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Kohl's / Ripping off customers wrong prices

1 Niles, OH, United States Review updated:

I spend alot of money at kohls but will never step foot in there again. I made a 250 purchase there the other day and i have it all in car to return. I have had this happend just about every time i shop there, the sale price does not ring up. I purchased a pair of docker shorts on clearance for $4. I was charged $20. When the cashier handed me the receipt and i noticed she called someone over who said i would have to unbag all 4 bags and they would have to rewring, with an attitude mind you. My other option was to take to service desk in far back corner of store. I also needed to be at work in 20 min thats 10 min away. So i ran to cs. I explained what happend the cashier had atleast called and told her only because i bolted with shorts in hand and no bag to the back. I expressed that the cashier shouldve caught this. Its a yellow clearance tag. I was told thats why they have monitors thats my job to make sure it rings up correctly. I said then why have a cashier whats her job? She replied she is to busy to watch every item she rings. Bs. . . It was 8am no one in line even behind me. I asked how was i to unload cart, while she rings as i put up cause counter small, and watch the panel on the other end of the counter? Come on? I was given the differnce of the $ and no sorry or anything. Maybe if they had to be accountabl for incorrect pricing as walmart policy. They are milking probally millions extra out of consumers this way. Later that day at my daughters basketball game i shared my unpleasant experience with 10 or so moms, 5 of them attested to the same thing and no longer shop there. The other 5 im pretty sure wont chance it. I love the items they carry and the quality however if they hire people that dont have to do there jobs i will spend my money somewhere they do. They could save alot of money and go to those dumb self check outs that i hate.

Sorry kohls you just lost some more customers and i will continue to share my story.

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  • Ko
      10th of Jan, 2008
    +1 Votes

    Honestly you were complaining about unbagging 4 items? it would have taken the cashier maybe another 2 minutes. I m a kohls cashier and customers have never had a problem with making sure they got the correct prices.

  • Je
      31st of Jan, 2008
    +2 Votes

    Ugh. It's not the cashier's fault that the item rang up the wrong price, and it's your responsibility to catch that. If the cashier read every single price tag & then compared it to what came up on the screen, ringing up customers would take forever, and then people like you would complain about how long the lines were, how busy you are, how you don't have time for that, etc.

  • Va
      21st of Feb, 2008
    +2 Votes

    I'm a cashier at Kohl's. It's impossible to note EVERY single price on every item people purchase. Yes they have yellow tags, sometimes they don't ring up for the correct price, but when you have a line with 20 people waiting for you to ring them up you can't catch everything. That's EXACTLY why those monitors are there. It's the easiest thing in the world for the CUSTOMER to see that the computer didn't ring up the correct price [which ISN'T the cashiers fault] and all they have to do is point it out.

    Customers will never be happy, you give them great fast service and they get upset because the price isn't coming out right [why can't you just say "that's not the price it says here" and all the cashier has to do is CHANGE the price that it's ringing up to. NOT wait until after you've paid], or you take your time with each item and then they tell you you're slow.

  • Jo
      27th of Feb, 2008
    +1 Votes

    I have worked at Kohl's for nearly two years. I work in the customer service so i deal with this kind of thing dozens of times per day. When ever we have clearance markdowns, we have had upwards of 100,000 go clearance that we have to ticket. It is not an easy task. Some items are mismarked, labeled as clearance when its not (people also do this as a scam. They peel off yellow tickets off of one item and stick it on a new one) etc. You need to realize that we do the best that we can. For god sake, we are human too. We all make mistakes. Second, please refrain from writing in all capital letters. It is really obnoxious.

  • Ma
      2nd of Apr, 2008
    -3 Votes

    I was a KOHL'S customer for over 4 years and never missed a payment whenever there was a balance in my charge card, in fact I never carried a balance. Back in Dec 2007 we made some purchases and put it on the charge card. For whatever reason we misplaced the bill and consequently missed the minimum payment of 15 dlls. The total balance on the charge card was 85 dlls and some cents. I later summited a payment for the total amount and my charge card was down to 0.00 again. I recently order my credit report beacuse I was denied for a personal loan and the reason was "delinquent payments". I have carried a clean credit record for the last 7 years and my credit score was in the mid's 700's. I was shocked to find out that Kohl's has sent those late payments to my credit report and severely hurt my credit history. I will never buy anything from Kohls again and I will discourage everyone from doing so. I do not belive that someone's credit should be damage by been late on a 15 dlls payment. Consumers be aware that KOHLS can ruin your credit history for 1.00... awful company, ungly lending practices...

