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I had just begun going to the store location a few months ago to get prescriptions filled and the pharmacy techinicians were friendly and accurate. Also, before I left the last tech stated I had one re-fill left before I needed to have the doctors office call another one in.

So, a day before Thanksgiving I went to pick up my prescription all to find out that the pharmacy tech who was there stated she did not see it in the system. The pharmacist who was there also stated the same. I was highly upset with this lack of professionalism. The Pharmacist on duty was Charles and both literally through their hands up and brushed me off.

I asked if they could contact the other tech that relayed it to me and they stated they woul not but, they were doing all that they could which was a lie. The pharmacist was working on other prescriptions and began to talk very rude and inappropraiate to me saying, "We make our living off of this why would we be telling you something that is not true & let me tell you a story about, this & that"

All the Managing Pharmacist by the name of Charles was doing at this time was getting off the subject by trying to hear his self talk about something completely opposite of what I was there for. I was calm and held my composture all the way through. I was not trying have small talk and he said you need to get out and I will have to call the manager. So, I stated, " Good please do so." I explained my situation to the manager and he was alot more responsive, professional, and cooperative.

Then when the shift manager came over to him his whole demeanor changed he was pleasant, nice, and acted as if he'd been professional with me all along when he had not. And began to lie and say he was doing all that he could to help me. When they did nothing.

When the other tech arrived she looked into the system and immediately found the prescription and notes in the system and had my prescription re-filled within no time. How propersterous is that.

Now, what if it was something even more severe where I could not wait. And there were more severe and dire consequences due to a lack of his none responsiveness and lack of professionalism.

He really needs to be strongly reprimanded or removed.

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      Apr 14, 2009

    I agree I live in Michigan and I went to Kroger to fill my new script since they were offering a deal $4 generic pills. I switched to them to save money. It's been a headache and I now have decided never to go bad to them. They have shorted me twice saying that someone must have stole my pills.(for a while I was scared that someone was) The next month I had to count my pills in front of one of the pharamists they filled my script for 60 not 90 liked stated on my paperwork. They also filled my script for the wrong med once too, I'm wondering of they were trying to scam me because the pill was a much cheaper drug then the one I paid for. Stay away from Kroger!!!

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  • An
      May 12, 2009

    I called a prescription in n Tursday night. I had returned home from vacation on Saturday and was feeling terrible because I was out of my medication. I arrived at the pharmacy and was told my doctor never respondeed to the request. I was sick all week-end since this medication can cause seizurs with out taking. The pharmacist acted as thought there was nothing she could do. Finally Monday I called my doctor and she told me nothing had ever been called in. I almost had to go to the Emergency room because I felt so bad. Wallgreen's I am coming back. Andrew Casper Cordova TN

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  • Ma
      Jun 20, 2009

    you are never going "bad" to them?

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  • Pa
      Oct 03, 2009

    My grandmother gets her meds at Kroger pharmacy on Pio Nono Avenue in Macon, GA. A couple weeks ago, she told me that a young girl behind the counter was "not friendly" towards some customers at the pharmacy. I seldom hear her complain, so I decided to go to the pharmacy with her. Well, my grandma was right. The dark headed girl was very rude to not only my grandma but other customers who were standing before us. When our turn came, she rolled her eyes at my grandma because she couldn't hear her for the first time. One of her meds was not ready like they told me on the phone earlier. When I asked how long my grandma has to wait to get the med, she did a rude loud sigh. I couldn't believe how she treated the customers, and people working with her did not say a word to her to tone down her attitude.

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