Kfcterrible customer service

To who it may concern,

My recent visit to my local KFC was terrible, i was charged full price even though i presented a coupon at the time of purchase, i ordered a 19.99 family special with a coupon for 4.00 or 5.00 dollars off redeemed online, but wait that's the whole story, i was using your drive thru service and when i finally got to the window i was told that i didn't have enough money so i explained to the young lady working the drive thru windiow that you can just put the food aside and i'll be right back, so i went i got home my sister was wondering why i didn't have enough money, so i quickly went back top pick up my order and drove off but shortlyafter i got home my sister checked the receipt and noticed that the coupon i presented was even honored and charged the full price and what makes me really upset is that i wasn't even short of money the first place because of the coupon i had.

So my sister took it as that and that we needed to just call in with our receipt number and explain what had happen to the manager, we called but was put on hold for 30 minutes ubtil i decided to call back but this time no one answered, the phone just keep on ringing so my nsister decided to call with a different phone number and this time someone answers immediately, again we were put on hold after explaing to the manager the situation, after nearly 20 minutes the manager came back on the phone explaing that there wasn't anything she can do since we left and she was fully aware that the worker made a mistake and that we were charged extra but never apologize, mentioned that she couldn't help us any further, not even coupons which i was told by corporate that they would take care of the matter but instead youyr worker seemed upset and said it was our fault and loss, my sister and i was so surprise by her attitude, i mean we were litterly shocked in disbelief of what she said, so the very next day my sister called back corporate and explained the whole story again with the end result indicating that we would receive a voucher for a free complete replacement meal so until now we haven't received anything, not an email or call back but instead we were left like people who bother this company with simple problems, so my friends and i decided just to never do business with your company again or even bother emailing back until i keep receiving an email with a coupon for your chicken.
So your company seems not to pay attention to customer service issues but instead just keep sending coupons to people that aren't your customers, please don't ever send anything to my house unless it's a dam good coupon like you said you were gonna do the first place.

My co workers are aware of this issue and are avoiding your terrible service company as well as writing Opra show regarding this american fast food company that she recommended, not just me i'm trying to get more to do the same because i'm very disgrased by your terrible service.

John k
Lynn L. S.

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