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I visited the rogers, Arkansas location on 4/1/17 and i am a highly dissatisfied customer. I was treated very badly by my server (i believe his name is Christopher or Chris) and I was not told about the high price of extras with my meal. I was charged almost 5 dollars extra for green peppers and onions in my scrambled eggs and was not told. When i asked my server about the extra cost he said oops my bad and laughed then said he could give us ice cream for desert but never came back to check after our food was served. Also we were given the bill before our meal even came to the table. I was charged 33.05 for two meals and i find that to be ridiculous for the service and quality of food i received. I am requesting a refund of my 33.05 that i paid, however i paid cash and did not get a copy of my receipt because as i said the server never came back to collect the check or give us the free desert that he had offered us when we complained. Please get back to me as soon as possible on this matter.


Pissed off customer from Rogers, Arkansas

Apr 01, 2017

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