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Restaurant on north orange blossom trail in Orlando Florida. at 8:39pm on 19 May 17. this would be the 2nd time I have submitted the same complaint. under cooked meat, unrecognizable pieces of chicken and worst of all chicken and bucket filled with grease, oil, what ever you want to call it. during my 1st complaint with this company I made them aware I had made a video of the poor quality of food, the complaint resolution agent assured me after I gave them the address and store number the issue would be dealt with. WELL after receiving a 10.00$ voucher I was asked to try again and the problem would be solved. now on the 2nd try the problem still exist and a 2nd video has been made. and by the way I asked the cashier at the time to place paper towels at the bottom of the bucket to absorb the grease and still nothing was done. this has ben an ongoing issue that KFC has clearly no intention of resolving. now KFC tell me which way I should take this problem... Facebook, YouTube, the news channels . I am very sorry I have to take this issue this far. but i'm more sorry KFC don't care.

  • Updated by alvinna nwoko, May 23, 2017

    have you ever eaten at KFC in the 70's, 80's this product is nothing like the ORIGINAL RECIPE. plus if you have ever fried chicken in your life you should know that the chicken MUST, MUST, MUST be drained of excess oil before serving. but if you are use to eating fried anything saturated in GREASE.. I pray your health have the same attitude that you have now.

  • Updated by alvinna nwoko, May 23, 2017

    S. JONES
    I bought a 12 piece bucket of chicken, , 6 pieces inedible at the bottom of the bucket. the 10.00$ voucher didn't cover the cost. but my concern was for them to revise a method of draining the chicken on something other than a plastic sheet of paper. good luck with your complaint.

May 19, 2017
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  • Sa
      May 23, 2017

    At least you got a voucher from your ordeal! I complained...May 6, 17 and asked to be sent a voucher so I could go to a different store. Nothing!

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