long conversation with. I was buying electrical #8 wire off their rotating rack. The rack did not have sufficient capacity left to fill my order. However, on the shelves sat about six 500 foot rolls of the wire. I asked that they take one of the rolls and replenish the rotating rack so I could get the footage that I needed to complete my job. NO was the answer. I was told they were not allowed to mix the shelf stock with the rack stock even though the UPC numbers and product numbers were the same. I was told I would have to travel over 20 miles to the next Lowes and get it from there. How STUPID! I asked when the rack would be replenished. They didn't know the answer. OK, what is the likelihood that they were going to sell six 500 foot rolls of #8 wire before the next shipment arrived? Almost ZERO. The store manager showed no consideration for the customer (me) at all. So, I wound up going to another store to get the wire I needed. HOME DEPOT!

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  • Ti
      May 21, 2018

    Long story short, there is no governance over any of the stores. And within each store, there are smaller "factions" of management that do what "they want to do". This has led to inconsistencies and "customer contempt" from management. Many of the employees, including management, I have talked to or watched them talk to other customers, was shameful.

    Everything (absolutely everything) in Lowe's (and Home Depot) can be purchased either online, or at other stores, for example; hardware store, specialty store, lumber-yards, etc... Lowe's stores (and any stores like them) are merely repositories of multiple things that you can get elsewhere. Lowe's provides the convenience of having a lot of things in one store... but at a cost.

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  • Zo
      Jun 17, 2018

    Today is the worse experience with Lowe’s in local Quincy Ma!! I had 10% coupon in my phone. Asked prior purchase if I can use. Yes, perhaps their system some how doesn’t recognized. The manager Michelle and her senior Mgr Samuel refused to help. Heard another person said it is normal sometime doesn’t take just override it. They asked if I bring actual coupon but in 15 mins later told me a different story even if bring in /can’t scan and won’t help me. So what’s point. Called customer service complained Ashley asked store to resolve issue and manager Michelle still refuse. Hello, just coupon explained like a long story scam. Totally make nonsense! Definitely their customer service and management needs a big improvements.

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  • Ma
      Jul 23, 2018

    Ordered online and have been calling for two hours to Lowe's in Fayetteville, Georgia, I keep getting transferred to the nowhere zone, no matter what extension, customer service answers after 10 minutes and transfers me to hold for hours. Does anyone answer phones there anymore? I don't want to drive all the way to the store if my order is not in.
    First I got an email that my order was in, than another saying it was not in, then another saying it was in and a call asking if I'd picked up my order, so confusing, I wanted confirmation before I headed out that my order was actually there. I'm still on hold as I write this.

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  • Ra
      Jul 23, 2018

    @Marina Hutchinson Lowe's has decided to keep Jenifer Weber as an E.V.P of Human Resources according to publications. She should have gone in the C-level suit shakeup.

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  • Ki
      Aug 15, 2018

    The absolute worst company I have EVER dealt with!!! Absolutely no customer service and their " Executive Customer Relations caseworker is a bunch of B/S. # months and still my sliding glass door was left unfinished and installed incorrectly. Can not get anyone to tell me when someone will come out to fix it...NO ONE!!! It has been several calls a day. I am sooooo fed up...I WILL NOT STEP FOOT IN THIS STORE AGAIN!!! UNEXCUSABLE...They are getting rich and providing the worst customer service ever!!!

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  • Ci
      Oct 16, 2018

    I have been a Lowes customer for several years. They were my "go to" store for most of my hardware purchases. I also shop at Ace and Home Depot and can compare the service I receive at each store. I can say without fear of contradiction that the service I receive at Lowes is of the lowest and poorest quality among the competitors.
    I have observed over many visits that great customer service is the exception and not the rule. If you want an example of great customer service you don't have to go any further than any Publix supermarket in Florida. They represent the model of what customers expect and receive.
    It is my experience that many employees seem to be avoiding customers. I have seen this attitude in Walmart as well. I can only guess that the staff do not feel invested in the company and are just going through the motions. Mind you, I have also received good service on the odd occasion but as I said, that should be the norm.
    I can give several examples but I am limited by time and space. I have a Lowes card which I acquired to facilitate a major purchase but I use it sparingly and I have switched my buying choices to Home Depot and ACE where I have found that they are more attentive to customers' needs.
    I am surprised that Lowes continues to survive in the face of the poor customer service reviews I have read. Who knows, they may go the way of Sears and Kmart in the near future if more customers leave and their bottom line begins to suffer. if I were a shareholder, I would be worried and invest elsewhere...seriously.

