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Lowe's / we were amazed at the attitude of the associates

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Yesterday afternoon my husband and I went to Loew's to get a small shade for our newly refurbished kitchen. This simple purchase took us about an hour and a half to be completed. We were amazed at the attitude of the associates. We wanted to know if certain small lamp shade on display came in a particular lighter hue. So we waited about ten minutes to see if someone will show up at the department.

Went to the big appliances section and they paged somebody who never showed up. Waited some more.
Meanwhile whenever I saw an associate I tried to get his/her attention but they literally ran away from me saying that Lighting was not his/her department. Soon I realized that in the big appliances dept. there were two associates immovable looking on at our situation. It was funny in a way if we had been not the actors but the audience. Unbelievable!

Finally, we decided to get whatever and go the cashier promising never to go back.
Thought you would like to know.


John and Elena
Naples, FL 34109

Store details:

Lowe's Centers, Inc.
6415 Nples Blvd.
Naples, FL.34109

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  • Va
      21st of Dec, 2006
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    I recently had the worst thing in the world happen to me. I lost my Mom to breast cancer. During her last week I was a bit scatter brained and I forgot to pay my Lowes account.

    The payment 15.00 the fee for being late 30.00. Then they decided to cut my credit limit down by 42.00? Where does that come from? Anyway, I wrote them, asked them to reconsider and explained the situation. I even sent a copy of my Mother's obituary for their reading pleasure. I asked them to call me so we could resolve the issue. They closed my account. It sickens me that my business means so little, but trust me, so does yours! Beware of doing business with suck heartless slashers! I am now a Home Depot Consumer or a Ma & Pa hardware pay cash consumer. Years of paying on time to get dumped like a piece of trash. Lowes will never get a penny from me if they were having a storewide penny sale! Oh and my call to Customer Service: We'll I guess they just didn't want to call you back so they closed your account instead.

  • Va
      30th of Jan, 2007
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    This weekend, I went to Lowe's to return a Range Hood that I bought for my new stove over 6 months ago. I never installed it, because I already have one, and I'm not too handy anyway. My wife and I went to Lowe's with a copy of the receipt to see if we could return it or if not get store credit. The girl at the front counter was EXTREMELY helpful and professional. She said no problem, but probably only get store credit. It was only $95.00. She finished with the transaction and said I put it back on your Lowe's Credit Card. I said thank you so much!!!!

    That's why I shop at Lowe's and not HOME DEPOT!!!

  • Tc
      10th of Feb, 2007
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    After tonight im finished with Lowes. I had 3 trips there in 1 week, loyal customers, also remodeling new home we bt. And I bought 4 $$ shades, which I asked the sales person over and over are these able to be cut to size, definitely..
    Ok well I brought them home, (because i had forgotten my paper w/sz to cut them at the store)3days later I go back to have them all trimmed to the correct size on my paper. And here she sold me the wrong shades, oh they wouldnt return my money, and to top it off, they told me theres noway they had a sales clerk sell me the wrong shade. And I have the receipt, date, time, dept.

    I'm so feed up,there will be oo 4th trip to lowes to correct this.

  • An
      25th of Mar, 2007
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    As a Lowes employee I do sincerely apologize for your miserable experience at Lowes. Unfortunately our Lowes store is run by fear and intimidation. The employees are expected to be Gods and do tremendous loads of work WHILE waiting on customers simultaneously. We are constantly degraded and humiliated in front of each other AND our customers and threatened with our jobs so you see we are more concerned with saving our own ### than actually performing customer service. It's hard to be friendly to customers when you're worried about losing your job and getting screamed at 24/7. This is no excuse for poor customer service but it is the truth. They think bullying will increase productivity but it only create resentment and apathy. Next time you would do well to shop at a store that doesn't treat their workers like ###.

  • Su
      23rd of Oct, 2007
    0 Votes

    This is what everyone needs to understand about Lowe's. Lowe's is like any mass retailer in that they want maximum productivity from minimum resources. They seriously under staff the stores to save expenses and they expect each employee to accomplish the work of two employees. Management sometimes fails to recognize that most of the help average about $8.50 to $10 per you think people are going to be super dedicated and go out of their way for those wages? And customers, remember; the employees you encounter are just like you. They have a wife and kids to go home to as you do. Even though the customer is always supposed to be right because you pay their salary's, that DOES NOT give you the right to walk into a store and make their lives miserable. You get respect by giving respect. I don't have any trouble in these stores because I treat the employees with dignity and decency, and you'd be surprised how willing they are to help when you treat them well.

