Kentucky Fried Chicken [KFC] / customer service morrow g.a. location mt. zion rd.

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Date of service 5/1/2017 at 8:00 PM.

My husband and I went through the drive thru and before there was a greeting laughing was heard on the intercom. Finally a greeting was made. My husband asked if the restaurant accepted $50.00 bills. The response from the young lady was ' What kind of question is that?' My husband responded ' Some establishments don't accept bills larger than $20.00." Once again she laughed and said oh o.k. yes. He prepared to order but was interrupted by a male at the window who said no she can't I just pulled her drawer and no other communication was made. We pulled around, went into the store and asked for the manager. We told the manager what happened and all she said was I heard the exchange and coached her that was not the proper way to handle the situation. There was no offer to correct the situation, take the order or anything. If the store was not closing then the drawer being pulled should not have stopped the customer from ordering. even if the transaction had to be made at another cash register. There were other cars behind us in drive thru and they were served. This was poor customer service from the window all the way to the managers handling of the situation. The managing partner on the door is Theresa James. All we wanted was dinner for our family and that was not received plus the poor service. This is a poor representation of the KFC brand and should be addressed.

May 2, 2017
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      6th of Jan, 2019

    We arrived at the KFC MORROW at 10:50. They suppose to open at 10:30. As we walked around to open the door it was locked. However we could see a woman and some kids running around the restaurant through the window. The non uniform woman opened the door and yelled " they still closed". This is unacceptable and shows poor management!!! Do Better

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