KFC, McDonalds, Burger King And Otherscold food mixed with hot food

I would like to know when these fast food places are going to teach their employees to package your hot foods seperately from your cold foods. It never fails, whenever I go to get some food to go...they ALWAYS mix the hot and cold in the same bag. You don't know how many times my ice cream was soup when I got home and I only live about 1/2 to 1 mile away depending on which fast food place I go to. Salads, cole slaw, pies, parfaits, ice cream are always put right in with hot steaming food. Not a good practice, never mind the fact that food is ruined. Years ago my husband and I got extremely sick (food poisoning) from a KFC while on vacation. I don't know what was bad, but it could have been the cole slaw in with very hot bucket of chicken. It took me many years to eat at a KFC again...but now that I do...they are still doing the same practice. They should NEVER, NEVER put hot with cold for health reasons and for the quality of the food.


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