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KFC / cutomers

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i work at KFC,
and im sick and tired of being;
- Threatened
by cutomers,
this had got to stop, people can't go on treating us like crap, just because we wrok in Fast food

the other night i was called:
"A ###ing ###, and a ###ing slut" becasue we refused to sereve a customer who was setting things on fire in our resturant.

and then this women made a complaint to you peope about us.
if this women is allowed back into the store, or recives free food, i will be taking it to the poilce,
and you will not hear the end of this,
i don't care if i lose my job..
but cutomers can not go on treating teenages who are just trying to earn some extra cash, and are get this kind of abuse.

i hope to hear back from you.

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  • Bi
      9th of Jul, 2008
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  • Ca
      17th of Jul, 2008
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    I work at a Kfc aswell and treated like crap by customers. I get the blame for everything and shouted at. like if we run out of chicken. well last time i checked im not the manager and dont order the chicken so this is not my fault. i was also called a fat ### by a girl coz she had to wait six minutes for her food, well i was under the impression people wanted there food hot and fresh, and i'd only just started the shift. this cant go on, im 20 and dont expect to be treated like a child. i often also work 10hrs a day without a break-so nothing to eat and drink all day-no wonder were not happy and smiley all the time like cunstomers want us to be coz we actually feel stressed and ill. the managers also think its ok to just stand there, not help and tell us to go even faster, and gives us 3 minutes to clear a queue thats goes right out of the door. so please customers consider the stress we are under when you come into the store.

  • Sa
      7th of Feb, 2009
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    I also work at KFC and agree on what your saying, the queue is always to the door, and we have to keep serving, then they run out of chicken and people complain and we get yelled at and things thrown at us, our Manager sits in the office all day and does not help us we are always short staffed and the Manager says we cant afford more staff, then we find out they are employing 8 more new staff, but they dont always give us the hours we how will new staff make a difference, the lobby is always dirty and the customers always complain and shout at us. this place would be ok for prisoners because its not happy place to be in.the Manager treats us with no respect.
    It seems as tho' the Area Managers do not care what goes on. I feel we should be treated with more respect. and where we work should be managed better. We get 1/2 break and dont get paid for this, but they think by giving us food this is good. the pay is bad. and they expect us to work like slaves.
    I feel sorry for the Custyomers having to wait all the time for chicken fries and sides, nothing is ever managed to make things good and run smoothly, all KFC Area Managers seem to care about is taking money, but they wont take money if the place is not run right. get more staff give good conditions and good pay treat us like humans and give good custom to customers.
    Some of the staff are not trained properly and just stuck on a till we dont even know how to treat customers when they are shouting at us.,
    I could go on and on.

  • Ma
      17th of Mar, 2009
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    Yeh i work at kfc azwel and it ###EN SUCKZ like licking a donkeyz ###

  • Ni
      14th of May, 2011
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    OMG!! I hate wOrking at a kfc too..
    the Other day a guy called a ###ing idiot for not having COLESLAW ready..
    I mean.. are you serious..
    he made me cry.. :(

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