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free airline tickets

I have been waiting to receive two (2) airlines tickets since the beginning of 2007 and till today I have never received any of them.

I called at the end of the summer and they told me they will get back to me

Please let me know why I never get the tickets and phone calls.

I appreciate if someone can call me before the holiday so I can make travel arrangements. We appreciate your integerity.

Thank you.
Maria Clark and Gary Warren

awful experience

I paid a balance in full and closed my JC Penneys account, I then received letters asking if I wanted to keep the insurance, if I did I needed to send payment with the enclosed statement. If I no longer wanted the insurance I needed to do nothing. I did not return the statement with payment yet JC Penney applied the charges for insurance to an account that had been closed. I called JC Penney and the woman I spoke with told me she did not know why they were charging the insurance but would take care of it. later I received a letter from a collection agency. (Nice way to take care of it!)

I called JC Penney, I wrote letters to them, I wrote letters to the collection agency and to this day nothing has been done and I have been dealing with this since 2001! I am contacting an attorney to find out what my options are legally. Needless to say, I no longer do any kind of business with JC Penney. I recently received a threatening letter from a collection agency stating that I now owe JC Penney over 300 dollars even though in July of 2001 I paid the account off in full and closed it!

I applied for a loan from my bank and was denied because of the negative mark from JC Penney on my credit. The damage has been much worse than what I can mention here.

awful company

My mom paid $44.00 a month for this insurance for over 10 years. When she passed in April of 2002, I was told that there was a record of the insurance, but it had lapsed. Who would allow a policy to lapse after investing in it for ten years? She paid $50, 000.00 or more over this time period but, I as her sole heir, received nothing.

I'm still paying for medical expenses that occurred during her five-year illness through a bank loan. This has been a difficult hardship.

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    nobody cares but Jesus Jun 08, 2014

    That is terrible I'm so sorry to read this. I believe that these companies only care about themselves and I plan on making a difference starting Monday June 9, 2014.

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awful company

I am extremely disappointed in the Sealy Pillowtop Mattress which I purchased at the end of May, 2007, from JC Penney. I started noticing this problem in February, 2008 and called them. After several telephone calls, I was finally sent a form to fill out - a warranty form. I purchased one of the top of the line mattresses (or so I was told). One side of it has already got an indentation in it and when I sleep there, I wake up with a sore back. They sent "a technician" out to look at it and he told me that "these mattresses are famous for this problem". Last night, I got a telephone call from JC Penney's telling me that although the technician found an indentation, it is not substantial enough to warrant replacing. I have been a customer and credit card holder of JC Penneys since 1978. Not anymore. I paid off my account and am closing it.


I have had an account at JC Penney for many years. Today I received notice that they were increasing my interest rate, decreasing the time in which I can make payment after receiving the monthly bill and increasing the payment amount on my balance.

All this is legal and with the economy what it is, I don't know if I will be able to maintain my credit worthiness with them. It amazes me that they can just change terms on my account like that and just expect me to do what they say. I know their earnings are down, but so are mine...! Any advice or help out there?

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fake leather furniture

We got ripped off with horrible furniture which we were told by the saleperson was leather. It turns out that it is a synthetic material marketed as leather bicast. That means that it is split cowhide that has been covered in a polymer. So, I thought I was sitting on leather that would last us many, many years ... I'm sitting on torn pleather! It is a terrible quality. The store says that the one year warranty is over. But, the POINT IS THEY SOLD ME PLEATHER, warranty or no warranty! We had made many purchases at this store, but after this bitter experience I will opt to never shop at JC Penney. America is not what it used to be!

  • Ri
    RITA MCMANUS Mar 06, 2009


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fraud and cheating

I purchased a Bulova watch as a birthday gift. I paid $160 dollars for it from JC Penny store. The watchband was too tight so I brought back the watch. Another watchband had to be bought so an additional $20 was added to purchase. I believe the store could have taken the band back and exchanged it. No way, JC Penny was not helpful, totally not with it in Customer Service. I told them to keep the original band and give it to someone else with that size wrist.

Customer service is not existence and clerk all have too much time on their hands.

they failed to update my billing address

When we moved we up dated our billing addresses. For some reason JCPenney failed to up date that address and sent a bill to our old address.

