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Every time, (and believe me, I've only eaten KFC chicken 4 times in my life) I eat KFC chicken, I get stomach sick or diarhea. What do they put on their chicken that makes people sick? Anyway my LAST time I was at KFC, I tried their boneless bites, to which they just released a new commercial. When I began eating them, I noticed how disqusting they tasted; they were extremely oversalted, the bbq flavour was very fake, and the chicken inside was undercooked. I was really hungry so I choked on them for the next 5 minutes, but then I felt so guilty that I have treated my body to this garbage, and I wished I could puke it out and bring it back to them. I have never felt such disqust for any food in my life, and KFC should be ashamed that their food makes people feel this way. I mean, I've tasted bad food before, food I didn't like and spoiled food, but never, never under the category Uneatable food, because that's where it really stands. Who ever eats there, don't try the boneless bites or you'll be just as grossed out.

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  • Bi
      Aug 29, 2010

    Haha, this is THE most bizarre complaint I've ever read... I think it's from a snobbish gourmand who just wants to show how superior and sophisticated they are... you know the type... I've eaten at KFC for 50 years and never had a complaint, certainly never wanted to "puke up my food and give it back to them, " PLEASE! KFC has zillions of happy customers, lined up around the block to get Boneless Bites and everything else because they are SO DELICIOUS... now take their cole slaw... I LOVE cole slaw and have bought every brand for miles around, including that of the most expensive delis, and homemade, etc etc and STILL I can't find a cole slaw better than KFC's!!! I ran into a guy on my elevator the other day with my KFC bag and he said "Mmmm! Got something good, eh?" and I said "Oh, it's only a pint of cole slaw, I just like theirs the best and make a special trip to get it. I think theirs is the best!" He looked at me somewhat contemptuously "Hmp! EVERYBODY knows that!" haha Well actually in 50 years I don't think I have ever met anybody who hated KFC except this CANADIAN, well what does that tell you HAHAHA. (If it's American, they hate it!)

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  • Jo
      May 26, 2012

    Have had the boneless bites at least 100 times and have never witnessed anything even close to anything in this review.

    This guy is either an idiot or is working for a competitor.

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  • Go
      May 07, 2013

    I spent $58.00 on a 20 piece boneless meal last night at the KFC at Grant and Silverbell in Tucson, AZ last night and neither of us could eat even one whole piece. It was so incredible nasty that I thought they had had a seasoning accident and tried to eat a bite off of several different pieces and nope it is just totally gross. It was so bad that I called the store to complain and find out if someone had tried to poison us by putting something in the food and I got an instant canned response delivered in one breath attesting to how safe it is cooked and how their quality control process is, so I guess everyone is calling them and complaining about how nasty it is. We gave all of the chicken to our 3 dogs and 2 cats and it is still in the bowl today. They scooted it around and dragged a couple of pieces out, but after tasting it, they have soundly rejected it as well. For nearly $60.00 we sure could have had a much, much better dining experience. KFC is permanently off my dining list. These things are like chunks of chicken glued together by a gray slurm paste and some of the chicken was still pink inside, even thought it was glued together by the gray stuff- there is no way it was done. I don't even know what they used to season it- it tastes nothing at all like any fried chicken I have had from anywhere- really weird and super super salty and I usually add salt to the point that you can see it on fried chicken, but this is way, way too much. Their mashed potatoes tasted like they just stirred some water in the potato mix and slapped it into the container without cooking it- it had a really nasty grainy consistency that had nothing to do with potatoes. I used to love the gravy, but even that wasn't very good. Their macaroni and cheese was good-out of the whole order that was the only thing worth eating. So not worth sixty dollars!

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  • Ge
      May 07, 2013

    He stupid we contacted KFC the one you said you went to and nothing on their menu sell for $58.00.

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  • Ax
      Jul 14, 2013

    Worst chicken I have ever tried to eat.
    Was over cooked
    I believe they must of dropped the chicken in a bag of salt.
    I do not know if all KFC bondless is tis bad
    But I do know I will never go back to another KFC

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