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very nasty and rude

As my husband, child, and I entered the door @ ihop the morning of 2/19/09 we never got greeted it was only asked booth or table.. we sat down and server never stated her name or anything just walked away.. about 5 minutes later she came and asked what we would like to drink my husband asked for coffee never did she offer a pot of it.. my child and I dranked sweet tea.. about 5 minutes later my husband had to yell "hey miss excuse me" can I have some water she brought a glass of water to the table and the glass was "very nasty" it looked like it had dried up boogers on it.. we had to get her attention again to bring antother glass of water due to that was nasty.. she finally did and asked what did we wana order not are you ready to order... we ordered and was sitting speaking amongst ourselves 30 minutes passed we finally got our food, the people that came in 10 minutes after us got theirs before us.. opened the silverware to eat and couldnt had to goo thru 3 sets and put the 3rd in a mug of hot water to clean before could eat with it.. do have pics of the nasty silverware and also have time of all that occured.. server was very rude, nasty, and acted as she didnt want to wait on anyone, over heard her say she needed to hurry up and go on break to smoke.. this is very rude and beleive me you will never have to worry bout me eating in another ihop.. this was not our first down fall with ihop but will be our last.. I would not care how many coupons, nor how much money you try to give back on this its not worth my time.. I would rather take the $30 I spent in there and eat a loaf of bread and bologna.. hope somebody has better luck with ihop than I did..

  • Kn
    knightmare Feb 09, 2011

    Perhaps the loaf of bread and bologna is better for you than IHOP. u are probably black and not gonna tip her why would she wait on ur nasty [censor]? no reason for it. it seems like you knew all about copons and discounts so you have to be black who complains about food at ihop all the time... go eat at dennys or waffle house [censor]

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cleanliness of restaurant

I was at the IHOP on 31st and Cicero in Chicago, IL. Everything was fine at first other than it being cold...

bad service

Monday night my man was taking me out to one of my favorite restrantants that I haven't been to in...

unsafe environment to work

Managers are always mistreating the employees and its ok with the bosses of them it seems because I was emloyeed with them over 3 yrs and half of the store is going thru the same thing and when I defended myself I got terminated.. one of the mngrs is even on a saved message on my phone cursing me out while intoxicated... they r going lawsuit thru lawsuit and act like they have no idea why...

  • Ti
    tierd of people Jan 31, 2010

    I have worked at ihops now for 2 1/2 years.as with any job it sucks.people write to corporate, some complain about not getting there hashbrowns well done.about not getting a straw, or that were not right there up their ###.maybe we should stand there with a napkin wiping their faces while they eat.you people complaining about every little thing calling the manager or e-mailing corporate, you people come in when its screaming busy and exspect servive to be the best.we well i work my butt off for you people im nice when i want to scream in your face, hurry up and order ive got 4 other tables that are real pain in the butt.so why dont you people try to be nice to, oh ya how about tipping us we run for you you people dont get it we dont get 10 bucks an hour we get 5 bucks!tip tip tip then youll get good service

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  • Ma
    maltreatedemployee Feb 27, 2010

    I've worked at the same location IHOP and have the same feelings. Terrible management to say the least, and they go through employees every week because of it. I've never been so disrespected by my employers and am upset with the maltreatment I've suffered. Also, the managers have cursed out customers and have no idea how to run a business.

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poor service/bad management

My wife and I were treated like dirt when we entered this establishment. It was as if we were not welcomed in...