  • Jo
      24th of Jul, 2008
    0 Votes

    supermike is right. i work for lowe's as a cashier and i make a measly $8 an hour; for that amount of money, i am not going to bend over backwards to help pushy customers with unreasonable requests.

  • Gl
      3rd of Nov, 2008
    0 Votes

    Agree with Abused and Supermike. Ex-employee myself who happens to be educated, took a Specialist position as I was in a new town and this was close, and stayed on for two years. They pretty much use the Wal-mart model of 60-70% seasonal/part-timers when economic times are rough (i.e., slow summer/end of year closing-the-books maximizing Profit/Loss Statements, not necessarily the current economic state of affairs--this gets worse). To this, they expect each employee to perform 2-3 jobs while maintaining a skeleton crew. EVERYTHING sans breathing is a "Class A" immediate termination violation. They do this to maintain control over payroll expenses and to be able to quickly move into a layoff/termination period when needed. Notice now in the Spring, Feb/Mar, they will announce with huge banners that they are hiring all kinds of positions. This is after year end close and to get ready for busy Spring before the slow Summer layoffs. I myself was let go for not putting a comment on a customers' account that a $100 broken (upon receipt from the shipper/vendor) door had been reordered. Although it had. This happened on a Friday while I had the weekend off. Was informed of write up on Monday. Even though I consistently produce $40K in sales to my GOAL of $18K for the company. I make a high wage, they will replace me with Scooter who makes $8 an hour and will tell you that he just started/used to work in Plumbing and has no idea what a rough opening measurement is. I would recommend either not shopping at this store, and/or get off your ### and do something about the way big boxes are outsourcing cheap labor/products from China (everything at Lowe's comes from China--just like Commie-Mart) and running their U.S. stores with no commitment to community, either through taxes or otherwise (they get tax breaks then move stores and redefined tax districts when it comes time for them to "ante up" ). There's a bigger picture here, so next time you complain about this generations "customer service" or how someone didn't immediately pop out of the ether to help you find a wing nut, take a moment to think about why.

  • Me
      23rd of Nov, 2008
    0 Votes

    Seriously? Seriously!? People at Lowe's do not make enough money to re-do a kitchen and you people are complaining about how YOU didnt get what YOU wanted? Self-centered...seriously and I dont even work there!

  • Wo
      2nd of May, 2009
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    I work as an outside vendor for Lowe's and have wokred in many of the stores over the past 10 years and have found that it does not matter what part of the country you are in, (I have worked in several states), the people are pretty much all the same, accept in the south. It is not too bad in the south where people are a little friendlier. However, in the midwest, the people working at Lowe's are utterly ridiculous! They work in such fear that they don't want to even get caught saying hello to you. I am not sure why anyone would want to keep their job under the conditions that they work. There are managers in some of the stores in the midwest who think they are king and they are quick to let you know it. When someone only makes 8.00 an hour and has to work under such fear it makes them not be able to give good customer service, let alone anything else in the company. As an outsider who comes in to work at Lowe's I have an easier position because they have to conform to the rules they and our company have put together, which really pisses them off because they can't treat us like they do their own employees, although I have to say that the ones who think they are king still try to pull their crap on us, too. So, even us outsiders working there have to put up with a lot of crap from them and are constantly fighting with them to get them to follow our program. What ever happened to good customer service when people actually cared about others? The midwest people are very bitter people and I can't wait to move away from here!!!

  • St
      7th of Jun, 2009
    0 Votes

    Sorry to say but down here in the south it's really not much better. every time i go into lowes(foley, AL) i can never find an associate to help me and when i do they seem to be very rude. For example, I was in Lowes about a week ago looking for a new ceiling fan. it took me about 15 mins. to get the help of an associate(which happened to be the department manager). I have to say she was friendly at first but after me asking about 3 questions, she became very rude. almost as if i was annoying her. If it werent for us they ewouldnt have a paycheck yet they are rude when a customer needs a few minutes of their time!

