Kfc / fully loaded box meals

We ordered 2 fully loaded box meals. After maybe 3 min they say sorry they don't have chicken. We ordered 2 hawain burger meals with 2 regular mash and gravy. We paid and we wait for maybe 10 min or more then they say they don't have the regular buns can they use the small snack burger buns to make the hawain burgers. Then we just say yes we already tired for waiting. TheN after another few minutes they say they have another problem. They only one chicken for the burger. The other one they can give us grilled or zinger. So we take zinger. When we come home. The one mash and gravy almost look like it's a left over. Maybe half. It's really a bad services . And it's not the 1st time. Always have problem with them.


Mar 01, 2016

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