This ended with the bill going to collection which was paid in full upon the first telephone call from the collection agency because we are responsible people who pay our debts!

JCPenney's had no problem sending me adds and catalogs or sending me merchandise I purchased on line to my new address. I'm listed in the phone book I'm not hard to find. This $100.00 purchase should have never been sent to a collection agency.

We had flawless credit and had one of the highest credit ratings possible do to years of maintaining outstanding consumer relations with the companies that we deal with.

JCPenney ruined that standing by not taking the time to find out why we purchased thousands of dollars worth of merchandise at a Washington state store but failed to pay for $100.00 mirror whose bill was sent to Virginia! Doesn't that just scream that something is wrong with this picture?

To top it off the GEMB Money bank who is the collection agency for JcPenney called and yelled at me and was extremely rude while I was in a panic thinking my identity had been stolen.

  • Su
    Susan Sheeler Oct 03, 2008

    The same thing happened to me. I was a JC Penney cardholder for 34 yrs. This has been a total nightmare for me. Oh yeah, and my toyal charge was for $30 and some odd cents.

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  • Eu
    Eula McLeod Nov 10, 2008

    This just happened to me for the same reason. Except the item I ordered online with the catalogue department listed my current shipping AND billing address, including my new telephone number. They sent the bill for this item to my old address and after four bills were returned as "undeliverable", turned the account over to collections. I spoke with innumberable people with unknown foreign accents and finally was passed on to an American who instantly understood what happened and removed all the late charges and is reinstating our credit report (I paid the collections agency only the originally charged amount.) This understanding woman told me that the catalogue department and the credit department do not SHARE INFORMATION WITH EACH OTHER and that's why they didn't do a search within their own company to see if the items they were billing me for might have been sent to a more current address. She said she's disagreed with this policy for years and will complain about it again. So will I . . . if I can find THEIR current address.

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  • Br
    bret minges Dec 04, 2008

    i had over 300 dollars on my credit. penney's lowered it to 8.00 dollars after i made my monthly payments. i canceled my card and will be placing a complaint againt the company from the better business bureau.

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  • Am
    AMRCRG Jan 06, 2009

    This just happened to me today. I received a call from a collection agency for a JC Penney account that had gone unpaid from when I moved from Colorado in May of 2006. I'm still in shock.

    Just like Irene, I had flawless credit which I have spent a lifetime protecting and JC Penney just ruined it. How could they find me with one phone call, but not be able to do that before it went to Collection. I know they run credit inquiries on accounts all the time, why didn't they just do that, because that would have shown my new address.

    I still don't know how it happened - I did have a change of address with the Post Office and a forwarding, I never received a bill or a statement and honestly I don't even remember a charge with them.

    This is no way to run a business.

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fraud and cheating

This letter is to discuss the experience at your Minot, North Dakota JC Penny's store. The experience...

custom decorating is a nightmare

Right now I am so angree. Jc penney in lake grove ny, is the reason for that. I am also waiting for curtains since april 2008. The decorator that was here said no problem with back orders. The week they were supposed to install it they tell me there is a back order and it will have to be done at a later date. After that date, I called numerous times and customers service had no idea what to say. First they say its still not ready, then they say it is ready.. But still noone calls me back. Now it is aug 1 st.. I am sitting here after taking the day off and the installer still is not here.. I called them and they said oh he is doing another house then he will be at your house. My decorator says "what do you want me to do fire him?".. She tells me to complain about her and everyone else she dont care. Oh I forgot to mention that only partial of my curtains are here.. All the time I was calling they never told me my swags had a defect.. And that they were waiting for my decorator to come back from vacation to give the go ahead to do them over.. What the hell? She needs to give the ok, or is it common sense.. They want to give me 2oo for the trouble, I lost more then that taking off from work 2xs and they never came. Never again will I deal with jc penney.

  • Al
    Allen Nov 28, 2008

    This company's management is poor and has lost the important connections with customers. The only thing I can remember out my former manager after working there for 9 years is that he was so anxious to make sure to get big big big bonuses. Regardless of the cost to the customer or associates its all about money regardless of what your told! JCPenney customers beware!