  • Ca
      24th of Nov, 2010
    0 Votes

    I am a lowes flooring installer in the midwest I have a 96% craftsmanship rating and 100% professionalism 97.6 % overall rating for the last year 2010 And after reading this, it looks like I should just ride the wave and see how far it takes me . Does that sound about right. Chad, WI

  • Ka
      29th of Jan, 2011
    0 Votes

    I will not be shopping Lowe''s store as firing full time employ's in your local community, and hiring part time employ's is a very poor decision on upper management part. I suggest that other stores in the community still support their employ's and those are the companies I will give my business. Karen Dayton, Oh

  • Te
      23rd of Jun, 2011
    0 Votes

    I just want to make a quick comment to all of the idiots who are complaining about working at Lowes. Is your excuse for not giving great customer service all of the time because they are mean to you, or don't pay you enough? Are you serious? If you don't like the way things are, then do something about it. Make a change. Don't just cry about it. Either do the job that you were hired to do...that you applied for...that you accepted at that pay rate...or quit. It's pretty simple. If you work somewhere that deals with customers, it's your job to "jump out of the ether and help me find a wingnut". If you can't do that, then find something else to do with your life.

  • We
      8th of Oct, 2011
    0 Votes

    Well Texas guy think of this, Maybe the idiots your talking about applied there after getting cut from there employers in the rough economy . Sometimes you cant just quit working somewhere just because you don't like your job! Or that you don't like the way certain people treat you while you work there. I would like to see some of the people that complain about the employees that work there, to try and do what they do for 3 months and see how much they like it! People think they can go in there and talk and treat you however they want! Lowe's employees are humans too!!! They have family's too they have bills, and they do there job to the best of there ability. I agree there are a select few that don't give a damn about there job and make it bad for the rest of them. I have worked for Lowe's. I have first hand had people threaten to hit me in the face for no reason other than the vendor put the wrong bolts in a box that says 3" when they are 2"! How in the hell is that my fault! I bet you money that people would not say that to them if they didn't have that red vest on! Because you know you would be hit strait in the face!! Treat them with respect just like you would at HEB! DON'T BE A PIECE OF ### WHEN YOU WALK IN THE DOOR OF LOWE'S THEY ARE HUMANS TOO SORRY THEY DONE WORK FOR A COMPANY LIKE DELL WHERE EVERYTHING IS PERFECT AND MAKE 50K A YEAR! GROW UP!

  • Te
      8th of Oct, 2011
    0 Votes

    Well Wearehumanstoo, I agree with some of your points but I do love a good debate. So, what you are saying is, that after their jobs let them go, the economy being tough, and it being difficult to find a job, that a company actually hires them to work; yet they are so bitter that they become "ungrateful", and and can't do their jobs because they are mad about the cards life dealt them. I say...get over it. I'm not seeing where this is Lowe's fault. What I see is people thinking that they are too good to do certain jobs, so they do not to care as much. Which goes back to my original statement that if you are'nt willing to do the job (that you applied for, and accepted) and do it right, then don't apply for it in the first place. I also don't agree that you can't just quit a job because you don't like what you do, or the way people treat you. Sure you can. Why stay working somewhere that you hate. Who benefits from this? Nobody. As for the way customers are, there are ###s all over the place, and in every industry. Especially the service industry. Which brings me back to another statement I made that if you cant handle that, find something else to do with your life. I'm not saying that it's right for customers to be that way, or that Lowes employees are'nt people too, but you have to have thick skin to work in this industry and some people are'nt cut out for it. I guess what I was originally trying to say is that it is hard to find a job for some people these days, so if someone hires you, and you accept the it, and don't ### about because you could be unemployed. If you hate it, go do something else. are who you choose to be.

  • Do
      24th of Oct, 2011
    0 Votes

    Went to purchase verticals for two windows and one sliding door. They neglected to take off the additional 5%when using card...Of course we requested they go and give us the additional and at 9:30 am we signed the papers to find out we were shorted the 5 %. To fix this problem it took 6 people and at the end of 12:30 they still got it wrong and owe us 20.43. Now we almost canceled the whole order we got so upset. No apology for keeping us that long and still we need to deal with someone that can tell us what tax rate is in Bakersfield which seems a problem they can't solve...We checked with credit card company and they still over charge 20.43 cents...and we still need to get someone at that store to figure that one out and return out money. Gads we won't be back to order rest of the windows as we are afraid of this happening once again.

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