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I tried to place an order for ship to store through on Nov 21, 2018. When I clicked on the "place order" tab, it kept telling me there was an error, but never highlighted the error and I could not figure out what was wrong.

I called the customer service number, [protected]. at 10:33 pm central time. I received the recording about the survey and to stay on the line if I would like to leave feedback.

I spoke with the male attendant and unfortunately did not get his name. I explained to him what was happening and told me that the items I had picked were not available for pick up at my store and told me to pick another store. I explained I was trying to ship to store and not pick up that evening. He repeatedly told me to choose a new store. I finally said if that was the problem, I could do that online. He told me to do that and I stayed on the line to take the survey. I was not at that point going to complain about him, but that the website had a glitch and would not allow me to ship to store. He, however would not allow me to hang up the phone so that I could take the survey. After about 10 minutes he asked me if I was still on the line. I said yes, I was waiting to take the survey. He then started screaming at me that I didn't get to take the survey because I refused his help and went on and on yelling at me. I hung up before he finished, which is what I am sure he wanted so I could not take the survey.
This is the 2nd time that a caller has not hung up, so you could take the survey. I didn't realize that is what they were doing the first time.
I wanted Kohl's to aware what is going on at the call center.

I will not call it again and am just about to the point where I will not shop at Kohls because of lack of customer service and also because they take back the kohls cash when you return an item, even though you spent way more than you returned to support receiving Kohls cash, but that is a different complaint.

I would like an apology from Kohls for this incident. I know there is probably no way to find the employee, but the Kohls company needs to be aware of what is going on within their company

Nov 24, 2018

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