Lowesappliances and extended warranty

After spending over $9, 000 on a new kitchen appliance package I am sad to report that the Lowes extended service plan is absolutely ridiculous. Buy your appliances and get an extended service plan at a store where they are actually going to FIX things and honor a replacement policy. 11 weeks ago our dishwasher started stopping mid cycle and an error code appeared. It could not be used. This is a "nice" dishwasher, allegedly. We called for service under our extended warranty. A week later comes the first guy and 11 weeks and 7 service visits later here we are. Not fixed, not replaced. Whats the problem you ask? Lowes requires that your appliance be repaired three time and that the repair fail three times before they will declare it a lemon. How can anything be declared a lemon if it can not be fixed even once? The warranty company cant figure out whats leaking and have guessed at what parts to order.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Santee, CA Parts have arrived used, with hard water stains on them in the same location where the tech believes our dishwasher is leaking. The mysterious leak has shorted out other parts. Still no one can see where its leaking from even after my husband and I took turns laying on the floor during the cycle with a flash light taking pictures of anything that looked remotely wet. The service company keeps tickets open returning to the house more than once on the same call so in Lowes warranty system 7 trips to my house appears to be only 3.

Seven half days off work, Seven tech appointments each at least an hour. Five parts ordered to the house. What does that cost? How much is a new Dishwasher?

Ill be going to another store tomorrow to buy something new. I cant take the run around anymore. Then Ill spend 77 days on social media telling everyone who will listen about Lowes, their "extended service plan" and crappy customer service. Thats one day for every day Ive been waiting for my dishwasher to be fixed. Small claims court here we come...

Enough is enough!

Jan 25, 2017

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