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Publix Super Markets Complaints & Reviews

Publix Super Markets / customer service not provided cashier yvonne at store 769

Tania Garcia on Oct 11, 2017
Hello, I'm sending this email because of the frustration I have with publix supermarket and there customer service. I'm a regular customer at publix and have been shopping there for many years, but what frustrates me the most is that I also work for a company that has me shopping at publix...

Publix Super Markets / price gouging

Me Shop on Oct 9, 2017
10/7 - I'm complaining about Publix (various locations), but will focus on my local store at 12139 W Linebaugh Ave, Tampa, FL 33626 (813) 814-0737. We heard that the avocado crop was presumably affected/delayed since the hurricane. Our local Costco didn't have any and told us that. Their...

Publix Super Markets / bakery and seafood

tony fontna on Oct 8, 2017
I live in port st lucie florida. I shop at times at my local publix on st lucie west blvd. Its 8am in the morning on sunday October 8, 2017. Walked into bakery dept looking for Italian bread, rye breads, etc.Nothing was out, but counter person says to do shopping and comeback?Really? I go...

Publix Super Markets / refused entry with service dog after hurricane irma

Doug Deneau on Sep 28, 2017
Store at Coral Springs, FL refused me and my daughter entry immediately after Hurricane Irma on Sep 11th. We told the manager "Mike" the little Yorkie my daughter was holding was a service dog. He told us to take the dog outside. It was 90+ degrees outside and we were trying to get...

Publix Super Markets / Cashier Service

Jamie hu on Sep 7, 2017
I am not satisfied with today's purchase in the Publix. The cashier is not as nice as others. When I paid for my stuff, her attitude to me makes me feel discriminated. She didn't talk to me, even one word, no smiles on her face, just stared at me and my friend. I saw she greeting to the...

Publix Super Markets / the female night manager

JoyLCole1968 on Sep 6, 2017
Re: Publix at Promenade at Silver Palm (Store # 1247). 23300 SW 112th Ave Homestead, FL 33032-7173. I came in the store at about 10: 20pm. Happily, I walked through the store picking up several can food goods, HealthyChoice soup cans and a few items from the deli selection. As soon as I am...

Publix Super Markets / termination of employment from publux #229

Jamie Young on Aug 7, 2017
I was a Deli employee for 3 years at Publix store # 229. Employee # 01131732 I was on the line working on On Line Orders and customers as well. It was a normal very busy Saturday morning. A bakery employee was walking threw with 2 racks of Cuban bread and grazed my R shoulder. She replied with...

Publix Super Markets / damaged birthday cake

Pinkslip on Jul 19, 2017
07/15/17 - I ordered a power ranger birthday cake for my son. When I went to pick it up the cake was very poorly decorated and basically the plastic decoration kit was just thrown on top. The action figure had fallen down into the icing and lettering messing up the Happy Birthday "NAME"...

Publix Super Markets / wrong birthday cake

Snezana72 on Jul 9, 2017
I ordered the Strawberry sensation cake with chocolade inside of it for my daughter's 17th birthday . Today when we went to pick it up we got strawberry peach cake with lots of kiwi and nuts on the side, which my daughter hates. I am so disappointed because I never had a problem with...

Publix Super Markets / violation the hhs hipaa privacy rule for years and the law being broken about privacy in my house.

alvin howell567 on Jul 5, 2017
The law is being broken every second in my home since 04/01/2016 and every business I fill a pharmacy the HHS HIPAA Privacy law is violation for years by the Patti family and the [censor] family and the whole subdivision with a illegal listen device and violation of the privacy law wa...

Publix Super Markets / rotten eggs

Donna Greifer on Jun 30, 2017
I purchased a dozen jumbo eggs (Publix brand) about a week ago (or less). They expire on July 25, but are rotten now!! The whole house smelled after I boiled it and began to peel the egg. There was a brown creamy fluid instead of the egg white but the yellow part was in tact. Horrific. I...

Publix Super Markets / poor customer service and managment!

Devin Henderson on Jun 29, 2017
Called to place a simple pre-order for some helium balloons. I was transferred to three different people, only to hear them say yet again, please hold let me transfer you. I finally asked for a manager, who finally responds. He was no better at handling a customer complaint than hi...

Publix Super Markets / employee

Dcastle on Jun 20, 2017
An employee at the Fort Walton Beach, Florida location named Cody Long is sexually harassing me. I'd like to stay anonymous please because I'm scared of what may happen outside of work. He makes sexual remarks when he walks by and constantly bothers me about getting together outside of...

Publix Super Markets / deli hot and cold, vegetable section, packaged meat section

Britt123 on Jun 18, 2017
I am shocked at the quality of food at the Publix on I85/Shallow Ford Rd. in Atlanta Georgia 30045. I do not have a vehicle and it's the only place nearby I can shop. The quality of meat in the packages I buy seemed to spoil frequently. Which leads me to wonder how well the food is being...

Publix Super Markets / publix in holly springs, ga

Meagan Breaux on Jun 10, 2017
I was standing in line at Publix and about to checkout. When the cashier got to my two bottles of champagne she told me that she could not check me out because I was intoxicated. Yes, I understand that a checkout person should never sell alcohol to someone drunk, but I truly did nothing...

Publix Super Markets / management

Wish you knew on May 29, 2017
Management @ store in yulee, fl making threats to associates when calling out. Is this the way publix works or is this just the individuals you have at this store. Is it there place to ask why? Is it there place to say "you have to find someone to cover your shift" or should they say...

Publix Super Markets / I am complaining on a publix associate

Anonymous 122 on May 2, 2017
I shop at publix every day I spend a lot of money with publix on Paola rd. This associate name Abby who works there she has poor customer service skills. She was very rude to me and other people in her line. She acted like she didn't want to work. She was very disrespectful l was trying to...

Publix Super Markets / pharmacy inefficiencies

annoyedandstuff on Apr 26, 2017
I recently moved and decided to switch pharmacies to the Publix across from my house instead of driving 20 minutes to the Walgreens I was using. I have been filling birth control prescriptions every three months regularly with Walgreens for years. The BC I have been taking is Mononessa. I am going...

Publix Super Markets / general

JohnQuincey on Apr 12, 2017
We have been a Publix customer first in North Port and now in Naples. I have three issues I'd like to share with you that I have found common in both cities. First, while I appreciate you wanting to support local charities and causes, it gets very old for your cashiers to ask for a donation...

Publix Super Markets Store 54 In Hollywood / asst manager and produce bully click

Joseph Ahmed on Mar 29, 2017
Those new [censor]'t manger at Publix are the worst they should be working in a prison with the nasty face they give the customer, the produce department need to split up that racist click, more like the Untouchable, I saw one of those Boys almost pick a fight with a customer over a grape...

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