  • Dr
      26th of Apr, 2008
    +1 Votes

    Kohls is one of the store we shop all the time. The prices are the best I have seen in ages. The above issue is a petty issues compared to the discount Kohl offers to its customers.

  • Sh
      9th of Sep, 2008
    -1 Votes

    This is in response to all the Kohl’s cashiers and workers who responded to the complaint about the wrong prices ringing up on their registers and their attitude toward the customers who have to deal with this problem.

    First Kohl’s was founded on giving their customers good value and good customer service. True, there are mistakes made during the signing and tagging of items at Kohl’s, but it has never been Kohl’s stance to put this responsibility on their customers. And if a problems exist, for whatever reason, it is the responsibility of the store to correct it, it has always been this way in the 8 years I have worked for Kohl’s as a floor associate and cashier. To my knowledge, there are no chain stores in this industry except Kohl’s, that gives cashiers a button on their registers to correct pricing and signing problems quickly and efficiently while the customer is being checked out. And that button is there for the customer. Any internal problems within a store are not the customer’s problem. And since in reality the customer is paying for the wages for all Kohl’s employees I feel it is important that the comments made at this site by Kohl’s employees do leave the public to think that the opinions voiced by them are the attitudes of all Kohl’s cashiers and associates.

    Customers don’t have to shop at Kohl’s, they can shop at any store they want to. In order to pass on savings to customers Kohl’s is set up as a self service store, just like a grocery store. Customers mistake Kohl’s for a full service store like it’s competitors and do not understand there are no sales people, but to offset this Kohl’s tries to screen employees and place the best customer service minded people possible to work in the stores. To take care of customers and get them checked out as quickly as possible has always been the way I was trained.

  • Je
      3rd of Jan, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I'm a kohls cashier and its a tough job really it is.
    You start of by saying Hi how are you? only to get no respond or a grunt by a disgruntled customer who decided to come to a DEPARTMENT STORE on there lunch break during the holiday season who waited in line all of 10 mins.
    Next your trying to ring up the merchandise making sure you didn't scan anything twice or not scan at all.
    you occasionally glance at the prices but the customer really should try to catch them but isn't because there on there phone. but they make sure they watch you really good when your taking off that 15% 20% or 30% coupon. before you even asked if they want to open a kohls charge they swiped there credit or debit card so you say push the credit debit button and then as there signing they look at the screen and say Oh what pants are 55.98?
    So then they get nasty with you b/c you have to assume that they didn't want pants for that price then call a manager who then does a simple void after then your left to re-ring up all the merchandise.
    So don't complain about a Cashier yes there are some nasty one out there but maybe when they came into work they were happy and upbeat only to have one screaming customer to ruin there day

    BTW: We wern't hired to look at every single tag we ring up we were hired to just ring up the merchandise and if anything is wrong adjust it. not spend 30 mins looking @ every single item. belive me it takes a long time i had to do it spent nearly 35 mins on one customer doing just that do you think she was pleased? No.

  • Bi
      1st of Feb, 2009
    +1 Votes

    You see the type of mood you all put on these poor cashiers. You complain to them.. they complain to us... we complain about them complaining, aghh! I'm sure these cashiers are very polite, eager to please and want to do a good job, but you can't expect a 100% error free experience. There's always room for human error. It's been my experience that when you treat people with respect (this goes for you customers and Kohl's assocites) and treat them like an actual HUMAN, everyone is more than willing to go the extra mile for each other. Think of the other person, as your mother... or if you hate your mother, your grandmother. I like my grams! :)

  • Be
      6th of Apr, 2009
    0 Votes
    Kohl's - Credit card scams
    United States

    In december was pushed into a credit card at kohl's for 10% off. Paid off the card in full in jan. Never looked at the acct again. Well they said had a late charge for 8 days, then a late charge with fees, then another late fee because i did not pay the late fee. No emails to inform me of this. Called me 3 months later. Was rude treated me like i was a deadbeat. Brushed me off as if i was nothing. Will never never never have anything to do with kohl's. Beverly looper boles

  • Ca
      29th of Apr, 2009
    0 Votes

    the reason she wasnt looking at every price tag is because there are tons of dishonest people who rip the clearance tags off and put them on regular clothes. its hard to trust alot of customers because of stuff like this. im glad you dont come to kohls anymore, its much easier to work there when we dont have people like you freaking out about stuff like that. take a chill pill woman.

