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Kohl's / I was removed from their schedule because my mom was dying...

1 United States

I got a phone call that my mom was hospitalized and in serious condition, so I called Kohls's and notified them that I had to fly from FL to NY. The store manager was not in so I spoke to another manager that said she would pass the information on. I got to NY and my mom was in and out of consciousness. We then had a family meeting with the hospital staff about turning off my mom's difribilator because it was shocking her badly and in her condition, and because of her age it was not humane to let her go through that. So the difribilator was turned off. I phoned Kohl's again and asked for the store manager, again she was not there, so I talked to another manager, Tim, and told him the situation, and he said, " you have to talk to the store manager". I assumed he would pass the information on to her. My mom went into a coma a couple of days later. Once again, I phoned Kohls's, and this time I got the store manager, I explained to her my mom's condition and she told me that when I returned, I would have to fill out a new availability form. My mom passed, and we had the service and I returned to Florida. The next day I went to Kohls's and saw the store manager, she was doing the scheduling, I informed her of my mother's passing, and she just grabbed an availability form for me to fill out, on her way out the office door she said, "Oh, by the way, sorry about your mom". I filled out the form, left it on her desk and left. I returned the next day, looked at the schedule and my name wasn't even on there. The schedule was for two weeks. Here's my advice to anyone working for, or thinking of working for Kohls's, be sure none of your family members die on their watch!!

Jan 12, 2016

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