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Long John Silvers / customer service

1 107 Spur 350 WEuless, TX, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 817-540-2662

On 6/5/08, after swimming lessons, I stopped by LJS to grab dinner since it was a little late. I ordered myself the Monster Fish Combo. The picture in the drive-thru showed 2 large pcs of fish. After paying $5.94, the cashier said it would be a minute which was more like 8 minutes. When I got home, I found I have one small pc of fish. I called the location to see if there were supposed to be 2 pcs. I called for 35 minutes with no answer. By this time I was angry, but I couldn't go back because I have a 21 month old and a 3 month old that I did not want to load up in the car again. This location definitely needs to realize the importance of customers.

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  • Jo
      14th of Aug, 2007
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    Long John Silver - Bug in food
    United States

    Yesterday (8-13-2007) afternoon, I went to a Long John Silver restaurant and ordered a side of clams with my meal. I found a dead uncooked cricket at the bottom of the box of clams. I took it back to the restaurant and talked to the manager. The manager had the nerve and gall to try to offer me more food, to replace the bad food I had gotten. I'm sorry, but you don't fix a "bug-in-food" complaint by offering more bug tainted food. I demanded a refund and immediately turned them in to the county health dept. I will never do business with a Long John Silver restaurant again.

  • Bo
      21st of Jun, 2008
    -1 Votes

    As far as portions, you played into a marketing trick. If you were remotely educated, then the words "NOT ACTUAL SIZE would mean something to you. As far as using your children as a guilt trip, the place could care less. And as far as customer service, I'm sure the place could careless about your order because they have other customers (hence dealing with customer while you try for "35 mins to call")

  • Me
      28th of Aug, 2009
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    i am writing to complain about my last experience at your resturant. cat was one of my servers and had hair in my food as a result of her not wearing a hat. when i brought it to her attention she referred me to amanda, and informed me that it is not a requierment for employes to wear a hat. but i noticed that all of the male employes were wearing hats and some female employes also had hats on. i am referring to the monteclaire store. upon this incident i felt like the managment did not have my best interest at heart. i do know from working in customer service myself that the customer is always right and no complaint is supposed to be disreguarded or minumsized. i felt that amanda was rude and brass to me and i will not be returning to your restraunt in the future. i feel that managment is a reflection of the establishment and i choose to no longer bring my buisness there.

  • Sh
      15th of Jan, 2010
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    I am writing to you concerning the Chillicothe Ohio Long John Silvers establishment. Our vistit on 01/14/2010 at 5:56 p.m. was the worst and most embarrassing visit I can honestly say I have ever experienced. I will not return to Long John's to have to endure any embarrassment like that in the future. To begin with there were 4 adults together, meaning 2 separate orders. The first order was placed using their coupons, one ordered a #4 and a drink and was told that included her drink also, then the second adult ordered his two piece Chicken combo (don't recall the number) and was also given his drink with his order. Then I gave our order (coupon in hand for any variety platter $5.49, same coupon as the previous adult had used) both requesting the #4 also. The same girl Nneka took our order that had just taken the previous order but informed us that we had to pay extra for drinks, they were not included in our meal price. OK, well we had to have drinks since we were dining in. We both requested that we wanted 3 fish and 2 chicken, only one of us got that. I wanted a bread stick in place of the Hushpuppies since I do not care for Hushpuppies. I have always done this at Long John's with no problem, no charge, and last night I was told that I could do that but it would be 50 cents extra, OK I would rather pay 50 cents to get something I would eat as to throw the Hushpuppies in the trash. We also asked for crumbs with both meals, we also didn't get any.

    We went to the condiment table in our dining area to find there was no Ketchup, no Vinegar, no Tarter Sauce, & no Shrimp Sauce. We had to go into the other dining area to get it using a tray to carry it back to our table. And during the time at the restaurant they never did fill that condiment table, the holes sat empty.

