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Battle Creek, MI, United States Review updated:

1405 capital Ave en battle creek Michigan location.49017 . July 30 2016 .Went in kfc ordered there new special I saw on a 8 piece bucket of chicken and large side for around 20 dollars .I ordered it, then paid for it .Afterwards was told they are out of breast so they will replace with thighs .I had ordered popcorn chicken also .and was told there out of that also .a lady in back replied were out of most chicken cause we close at 10 pm .I looked at my cell phone and replied its I was told they'll give me chicken strips instead of the popcorn chicken .so I finally received my food which by the way was not anything I wanted .I looked in bucket and there was four legs and four thighs .I replied legs don't replace breast ma'am .she then told me it was best she could do .so after all this I finally requested to speak to a manager .She replied there is none .I asked who is in charge, she replied she is .so I kindly asked for my money back, and she replied FINE in a loud voice .so I got my money back then she had the nerve after NO CUSTOMER SERVICE to request I fill out a form for her owner so he knows she gave me my money back and didn't steal it ..I turned around and walked out .Just no id never visit that location again, and advise others to stay clear !!

Aug 09, 2016
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  •   Aug 10, 2016

    I was told by a KFC employee the 8 piece bucket doesn't even come with breasts. I don't know, I don't eat that slop. I think the employee was fair and tried to accommodate you.

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  • Cu
      Aug 10, 2016

    I agree I think employee was fair.

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