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  • Wh
    why Jun 04, 2009

    custom decorating is unreliable company to work for.They cheat you out of commission and sales. very greedy employers who do not appreciate there employees. very poor managers in this department especially in Layfette, La.
    Always blameing decorators for problems they have in work rooms in CA with there sewing department.Need to get upgraded to the future running this department like they are still in the 1980's no computers for the decorators, have to hand write everything . Have a degree in Interior Design and they pay min.wages . misinform employees about their commission they are going to make which almost never happens because they have ways to prevent this from happening. so beware employees in this department because you will get burned!

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  • Th
    THIS STORE SUCKS Mar 28, 2011

    will never shop at the toms river Jcpennys again [censor]ing night mare.

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  • Th
    THIS STORE SUCKS Mar 28, 2011


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  • Th
    THIS STORE SUCKS Mar 28, 2011


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  • Th
    THIS STORE SUCKS Mar 28, 2011


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bad jewelry

Purchased men’s l0K gold ring cost 214.00 on sale in Dec.2007. Did not get warranty. Had ring sized by...

sales man caught in lie

My Partner and I have been searching high and low for that special diamond engagement ring..a friend of ours received a flyer in the mail from JC Penney in it was a advert for a huge jewelry of the rings offered in the sale was gorgeous..she called me and we rushed over to look at the was perfect..we had decided not to go with a traditional engagement ring..the prices are sky high on them $3000 and $4000..yet a diamond fashion ring can be bought for as little as $1500..this ring was originally $1500 on sale for $549.. a 1 carat ring (a one carat diamond engagement ring would sell for about $2000 depending on where you shop) with a unique shape to it. 21 round diamonds and a bunch of small banguettes..we fell in on May 26th of this year we stopped by JC Penney armed with a never used Penneys charge card..and asked about the ring..and that's where the dance began..

I told the Sales guy we wanted that ring sized down to a 5 and a 2 year warranty..he told us he could size it down for a extra fee (bs the first ring sizing also the 1st cleaning are free)but for him to do that we would have to be charged an additional $25 fee which would be a seperate sale from the ring sale..and we would have to buy the lifetime warranty for $75 for us to get that offer, the $75 would also be a seperate charge (it wasn't a seperate charge when the Manager took over the sale)...when I began to argue he said the sizing would be free, but we would have to pay $100 for the warranty..I began poking holes in his statements then said "you mean to tell me you can't sell me this ring unless I pay $25 for the sizing and $75 for the warranty, even if I don't want the warranty", he outright refused to do the sale without the warranty he acted as if it was his choice not mine, when he saw I was getting angry he got flustered and got the Manager..she immediately told us the 1st sizing and cleaning was free which we knew, I had planned on getting the warranty, but not for $100 they usually charge $45 for a two year waranty, but he made me so mad I was about to walk out without the ring and the warranty..after talking with the Manager I agreed to buy the ring with free sizing she offered me the warranty for $30 it was suppose to be $45..then she said she would give me another 40% discount.. we had caught that Guy in a lie and they both knew it.. so I ended up paying $478.61 for a $549 which had been originally $1500..also she told us it would take 3 weeks to get the ring back since it wouldn't go out until Wed. the 28th..exactly one week later my Partner now wears that ring on her finger..The funny thing is once I started talking to the manager the sales Man disappeared.. he tried to scam us out of another $100 and he got caught, we know it, he knows it and so did his Manager! The sad thing is the Manager gave that thief the commission!

  • La
    Laura Aug 19, 2008

    I've never had those kinds of problems from my JC Penney Jeweler. Sounds like a disgruntled employee. But I love their discounts. I bought a 1 carat diamond wedding ring, 14K gold for $400. It was originally $3, 000. My mother in law got an extra discount though because she works there and it was associate shopping day. But still a great deal!

    First sizing and cleaning are supposed to be free, so right on for getting the manager!