  • Jt
      21st of May, 2009
    +1 Votes

    before you completely ward off kohls, you should understand that the store is separate from the credit card company. chase bank bought out kohls credit card a few years ago, so maybe you should consider banning chase and not kohls.

  • Jt
      21st of May, 2009
    0 Votes

    a huge pet peeve of mine is when a customer is charged what they think is the wrong amount and accuse the cashier for charging them too much. hello people! this is not 1825! the bar code rings up the item and the computer signifies the price. cashiers do not know the prices for the millions of items in the store and enter the prices of the items manually into the computer. come on. learn how a store works.

  • Ja
      11th of Jun, 2009
    0 Votes

    This is wrong to the credit paying person ...then i thinks Kohls needs to warn credit card holders this problem. KOHLS was a very good compamy to shop and have a credit card with untill CHASE BECAME INVOLED.


  • La
      11th of Jan, 2010
    0 Votes

    This is hilarious. One customer complains about poor customer service and we have 100+ employees here defending for themselves. sad.

    So tell me, dear Kohls associates, when you ring up items by scanning the bar codes, do you even bother to look if you're scanning the right items? For example, if I stole the bar code of a shirt and put it onto a different shirt (let's make it easier for you, 2 shirts are from the same brand, but different designs, and different prices), would you notice? Tell me now, would you simply scan the bar codes like robot and NOT notice that the shirt in front of you should have a different bar code? IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to make sure that you scan the items accurately. I bet if you're ringing up something like $4 and it looks like it should have been $40, you WOULD NOTICE, wouldn't you? So why is it irrelevant the other way around?

    Okay, so you might not be aware which items are on sale or clearance. You can always tell the customer, as you ring up, tell them something like, " oh by the way, this shirt is ringing up as $10.00, is that correct? It wouldn't take you any time at all, not even a second, because you would say it as you scan. This also serves as a reminder for customer to check the price and pay attention to you and therefore, help you do your job better.

  • Sh
      6th of Feb, 2010
    -2 Votes

    Anyone who thinks Kohl's has great deals needs to compare prices to other stores. I will NEVER buy a toy there unless it TRULY is clearanced out because they mark up the price so much THEN take 40% off and it's still $2-$15 more than Target or Walmart. Their diamond earrings? 1/3 t.w. 14k princess cut studs "on sale" for $899. has same thing on sale for $179, regularly $249. Yeah what a deal. I've never had a price ring up wrong at Kohl's but I shop a lot and compare prices and they are just a rip off.

  • Ov
      6th of Apr, 2010
    0 Votes

    The customer service you people want would cause the prices to not be so cheap and you wouldn't return.

    and yes, the cashier has other things to do, they don't just stand back there to ring people up.

    This is called understaffing to offer cheap things to wal mart trash to herd them in like the cattle they are.

  • Ko
      17th of Jun, 2010
    -2 Votes

    I totally agree on the attitude part of the KOHLS CS. I also do believe that not all of them are like that. There are some with nasty attitudes and have no idea about how a transaction works yet make a strong argument with the little knowledge they have. I think it is Kohls responsibility to make sure the items scan to the right price else do not put it on sale. A customer tends to trust that the item rings properly just like how we trust the quality of a product. Also, some people are not good with maths where they can instantly calculate that 60% of a product is $$. They tend to depend on the system that the system would have taken care of the required calcualtion for the percentage off. Additionally, since everything is done via the program, all is required is to make sure the barcodes are attached properly on the product and is properly tagged to the product.

