Kentucky Fried Chicken / unsanitary work conditions

1011 South Mitchell Street, Cadillac, MI, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 775-4601

My name is Ethan Combs and i have previously just quit the KFC of Cadillac Michigan.And when i worked there i had to work with people who would smoke marijuana on many occasions right in the office in the building.Also there was drinking of alcohol in the building which was kept behind fans and in the cooler.The manager Peni West, Laura Gildner didn't even care that it was going on in the building. The one that was smoking the marijuana is even a supervisor whos name is Matt Brunk.There has also been times when there was a under age girl working in uniform about 13 years old in the building.The sister even started at the age of 15 and was working on average over 20 hours a week at 15, and still does.And the owner of the place Tim Kolbitz doesn't seem to worried that this is happening.The place is severely unsanitary the pop nosels in drivethrough have mold growing inside them.So i finally quit today because they were treating me with no respect because a complaint my brother had sent about the same issue.When this happened i was scheduled to work two days the following week but when they found out they treated me like crap. The two days i went in they had sent me home early just to turn around and let other employees stay extra hours in my place. It seemed to me like discrimination against an employee just for stating things that were wrong and corrupt about the place.

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