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Publix Super Markets reviews first appeared on Complaints Board on Oct 23, 2006. The latest review Customer service representative / team leader was posted on Apr 20, 2021. The latest complaint Wrong birthday cake was resolved on Jul 09, 2017. Publix Super Markets has an average consumer rating of 2 stars from 226 reviews. Publix Super Markets has resolved 50 complaints.

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Publix Super Markets Complaints & Reviews

Apr 20, 2021

Publix Super Markets — Customer service representative / team leader

Publix at Miami River 311 SW 7 St Miami Fl 33135 Store Manager Luis Alejandro [protected] 4/19/2021 around...

Apr 09, 2021

Publix Super Markets — I am so upset over what happened today at the Publix Pharmacy located at 10935 S. Jog Road in Boynton Beach, Florida.

This evening when I opened the bag to take my pills, it fell out of my hand. The bottle that Publix Pharmacy...

Publix Super Marketsfruits

It use to be a pleasure shopping at Publix Supermarket at the Pavilion Fayetteville GA, however, the nectarines are old and mushy same with the grapes. The oranges were bad too. This is not a one time incident it is happening more times than not. In additional the person responsible was rude when I visited the store on Friday, March 19, 2021. I was standing in line, many people were buying crabs it appeared they were running out of stock, because the gentleman was giving the customer in front of me the scraps. So that I didn't continue to stand in line any longer I simple asked are you out of crabs. He pretty much told me to wait my turn.

The store manager may need some training to ensure the store is operating according to Publix standards.

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    Publix Super MarketsPharmacy

    my wife went to the Publix pharmacy at 4402 Curry Ford Rd in Orlando Fl, this has always been her favorite store and she knows everyone there and visa versa, she was at the Pharmacy picking up 2 prescription for me, the rep asked for my info and pulled 1 prescription and when she asked about the second the rep said it had expired, when she said she had brought in the bottle showing their was a refill the previous Saturday to have filled and let them know the prescription would be expiring the following day they said they did not have it in stock but would be able to order it and fill it by Tuesday, now the rep says its expires and your not going to get it, this infuriated my wife and she continued to explain the prescription was valid when she brought it the previous Saturday, the Girl said (sorry for you) and at that point my wife asked for her manager, the assistant Pharmacy manager Daniel Motta walked up with his arms crossed and said what's the problem, my wife explained once again that she had brought a valid prescription that she was told would be filled and now she is being told its expired and you will have to go back to your doctor and get another one, that was the whole point of coming to Publix, to get it filled before it expired, the Pharmacist acknowledged yes the prescription was valid at the time but was now expired and he can't fill it.

    at that point he retuned to his station and my why wife asked a young man behind the window if she could get his name, it sounds like the Pharmacist overheard her asking and he walked and he walked back over toward her and banged his fist on the wall saying (its right on the wall for the whole world to see) when she looked his picture was hanging on her side of the wall.

    today I was in Publix with my wife and I told her I was going to go ask the pharmacist why they did not fill my prescription, but when the rep told him what I was there for he said he was too busy and I could tell he had no interest in looking at me or talking to me.

    the rep and the Pharmacist are very unprofessional at this store and it sad they make the store look bad.

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      Publix Super MarketsDrinking Water Product

      I have purchased many gallon jugs of Publix Drinking Water since I moved to Florida in early November, 2020. The last two jugs I have purchased contained water with a strong odor resembling algae. I began to feel ill after consuming a small amount from one bottle and threw it out. After smelling the same odor on the second bottle, I also disposed of it.

      I am not interested in being reimbursed the $1.96 cent total of my purchases, but I am extremely concerned that Publix is distributing water that can harm the public.

      If I wanted to drink water with a strong offensive odor, I would drink the local system's tap water, one which bears a terrible sulfur smell. The official information regarding the processing of the offending product is listed below:

      Water Type: Publix Drinking Water Bottle Size: 1 Gallon
      Plant Code: PLT 12-595
      Bottling Plant City State : Publix Deerfield Beach, FL
      UPC : [protected]
      Size : 1 Gallon
      Water Type : Muncipal
      Water Source: Deerfield Beach, FL
      Treatment: Carbon Filtration, Filtration, Treated by Ozonation, Ultraviolet (UV) Light
      Purity Test: Annual
      Kosher: OU
      Lot Code Interpretation:
      Code Format:
      PRO NOV 19 2020 08:11 F5
      EXP JUN 17 2021 PLT 12-595

      Produced at the Deerfield Beach Facility on Nov 19 2020 at 08:11 on Filler #5

      Fluoride Range: 0 - 2.4 mg/L
      Sodium Range: not detected
      Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) Range: 0 - 500 mg/L
      pH Range: 5 - 9'

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        Publix Super MarketsOvation Shopping Center 7800 Lake Wilson Rd Davenport FL. 33896

        On 12/11/2020 I ordered a large chicken salad sandwich, the same sandwich I have ordered 100 times before. The service person refused to fill the sub roll with enough chicken salad. I requested to speak to a manger. Jay Alvarez manager told me that they are not going to add any more chicken salad to the sandwich, which was not enough to fill the sub roll. Mr. Alvarez started talking down to me and told me that they never filled the sandwich. I was charged an additional three dollars for the same sandwich that I always ordered.

        I am a 75 year old senior and have been shopping at this Publix since they opened. Mr. Alvarez insinuated that I was lying. I felt that I was being discriminated because of my age. This is not the way seniors should be treated.


        Harold Marks

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          Oct 17, 2020

          Publix Super Markets — Customer service discriminates

          Is Publix only hiring dumb people? At 8:30 am, there are 3 old jack fruits on the shelf. One in a state of...