  • Ri
      18th of Jun, 2010
    -2 Votes

    I love Kohl’s. Reasonable prices, sometimes great deals, reasonable quality, wide selection. Honestly I can take the responsibility for checking the prices, and when a store carries tens of thousands of different items the cashier should ring them up, not inspect them and try to judge the correct market price based on other similar items. Two all-the-time complaints with Kohl’s and two one-time occurrences:
    Regular complaints:
    1) STOP GRILLING ME OVER THE STUPID CHARGE CARD!!! I know they love to make money on people who charge everything and carry that balance with interest north of 20%, but stop pushing it on everyone! I’ve been approached by a roaming associate who wouldn’t leave me alone to shop by pestering me about the charge card. I’ve been approached by the same type with a special scratch-off discount card if I used a Kohl’s charge, which they only bring up after you scratch off the card in front of them. I’m asked every time if I want to put my purchase on my Kohl’s charge. When I say “No” I’m asked if I have a Kohl’s charge. When I say “No” I’m asked if I would like to apply for one. When I say “No” a third time they will ask if I’m sure and tell me more about the special savings by opening a Kohl’s charge. So it takes four “No”s at the register and sometimes a few while you’re trying to shop just to be left alone from getting a credit card you do not want. So annoying.
    2) This is Kohl’s specific - the cashiers move in slow motion. It isn’t hard to scan things and put them in a bag. Watching these people move as if they are all suffering from chronic arthritis and every motion is painful to make is very annoying when you’re just trying to leave with a couple pieces of clothing. Yet having one person in front of you will mean a good five minute wait. Can they pick up the pace, or can we get self-serve checkouts? This is pretty much every cashier in every Kohl’s store I’ve ever been to (has to be a dozen, if not more), and for some reason the same chronic slowness doesn’t happen at other retail stores, at least not like this. It doesn’t help that they’re forced by management to go through all the steps from complaint #1 with each person either.
    One-time issues:
    1) Do they not cross-train the staff? I was in a return line, with one person who had no idea what she was doing in front of me and two people (one noticeably peeved) behind me. There was one poor associate at the return counter trying to deal with the clueless woman trying to return things. It took over ten minutes until I was assisted. I understand returns aren’t a priority and staffing multiple people to take them is something they would rather avoid. But I felt very sorry for the poor woman who had to deal with an idiot trying to return things and three frustrated people also in the queue, because of the simple fact that during this time at least three other associates and a manager walked right by, some of them even going behind the return counter – none were in a hurry to get somewhere else but from the lack of help it was clear that none had a combination of the awareness, courtesy, and most importantly the training to open one of the other return registers and handle a return or two. I’ve worked in a retail store before, and staff were cross-trained to handle these things and were guaranteed to get a talking to if they would ignore an obvious need for assistance. For a manager to ignore a line would have been unacceptable, and he or she would have went to a register, took care of the customers and helped the associate.

    2) I racked up some serious Kohl’s cash after making a large purchase. I came in when my Kohl’s cash could be used and purchased a few items to use it all. The cashier decided to ask if the items were a gift or for me, if they were for a house or an apartment, what I bought to get all the Kohl's cash, if I just moved and that’s what prompted my purchase, and where I moved from. I pulled out my cell phone and made a phone call as additional questions were on the tip of her tongue. There’s a difference between being friendly and being intrusive, and I don’t need comments on what I decide to buy, much less questions about my personal life based on my purchase.

  • Sm
      3rd of Oct, 2010
    +1 Votes

    I couldn't even read your whole complaint because the ALL CAPS is so annoying.

    The cashier has no way of knowing how much an item is supposed to be on sale for. All she knows is what her screen tells her the price is. It's your responsibility as the person actually buying the items to make sure you are getting the price that you thought it was. Why would you pay for something without making sure you are paying the correct price? If you feel that you can't keep an eye on what the prices are, slow down at the checkout. Or ask the cashier to tell you the sale price of each item she rings up, that way you don't even have to watch the screen. If something rings up at a price different from what you thought, tell the cashier BEFORE you finish paying. If you wait until after you pay and get your receipt, it is a whole lot more difficult to get the issue fixed. If you say something before paying, it just takes the cashier a push of a button to change the price to what it should be.

    It's your money, you need to be more proactive. Don't blame the cashier if something rings up the wrong price, they have absolutely nothing to do with the signing in the store. Just tell her the price is wrong, and let her fix it.

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