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On Feb 20, 2016 @12:07 p.m. I purchased the following:2 pair Dusty Cooper Multi Corina Grommet Top Sheer panels @$29.99 per panel. In addition I purchased 4 Ivory Home Bayview Grommet Top Sheer Panel @$23.pp per panel. I did receive an additional 20% off on these items. The problem is on Feb. 26 2016 these same items went on sale for $10.00 of every $25.00 spent. For me that added up to an additional$40.00 off. I went to the Penny store in Green Bay(there is only one) to see if they could credit my account the difference and was told No. I then asked if I returned them, if I could repurchase them. She said yes but they needed to be packaged and re-purchased. This is 25mi. round trip. Is this your policy, to make a customer take the item off the rod, re-bsg them, return them to the store and then repurchase them take them back home re-hang them . Would it not be more customer friendly just to give them the credit at the store. As you are well aware of, there are a lot of dept. stores where you can purchase curtains for the same price or less. I was just wondering if this is your policy. Thank-you for taking time to read this. I will be waiting to hear from you regarding this matter. Sincerly yours Jane Gonion 2425 Manitowoc Rd Green Bay, Wi.54311 [protected]

Feb 27, 2016

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