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  • Re

    I worked at a JCPenney until yesterday 01-08-2010 and what the customers do not know is the pressure the company puts on its commission employees. If an employee misses their prodocutivity they will and can be fired. The productivity scale the company goes by is set to high in some cases and these poor fools that work there are
    in fear of lossing their jobs every day..all managment upper and lower hasthe additude that we and employees are a disposiable resource. We are not allowed to transfere out of the commission area. If we can notmake productivity you have no value in any other part of the store...this I learned after working at the JCP in Conroe Texas I was one of the people hauling boxes and freight to get the store open, I sold over $128000.00 of commission merchandise in one year and I was told I have no value. This comes strightfrom the top all the down to the lowest manager...and their company creed is

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  • Sa
    satown1006 Apr 07, 2010

    first of all, i do and have worked at JCPenney for a number of years. I do not think that being flustered is the same as scamming you. I understand that he may have been confused and dealing with something of this value to you probably made you a bit resistant to his ignorance. There is no blame there. My blame is in saying that he was trying to scam you and that everyone, even the manager knew it. Ok, if he was trying to scam you, I guarantee his manager would NOT have given him ANY commission - but rather got into contact with Loss Preventions and had another associate handle you IMMEDIATELY rather than herself. Generally, we only get managers to do transactions for those hassling customers. That way, if anything else is said, it's directly to a manager and other associates can get to selling. Now, the goals for commissioned sales associates (they're not all commissioned, by the way) are pretty intense and I'm sure that the pressure alongside knowing that his job makes a big difference to customers doesn't help. I do think it was his fault for not knowing exactly how much he's supposed to charge or if you get a free this or that, but before you put down an entire company based on one experience (which they seemed to have made up for by your bragging about the price -which, by the way, just about everything is always on sale anyway), you said it yourself that he was "flustered". I think it is definitely an unfortunate situation, but it was handled and quite frankly it sounds like you're one of those customers who just likes to nag and complain. Congrats?

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  • As
    Associate_728 May 12, 2010

    I read the first line of your statement and had to stop. You wanted a ring and a 2 year warranty. The 2 year DOES NOT cover the first ring sizing. It covers the second, yes it is a way to get you to buy the lifetime. The sales associate was more than likely newer to the department and it can be stressful. Calling him a scammer and saying he was trying to cheat you out of money is ignorant. You're lucky the manager took such good care of you and didn't tell you to leave. I've been around jewelry when people come in and complain and push until the employee is too flustered to do their job. Be thankful you got such a good deal.

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  • Li
    libra2767 Nov 25, 2010

    I work in the jewelry department as a part time holiday employee and have found that their training is woefully lacking. The focus is selling the product, care plans and credit cards. They have no training on a register, type of transactions, repairs, how to change watch batteries, take links out, etc. It's embarrassing to be in front of a customer and can't figure out how to ring a return, a repair or anything! In addition, because it is a commission area, the full time employees are not happy to have part time people on staff and don't want to help. When you do ask for assistance on a transaction you have never done before they take the sale from you. I will complete my commitment for this seasonal jub, but will never return. The poeple you have to work with are difficult to deal with and do not want assist in a team environment as I was told in the interview process.

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harassment and abuse

First of all this is for my mother. She doesn't understand much english. She works for a warehouse run by J.C. Penny here in Sacramento, CA., and she has been working there for about 8 years. For about those 8 years, most of her co-workers have or has quit due to verbal abuse. Today as she was working, the lead of her line screamed at her and over and over, smacked down her hand on the table where my mother was working. It wasn't the first time, and she is not alone in this situation. Too afraid to speak up, my mother has stayed working there. She finally spoke to me about this. The human recourse know of this ongoing situation and are not and or have not done anything about it.

I have a question. How can I contact a higher rank personnel in J.C. Penny to report this abuse.

  • Me
    meda Nov 11, 2008

    What they did to your mother is very WRONG and i hope she has a good lawyer !!! You know just cause we need to work don't mean we have to put up with their bull!!! I just walk off my job it sounds kind of what they did to me to really sad don't you think!!! I wish your mother the BEST!!!

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  • Me
    meda Nov 11, 2008