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  • Jo
      Dec 10, 2018

    Lowes, in Concord NC... These people are just plain incompetent. Made some purchases of appliances a month prior, but they screwed up the delivery schedule. Every time I called to reschedule I was redirected to some one else. Five times!. With all the information in hand, they couldn't find the purchase information, to reschedule delivery. Got fed up, returned to place of purchase to talk to a manager who looked like he didn't understand a word I was saying!.. What kind of people are they hiring these days!... Total [censored]s... Never again.. Get your appliances from a real appliance store. If they exist at all..

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  • Ma
      Mar 28, 2019

    Lowes Tifton Georgia

    Once I get through with remodeling my bathrooms, I will never " SHOP ' here again !! I was in the appliances department looking for a Shower Base and they didn't have any in stock !! So, the cashier Xandra was trying to order the Shower Base on the computer, but it would not allow her because of a duplicate telephone number. Xandra was asking Brittney, how do you order the Shower Base, but the telephone number didn't match my address. Brittney was so rude and she did not help Xandra at all. Brittney was looking at us like we were trying to do something illegal. So, I asked Xandra to speak to a manager, because she was not helpful, she was rude, and her customer service skills were very poor ( Rated 1 ) I spoke with the Managers Dan and Jeff about the situation, but I wasn't convinced at all with what they said.

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  • Ce
      Apr 19, 2019

    I am a senior citizen with many health problems so it is difficult for me to walk through your Bowie, MD store, so I order a dishwasher through to replace my broken one. I decided on a GE that costs $399 so that I could receive FREE delivery. When I initially placed the order #[protected] and received my confirmation, it stated that I could pick-up the dishwasher which is not what I ordered. I immediately went back to and the young lady on chat corrected the order to DELIVERY as was ordered and I was told it by Lowes that it would be delivered today between 8:30 and 12:30 and I received a call at 7am today to verify the times between 8:30 and 12:30. The dishwasher was never delivered!!! I called and they told me that it was scheduled for tomorrow. I have a appliance man scheduled for 1pm today to install the dishwasher in my home. Since the delay, I will have to hand wash all Easter dishes this weekend (and with my poor health this is extremely difficult) because Lowes couldn't deliver on time!!! My first response was to cancel the order, but I decided to leave the order as is and wait for the dishwasher again for another 4 hours tomorrow, but I can guarantee that this will be the last item I will ever purchase from Lowes...not a paint brush or a single nail. We have a Home Depot across the street from the Bowie Lowes...Home Depot here we come!!!

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  • Kn
      Apr 19, 2019

    Want help, speak up little girl. I bet if they approached you they would get an earful about how you are disturbing them.

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  • Fi
      Jun 01, 2019

    I thought we'd try doing business with Lowe's in buying a new washing machine after a couple issues we had with Sears on other appliance purchases. After speaking with a "customer care" person on the phone, I was promised delivery on the following Friday when we knew someone would be home to take delivery and install. Based on that, I ordered the washer. Then they sent an email changing the date to a date no one would be home. I called back and they changed the date again (more promises they didn't keep) to a Sunday when someone would be home. Since the purchase date, Lowe's has changed the delivery date again - now FOUR TIMES. Instead of delivery within 3-7 days, it will have been 16 DAYS since the purchase - provided we don't cancel the order, which we may yet do based on the store manager's call back today who's fulfilling the order. Doesn't inspire any confidence. I recommend avoiding doing any major appliance / delivery business with these people. The company's financial performance has suffered recently so who knows how long they will be around.

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