Kentucky Fried Chicken [KFC] / service

Bermuda Dunes, CA, United States

I placed an order for 10 hot wings at the drive thru and I paid and was told it would be 9 minutes so to pull up to the front and they would bring out my order. After waiting 20 minutes I went inside to ask about my order and the girl said it would be 3 minutes. After seeing another employee walking out with a complete order I asked about the wings and was told Brian forgot to put them down. No apologies as the shift supervisor was counting a register. Brian then came from the back and walked back again and didn't apologized as he was the one that took my order. I asked for my money back and they kept asking each other what happened and saying Brian didn't put down the order instead if apoloziging to the customer. Finally another person came from the back and apologized for what the others didn't do. I asked for the store manager and they said that she was off and their phone didn't work. They gave me her name and said again our phone doesn't work. The store is in Bermuda Dunes, .CA. Bad customer service.

Jun 18, 2017

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