    I would someone who is higher rank personnel in j.c.pennys to PLEASE call me!! I have had alot of trouble at work and i have try to get it taken care of but they all saw me as being nothing but trouble thats not true!!! I try to talk to the big boss 11-10-08 about it and he put it as its just me and that i'm doing something wrong and i told him no i have try everything to be nice and i work very hard!!! thats just some of it there is more and it will take me forever to write it all!!! There was a co-woker and she qoit and she wrote a letter and told me what she put in it that when a co-woker is doing good in sales everyone wants to fight with her!!! I know she talk to someone in human recourse and nothing was done and there was this other co-woker who also talk human recourse about troubles there at work so this is why i'm writing you all cause i want to make sure something is done!!! Just to let you all know how great my manager was like i told the big boss what she did was wrong one day we got a new co-woker and our manager told us why she got fired from her other job cause they caught her in the back room having sex with a co-woker so they let them both go!!! Like i told the big boss our manager should not be telling us about it at all that has noing to do with us we'er co-woker's and not managers!!! Anyway i went and saw this lady and told her about it and told her everyone knows want happen to you and i told her i would told you about it but i could not due to losing my job so she is seeing a lawyer today!!! if someone can please get in touch !!! THANK YOU!!! I hope someone can helpme!!!

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account sold to collector

In 2003 I remember paying off my j c penny account. The amount was only $500.00 last year I started getting phone calls from aacc. This is the collection company that jcpenny sold my account to. They are claiming I never paid. They have no record and they are asking me for a receipt which I do not have. I paid this amount in cash. When I called jcpenny they said they have nothing to do with me and I should call the collection agency. I asked for a letter of dispute from acc and they send me one that said I owed them and I should provide a receipt. At this time I am in the process of applying for a house loan. I am sure this will affect me what can I do? Who can l help me. I have had a very ugly discussion with an operator from the collection agency, because he was very rude to me. I don't know who to call who got my payment? Can some one that knows about this things respond.

  • Be
    bettye Jul 10, 2008


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  • Ch
    chante Jul 29, 2008

    I am also experiencing the same problem. But i paid that account with a check late last year. Also a nother colllection company has called me everyday about this information stating that i owe them. This (collection company) calls me everyday about a debt i have aready paid. If someone finds help please respond.

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  • La
    Laurie Sep 25, 2008

    JC Penney's sent my 0 balance account to collections and will not speak with me either. I have not authorized any charges to the account since Nov 07 and paid off in Dec 07. My credit report reflects this payment.

    It also reflects approx $100. additional charges that I did not authorize in Jan 08 at the same time they changed my mailing address so I did not receiveany statements so I could not dispute the fraudulent charges and made no attempt to collect the debt themselves.

    File a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission against JCP for sending a paid account to collections. Also the TX STATE ATTORNEY GENERAL - JCP Corporate offices are in Plano, TX.

    I also filed a Mail Fraud complaint with the US Postal Inspectors office due to the unauthorized address change.
    I called and asked if creditors change your mailing address without your consent - they told me it was mail fraud and I was immediately transferred me to someone to take my complaint.

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fun family reward program

I was told when I ordered a blanket inline in January that I would receive a $20 rebate check (which I never got because they supposedly sent it to my email). Since February they have been charging me $9.95 /month for 4 months now. I called them & said I never received my rebate & I refuse to pay the monthly charges. I also said I called several times to cancel & was still being billed. I said the whole thing was a scam...I looked it up on complaint boards & want a supervisor now. Well, this nice guy named Hassen said there was no need & he would credit my acct. for all 4 months in 3-5 days, hopefully they will

Make sure to call and complain... they WILL take it off, but only if you don't stand for it! This board made me realize I wasn't the only one being scammed!

sbs fun family rewards

SBS Fun Family Rewards credit card charges - What a scam when ordering online from JC Penny's all of a...

rip off

I bought several pieces of gold jewellery, online, via J.C. Penney. They sent me a receipt stating the s&h would be $22.93. I waited for weeks for the order, and finally checked the tracking page where I discovered that Penney's allowed each of the different distributors to tack on additional s&h fees to my order, which was being shipped in five separate packages, for an additional $81.63!!! That was in addition to the $22.93, Penney's said they were charging! I complained, and complained, returned the junky jewellery which cost $400.00, plus more than $100.00 to ship that trash! They only reimbursed me $41.00!!! I am so angry. Nowhere did the receipt, or order page on the Penney catalogue site say that there may be additional shipping and handling charges!! Do not buy from Penney's online, especially jewelry. They are such a rip off!!! I am turning them into the Attorney General for my state to follow up on this rip off.

