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Kentucky Fried Chicken Margate / bad service

1 South Africa
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I went to margate kfc to try the new avo and feta twisters and before ordering I asked the server if the avo was fresh avo or if it was processed avo she said no it was the fresh avo! So again just to make sure I asked her did it come in a box or is it fresh from the fruit? Once again she reassures me its fresh from the fruit as depicted on the menu posters and the tv advert not the processed one that comes from chipkins in a box.

I get home open my twister and trues bob its processed guacamole!!! How can staff be so badly trained that they don't even know what ingredients are in their products? As a south african I am tired of continuous bad service and product knowledge, all she needed to say was its the avo in the box, and I would have ordered something else and been happy with the meal! The service time was excellent I waited maybe 7 min from walking in the door to walking out with my meal, but it was all in vain as I gave it to the dog as I can not stomach processed guacamole!

Please train your staff on product knowledge!!!

I have now been put off kfc and am pissed I bought the dog dinner for r32.00!!!


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