          Aug 17, 2020

          Publix Super Markets — Employees not wearing masks

          Publix 535 Tamiami Trl S. Venice, FL 34285 Store 802 Totally support the customer mask requirement! However...

          Jul 14, 2020

          Publix — Pattern of mistreatment of disabled senior - police called

          Publix Pharmacy at store # 746 I moved to Florida in 1991 in good health and began shopping at Publix then...

          Publix Super MarketsGouging of meat andToilet paper prices

          Before the pandemic Publix sold a 6 pack of charmin for $6.99 and pound of ground sirloin for $5.99, The same charmin is $9.99 and the ground sirloin is $8.99... Thats $3.00 more per item, Walmart a half mile away sells the same two items for $3.00 less same as it was previously, meat increases should be the same yet Publix is way higher, There are many items at Publix that have increased significantly and I feel it more gouching then anything else,

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            Publix Super Marketscoronavirus

            What does it take to limit the amount of customers coming into your stores. I thought the order was to stay at home. Publix only cares about how much money it makes and does not care about the health and well being of your employees and customers. Remember it takes only one to spread the virus. If you are leaders then show you leaders and not follow what everyone is doing. Do the right thing and limit your customers coming into stores. Don't wait for things to happen and then do something about it. Be proactive and not reactive. I don't think your founder would be proud of how you are handling this pandemic.

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              Apr 04, 2020

              Publix Super Markets — Meat department

              Today, 04/04/2020, I have a complaint about the Meat Dpt Assistant manager whose name is JOE, but I...

              Mar 31, 2020

              Publix Super Markets — online groceries delivery

              When you order groceries they sent a receipt with one amount and they charge $20.00 more to the credit card...

              Publix Super MarketsPrice gouging

              Publix stores is price gouging the eggs. The same 18count large eggs are $1.59 elsewhere, Publix has it for $2.90.
              The 30 count eggs in Publix used to be around $4.48 now since COVID-19, the raised it to $6. 49. Blatant price gouging is illegal. That is the only store that eggs cost so much more. I advice you to look at their other product items as well. Location of the store is Dallas GA 30132

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                • Ki
                  Kijker Oct 17, 2020
                  This comment was posted by
                  a verified customer
                  Verified customer

                  Publix prices have sored 35% since the Covid started. They do the same during huricanes.

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                Publix Super MarketsFoul taste/smell

                Hollywood Fl 03/19/2020 - BEWARE!! Publix purified gallon water tastes/smells chemically/soapy/salty. For about a week I have drank almost the whole gallon (heating up cups of water in microwave for coffee) before figuring out it's the water that's the problem! First, I thought it was the instant coffee so I bought new coffee but that was not the problem. Then I bought new cream but that was not the problem. Then I changed my dishwasher detergent but that was not the problem. Then I started thinking maybe my tastebuds are off and needed to see my doctor as by now I'm having stomach issues. A week later...this morning (after smelling the almost gone water right out of the plastic container) I found the problem, it's the Publix purified gallon water itself!!!😵 BEWARE!!! Bad Publix Purified gallon Water: Pro Feb 12 2020 07:07 F5, Exp Sept 09 2020 PLT 12-595.

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                  Mar 15, 2020

                  Publix Super Markets — Price gouging

                  So let me say at a time we are ALL in a situation we have ( most of us not faced before) Publix i...

                  Publix Super MarketsBread Vendor

                  I shopped at the Lake Mary Pointe, 601 Weldon Blvd. Lake Mary, Fl. this morning, Tuesday, 3/10/20. I was in the dairy section when the bread vendor ( tall Hispanic) was laughing loudly and slamming the bread flats one after another... Also his laughter and conversation was over the top with someone he was talking too on his bluetooth airpods... I also noticed he was wearing sunglasses and just acting totally unprofessional.. I understand its great to love your job and glad he's working but his actions are more for a warehouse setting than a grocery store such as Publix. Just thought you should know...

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                    • Ki
                      Kijker Oct 17, 2020
                      This comment was posted by
                      a verified customer
                      Verified customer

                      From my experience the hispanix do a fenomenal job as long as they are well supervised. Blacks however want to show discriminating power. Unfortunately it's the managers who prove to be worthless and spineless but highly trained in smuggling large quantities of food out thru the back door at 1 am.

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                    Feb 04, 2020

                    Publix Super Markets — grocery department

                    My husband works for a Publix located in Venice Florida.. The manager is great but in grocery they swear all...

                    Nov 06, 2019

                    Publix Super Markets — deli dept.

                    I am the customer that doesn't return. One of the reasons I went to Publux and paid a little was because of...

                    Publix Super Marketscake engraved wrong

                    So with today 10/16/19 being boss day and having the great boss that I have I decided to do too Publix and get him a cake. I asked that it be engraved with "Happy Boss Day DAN and I even spelled out the name for her but unfortunately when I got back to work and presented it to my BOSS it was then that I noticed she spelled his name wrong (even after I spelled it for) and she put DAE instead of DAN. I called the store to make them aware of the mistake and all they could tell me was to bring it back and they would scrape off the name and spell it right. That is very POOR customer service especially when I told her the spelling so because of the time restraint and not being able to take it back in my opinion my boss day was ruined.

                    cake engraved wrong

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                      • Updated by Schryell · Oct 16, 2019

                        Very POOR customer service from the bakery.

                      • Br
                        B-Rad83 Nov 19, 2019

                        Sorry about that but...How come you didn’t look at the cake right after she wrote on it or before you left. And that shouldn’t ruin your day, a lot of worse things happen in life, illness, death of a loved one etc.

                        Stay cool 👌🏽

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