Dissagree with being turned down for a card

I have just been turned down for a Jcpenney credit card, I have a $25, 000 Car loan out, and had a $107, 000 home loan last year, and we are now being approved for a $259, 000 Home construction loan, and the reason for this was " I have insuffiecent Credit history... HMMMM does not sound this way tom me... I and VERY dissapointed I was just at my bank two days ago for this loan... my credit scores have gone UP drastically over the years, I just got a Mastercard in the mail, three days ago...I totally am VERY upset with this desicion you have made!

Tracey Finck

  • Ac
    accountholder May 02, 2008

    A little advise to many credit accounts will GET YOU DENIED.
    I work for JP Morgan Chase. Chill on the credit, use some cash.

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  • Ti
    Tim May 16, 2008

    Consider that a blessing.

    Credit card debit is a curse, and most of us...have too much debt and it can take years...and years to pay it off...

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  • La
    Laurie Oct 16, 2008

    You do not want a JC Penney card - because you will actually be dealing with GE Money Bank.

    GEMB pads their bills by withholding payments received on time and posting them late, not sending statements, make unauthorized changes to your account information. All to increase interest fees and late charges.

    Then gives you the complete run around and won't fix anything.

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poor furniture delivery scheduling

Agreed to purchase bedroom furniture from J.C. Penney (somewhat hesitantly), agreed on a date for delivery. We did our part to prepare the room. We were given a window of 4 hours (all of which was during the work day which required someone to take off). The bottom line is that George Moving and Storage (contractor) called 4 1/2 hours later to say they were ready to deliver the furniture (in the dark and in the rain) at 9:40 pm on a Friday which we refused. The moving company closed at 5:00 pm and J.C. Penney customer service closed at 7:00 pm. So, Saturday we awaited J.C.Penney to take action for us to get our furniture and nothing happened the entire day. Monday the moving company was closed. Tuesday J.C.Penney customer service said we would receive our furniture on Tuesday. We wanted to be compensated for our loss of wages for the day and the only offer was $125.00 off of $3, 025.00. At first they did not want to offer me anything until the furniture was set up in my home which I would not allow. Because, if the answer was no, I wasn't accepting the furniture, which I didn't. I cancelled the order. The customer service rep seemed surprised. But, you know what I am tired of J.C. Penney treating the customer like crap. I'll take my business and go elsewhere. Don't say you were warned. Don't buy furniture from them if at all possible! I wished I would have seen this site before I even thought about purchasing it.

  • Ru
    runfre Mar 26, 2010

    I just had a experience with them with some furniture. they are the worst and they delivery service sucks. wanted to know has anyone tried to file anything legally against them in this matter

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unauthorized credit card charges!

I ordered a pair of shoes at J.C. Penney online for my wife at Christmas. They didn't have the shoes in stock at the store, but they did online. We have done business at the J.C. Penney store in our mall for years and have had no problems at all, so we figure buying online would be no different, that was our first mistake. We order the shoes on the 19th but they didn't arrive until after Christmas, then in January we have a $9.95 charge from SBS FUN FAMILY show up on our credit card statement, at first I did not connect the two together as I assumed it was something that my wife had ordered, she also seen the charge and assumed it was something that I had ordered. This month I seen the same charge on our statement and asked my wife about it, she did not know anything as she thought it was something I had charged. I looked back and found that SBS FUN FAMILY had charged us $9.95 for the past three months for a promotional program that I had not authorized, it took several phone calls to find out who I needed to call to resolved the issue. The number to call and cancel SBS FUN FAMILY is [protected]. I called and asked them to cancel the program, as I had not ordered it, in the process of canceling the customer service rep had the gall to try and sell me more programs such as life insurance, discount tickets, etc. I very abruptly stopped each of his sales speeches in midstream and demanded I just wanted to cancel SBS FUN FAMILY and wanted a refund of all monies that they had taken from me, he obliged but not before one more effort to sell me something else. I demanded a cancellation confirmation number and as I wrote it down yet one more attempt on his part to sell another service, I ended the call. We are also going to the J.C. Penney store in the mall and complain to the management there as we are considering never shopping at J.C. Penney again, internet for sure, mall still under question. The company that J.C. Penney uses for this scam is Stonebridge Benefit Services, 2700 West Plano Parkway, Plano, TX 75075.

  • Jc
    JC Pilfer Sep 11, 2009

    They are still doing this scam as of September 2009. I guess it's true, in Texas their Blood Simple. So ya all, ya better not shop there no more. He Haw.

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