    Then as we compaired our bills with the other couple in our party, we asked the hostess when she came to our table, to go over our receipt to just make sure it was correct. Then the manager (I think her name was Joni, or Jodi) came to the table with the hostess and was very loud and boisterous drawing attention to our table. She didn't offer to make the order correct in any manner at all. She just wanted to use my debit card to refund the cost of the drinks. I refused her offer not knowing what else they could possibly mess up! There were no appologies even given. We ended up getting boxes and taking the remainder of our food home.

  • Ar
      30th of Jan, 2010
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    Just tonight my wife went to LJS in Monroeville, Pa. and ordered a fish sandwich with the $ 1.69 coupon and was told to keep the coupon because it is cheaper to buy it off the menu. Also she purchased a side order of coleslaw for $1.29 plus tax. When she got home there were 3 forks full of coleslaw in the container. It came to about .45 cents a bite full. WHAT A RIPOFF. STAY AWAY AND EAT FRESH

  • Ti
      27th of Nov, 2010
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    I always visited Long John's a few times a week and mostly bought the family pack special, and since nobody in my family likes cole slaw, I always substituted that item for a family fries. Now when I go there, they no longer will substitute the cole slaw with the specials, so I am forced to pay for something that I will not use. I am not interested in paying a few bucks more to buy something that they used to substitute, so the moral to be learned here is that when businesses decide to get cheap with their customers, then they will loose their long standing loyal customers such as myself.

  • Ga
      18th of Jul, 2011
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    I agree the LJS at 47th St South in Wichita Ks was dirty and we told the manager about a hair on the counter and he told us if we didn't like it we could leave we did and got our money back sad a manager acts so rude.

  • Ke
      22nd of Apr, 2012
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    Long John Silvers - very poor customer service
    long john silvers
    11211 us highway 40
    United States

    I stopped by Long John Silvers with my two children to have dinner. My 7 year old daughter ordered a root-beer float to drink with her meal. We went to sit down while we waited for our food. When we sat down the table was SO wobbly she spilled her drink. We notified staff to get assistance to help clean it up. The staff that helped said "it's ok I'll get you another one I see how that could happen." shortly after that we received our food by another lady. We thought that they just forgot about the root-beer float, so my daughter went to the counter and asked about her drink. Then with the bad attitude of an adult she told my 7 year old if she wants another one she has to pay for it. With tears my daughter told me this as she walked back to the table. So when i angrily requested another one for her and said i would pay for it the lady at the register said "ok but i have to report you to my manager" with an attitude. After explaining what happened to the mgr she said "it's not our fault she spilled it ".I didn't care about paying for it but the attitudes were unacceptable toward a child also they would not even look to see the wobbly table that caused this...this is by far the worst customer service experience i have ever had at a food place even a child would agree.

  • Id
      22nd of Apr, 2012
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    Why would you send a seven year old child up to the counter alone to discuss her drink? I would have gotten it for my daughter. you knew the situation you were sending her into.

  • Sa
      28th of Jun, 2013
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    Long John Silver - the disgusting food we received
    chestnut st
    United States
    Phone: 724-225-5939

    This evening, june 28, 2013, I went to the drive thru at Long John Silvers on Chestnut St in Washington, Pa. I had to sit in line for the longest time, along with everyone else, and when I finally paid for my order which was $21.18 for the cod and shrimp platters, 2 of them, I had to wait some more. Finally I get home and sit down to eat with my husband, to find they gave me the wrong order and what this order was, was nothing but grease! It was disgusting! I called the manager, Jodi and she said she would replace our order! Very nice of her, but our dinner was ruined! I had to throw it all away! I have never had such terrible food from this restaurant! I bet you are losing money there right and left! I bet I am not the only one who is complaining either! I just had to vent and let you know what is going on at that restaurant. Sincerely, Sandra M Thompson 2947 S Bridge Rd Washington, PA 15301 Phone: (724)206-0358. Thank you! My email is (

  • Fo
      28th of Jun, 2013
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    Do you expect anybody that matters at Long John Silver's to read your complaint here? If you want results complain on their web site.

