Kohlskohl's 2 problems...

Long time kohl's customer.
Early Spring of 2016, I gave the store my new address change and paid my bill. I thought my bill was paid up, because i paid the remaining balance . I did not receive any new bills or forwarded mail to new address. By Summer 2016, on day i applied for auto loan found out my credit was a lot lower than i knew. I called my credit card companies. No problems until Kohls. That day i paid and updated/changed my address store must have only processed my payment not my new address. Apparently then Kohls operator stated many times they would fix it and take late fees off and not report me/ take me off poor credit rating. As next month came, they took off late fee but did report me to have a poor credit rating. That was/is disgusting. They said they had my phone #, my email account... but they didnt think of reaching out to me those ways even though my mail they sent me was getting returned to them.

On 12-21-2016, 9:10pm 1257/0011/2514/7 2464XXX
went christmas shopping

ID# [protected]-[protected]
Purchased Men's LS wovens (Shirt): Reg Price: 54.00, sale for 22.38

Purchased Mens Wovens (Shirt): Reg Price: 50.00, sale 15.39

Purchased Mens Flannel (Shirt): 40.00, sale 12.60
Total Purchase: 50.37

My father was hospitalized shortly after that day, 12/23/16, then into a coma, then passed away Jan 6, 2017. I had purchased the Men's LS wovens Shirt for my dad. He never wore and had tags, still folded, and My mom did not want it. She said return it.

On 1/17/2017, 3:49pm 1257/0026/1393/4 1992XXX
I had my receipt, lady said that i had received a kohls cash with purchase and that i would only get back 12. 38 back for shirt. She said if i exhange it / or purchase it would have to be a 54.00 item, without using any coupons or redeming my rewards points. She told me repeatly. I tried to explain i do not remember using the kohls cash. I explained that why does it have to be 54.00, why shouldnt it be 22.38 because it was on sale and if i had paid the regular sale price of all my products that then i should had recieved $30.00 in kohls cash. She continued to repeat herself. I said i would go exchange something for the 22.38, but she shut me down talking then as did her sales associate next to her. I asked my boyfriend if she was correct he said no due to i only spent 22.38 on product. I said i would get an exchange. I told them of that my dad passed away and i would try to find a product. i walked away to get something to exchange. My boyfriend then stood there and the sales woman processed my receipt. I got the 12.38 back on my card. I am again disguisted with Kohls customer service.

I want my credit rating fixed and the customer service training improvement at Newton store for those involved in these incidents. I have over 16 years of customer service experience. It is a embarrassment and awful to experience this and does not make me want to continue to return.
Jennifer Zylstra Morrow

Jan 17, 2017

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