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JC Penney Company / jcp in wayne new jersey

1 Wayne New JerseyWayne New Jersey store #1180, United States
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My daughter just turned 19 years old couple months ago and she been working in jcp Wayne no for Almost 2 years, my daughter is very naive and well disciplined, never get in trouble, always been honest and friendly to everyone around her.
She start working 2 years ago in the shoes department and she was very happy and excited about her job and very pleased with her coworkers in the shoes department, the oldest employee helped her and help the other "kids" in her age and they teach them Almost everything and helped them all the time
Things changed by March of 2018 when Paramus store closed and the corporate replaced most of the Wayne managers and bring store manager and over 6 manager and many associates from Paramus, they basically replaced the (good people with devils), my daughter start to show less interest in working at that store because they moved her out of the shoes dep and start sending her to cover all over the store, we as parents told her to do what managers want and don't stress about it, until she find better job especially that this her part time job until she graduates from college
Yesterday (Friday 01/04/2019)she came back home earlier than her schedule and she had that terrify look on her face and her body was shaking, I can tell something is wrong, in a second I thought something happened to my daughter.
When I asked her, she told me that they fired her, I asked her to calm down and tell me the whole story . This is she told me word by word:
Last week they fired a coworker from shoes department, accused of switching the tag of sweatshirt with a cheaper one, the problem that my daughter cashed him out, she works at the register as cashier and that's her job (to cash customers and associates), she cashed him out not paying attention to the tag and he paid the money, bag the sweatshirt, give it to him, and he left
Security manager and other manager called my daughter to Valerie office on Friday, and for more than an hour they didn't asked her any question, but they kept accusing her that she knew her coworker switch the tag and she was involved in this, and yet they have security cameras all over the store (it shows how her coworker picked up th shirt from the rack and went to the cash register) but they never showed her the Video, and they threatened her (we saw you on camera and JCPenney will take you to jail and court) for more than an hour, security manager and another manager were pushing her to say something never happened, manipulating her, threatening her they can take her to court.
After she kept telling them that she didn't pat attention to the tag, and her coworker pay for the shirt, they played a nasty dirty game, they gave her a paper and told her to write an apology letter and they told her exactly what to write (word by word) they promised her that she (won't get in trouble, and everything will be fine, it's just a letter)
When I asked her why you write the apology, she said (I was scared of them, they were horrible and nasty and accusing me like I murdered someone, and I just wanna get out of there, I was terrified)
After she signed the (apology letter ) they asked her to sign it, then security manager took the latter and told her he would be back with the decision. He never comes back, instead Valerie came to the room with the letter and clearly told her (we have to let you go) .
I asked her to call her coworker who got fired and asked him what happened, somehow we got his number and she talked to him, we were chuck when heard from him, it turned out that the security manager and the assistant store manager (Valerie) decided that he switched the tag on purpose and they threaten him (they have him on video and there was witness, and they would call the cops and take him to court)but they never showed him the Vedic and they force him to write an apology letter and both the security manager and Valerie told him word by word what to write and they let him sign it, then they fired him .
I as a mother was very upset by the way they treated my girl, never in my life or my daughter life I would let her work there, even if it's going to be the last job on earth, I went to the store to know why they did this to my daughter, I met 3 managers and everyone of them told me horrible stories about Valerie, 3 of them told me how nice is my daughter and how hard worker she is,
It turned out that Valerie and 3 other managers who came from Paramus won't to fire most of the Wayne associates before the store manager Cary comeback from her medical leave, why ? Because there are associates from Paramus back in March decided to collect unemployment, and now after 6 months they decided to come back to jcp and Valerie did hired couple of them as season associates and she promised them to stay in the store with full time hours . The only way she can do that is to fire as many associates from Wayne as possible.
A big company like jcp should not let this happen, jcp corporate has to do do something about this outrageous disgusting behavior, and until someone fix this mess, I promise you jcp, I'll spread your shame all over the media and the social media's, and then I'll take you to court.
No one allowed to treat my teen daughter this way

Jan 5, 2019

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