  • As
      2nd of Aug, 2013
    0 Votes

    I was at the West Mifflin location with the family and I ordered 2 chicken baskets, 6 cheeseburgers, 4 fries and a Papa burger meal withan extra piece of fish at 6:01. I did not get my food until 6:20. The cashier was not friendly at all, her name was Rayone. Then when we got home and opened our food it looked like someone took a small bite off the piece of fish and there was only three hushpuppies in my three piece chicken meal when she said it comes with two but I get two sides so I got fries and extra hushpuppies. I was very disappointed in the service and for how long it took. I had four children with me and they were very impatient as it was, it should have never taken that long. Also everytime I order the chicken I was get all hushpuppies and no fries and they told me they were not allowed to do that, but I always get it the same way every time I come in there.

  • Ge
      27th of Aug, 2013
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    If you go through the drive thru, check your order before you leave!!!

  • Lc
      10th of Sep, 2013
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    Long John Silvers - inadequate food
    Long John Silvers
    3500 Birney Ave
    United States
    Phone: 5703422566

    I purchased the 8 piece family meal. After getting home, I inspected my purchase. What I found that was included with the 8 pieces of chicken was french fries, 8 pieces of hush puppies, and a container of green beans. Complaint = (#1) Tub of green beans was not enough for 8; (#2) french fries not enough for 8 people.

  • Iz
      21st of Sep, 2013
    0 Votes

    Read the menu description. It is for 8 pieces of chicke, NOT a meal for 8 people. They figue most folks will eat 2-3 pieces of chicken as their entree so the amount of beans and fries you received shouldl be adequate for 2-3 meals.

  • Ki
      24th of Jul, 2014
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    Im guessing that you thought 1 piece of chicken each would fill one person up smh

  • Ac
      11th of Jan, 2015
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    I dined at LJS this Sunday evening witn my gf, We wanted to try the all you can eat fish that was advertised in the Sunday paper. When we placed our order with the advertisement in hand we wrere told that it wasn't available. We then ordered the fish and shrimp which was very good. I asked the server why all you can eat fish wasn't available, he told us that the Manager didn't approve of the ad. That's funny that a store manager can decide what ads she will follow, LJS is a national chain right? Store # 1778, Beckley, WV.

  • Be
      12th of Jan, 2016
    0 Votes

    I live in WV. and the LJS at Weston, WV. has sure changed, it use to be a good place to eat. Good food
    and the man that ran it was friendly and made everything right. But he died and the ones that took over are ruining the
    place. We stopped there and I got a combo and I got corn on the cob, it was always good before. Well this time, it was
    cooked on oil, not butter, I think they deep fried it, they put it in the yellow wrapper and then in the little box. Well I tell you,
    that grease is still on my jeans and I can't get it out. I do believe they owe me a pair of blue jeans. The grease came through
    the cardboard box and the bottom was soaked with grease. Ruined my pants, there is no call for this. Poor place to eat now.

  • Do
      14th of Jul, 2016
    0 Votes
    Long John Silvers - cold food and small amount
    yum inc
    preston highway
    United States

    i get a sampler here once a week after work.a half hour before they is usually very good.but on wed.the 18th of may it was cold and it appeared to be like left overs because no one wanted to fix more so close to closing time.less shrimp.less fries and all is usually not like this since i keep coming i was very disappointed when i got home.what happened?my name is donna betzer 9808 mccrea lane louisville, ky 40229 5 min.from restaurant.

  • Lo
      16th of Aug, 2016
    0 Votes
    Long John Silvers - Customer service
    longjohn silvers
    United States

    To whom it may concern a couple of weeks ago my husband and i went to the long johns in mcalester we were waited on promptly but it took forever to get our food. Tonight we went back to the same long john silvers stood in line for 15min. And wasn't even knowledged. By the way we were the only one in line my husband and i love your food but we seem to be having a hard time getting it. I can't tell you what needs to be done in that store maybe a new manager or new workers or maybe just extra help. We are not the only onrs that walked out tonight. It really is hurting your business. Hungry for fish!!!

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