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over charge

Look my 3yr old daughter to breakfast, ordered her the jr. rooty tooty which has 1 egg, 1 pancake, 1 sausage and 1 strip of bacon. This was $5.49 and there are no prices on the kids menus. Then I asked for a side of fruit for her and an apple juice. My breakfast was 7.49 and my drink was 1.99. When I got my bill it was $23 and some change. I couldn't believe it. As I overlooked the charges I was amazed. Her side of fruit was $3.99. The fruit bowl so was not worth it. It had 2 grapes, 2 pieces of watermelon(kid bite size), 2 pieces of cantaloupe(kid bite size) and 2 pieces of honeydew(also kid bite sizes) When I brought it up to the waitress she said ya that's what it cost, take it up with the front and maybe they will take it off the bill. Well all I got was you should of asked how much it was. It is all pre measured its only 4oz. My response was do you think I would of payed 5.49 for the meal, 1.99 for a drink and 3.99 for fruit $11.50 for a 3 year olds breakfast when mine was only 9.49. All I got oh well. You should of asked. I will never go back there again even thouth it is only 2 milage from my house. They should really look into customer service and what thing are realy worth.

  • Jo
    Joanne DG Mar 11, 2010

    I have such a better story!! I LOVE IHOP-we have one 25 miles from us here in Ohio and go quite often. On a recent trip to Disneyland there was an IHOP across the street and we decided to stop and eat there (instead of getting ripped off eating in the park)
    I saw the prices on the menu and about fell over. The same breakfast (pancake combo) I pay $5.99 for in Ohio was freaking $10.99. EVERYTHING on the menu was jacked WAY up in price. It was completely a rip off. It cost me $25.00 for breakfast for myself and 1 other person. They even stated there were no refills on orange juice--wth? It was $3.99 for 1 glass!!

    I, of course thought maybe because its California thats why so expensive. I went to the IHOP in San Diego and guess what? The prices there were exactly the same as the IHOP in Lancaster Ohio.

    I think it is pathetic that IHOP (or any restaurant for that matter) would jack up their prices like that just because of where its located. That is crap.
    Its pretty sad when we could have eaten IN Disney for less then it cost us at IHOP-that is crap!

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gift card rip off

Cashier refused to take in the gift card due to machine is broken. I requested the cashier to punch in the...

a roach

10/29 To whom this may concern: about four years ago my mom and I went to ihop on taylor rd. in cheaspeake virginia, we order our food . I can't remember what my mom had but I had french fries and a sub. I had only taken a few bites when the largest roach I have ever seen come walking out of my french fries. I was shock, that only happen thru hear say. I called the waitress over and told her about it. by that time the roach had crawed off the table. The waitress was so not believing me, she acted in such a non caring way that my mom and I got up and left. I have not been back since [and I only live a half mile from ihop] till last week on a sunday, where we went there after chruch because we were so hungry, and we wanted breakfast, and there was no other place really to go. it was so much better than before. I just wanted to let you know that it is much improved. Sincerly judy upton

bad management

Just a couple of weeks ago my wife and i went to ihop, the time we went was during a shift change all of the...

undercooked runny egg whites the norm

I always order my egg whites cooked. This restaurant seems to not be able to do that on a very consistent basis. The State Health Department requires them to make a posting on their menu to the effect that "undercooked eggs are a potential health hazard". Runny egg whites on my plate are unsightly, unappetizing, potentially unhealthy and just plain disgusting. I am a cancer survivor and can not (NOT) eat something that has questionable preparation.

  • Ju
    justine Nov 09, 2008

    order your eggs differently. get them scrambled... or "over hard" eggs are a simple thing to fix... and honestly i think its a rediculous complaint. i think u may be ordering your eggs wrong. you cant blame IHOP for that.

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fraud and scam

On March 18, 2002 My family and friends family went to IHOP in Waldorf. We already had a problem because the place smelled like mold. My family used to visit IHOP frequently until this day. We all ordered our food. I had ordered Biscuts and gravy. Well, the food came out and the woman was handing the food around so everyone's hands were full. Next thing we know, she places the hot plate of biscuits and gravy in front of our toddle (15months at the time), of course we tried to grab the plate real quick, but before we could he put his right hand in it, thinking it's his food. He starts screaming, the server walks away.

We were trying to get the gravy off of his hand. He burned his left hand trying to get it off himself. I ran to the bathroom and got a wet paper towel, the gravy just stuck to him. The server came over and we demanded the check and asked to speak to the manager. The manager then comes over and asked us what the problem is, so we told him what happened, not like he couldn't hear it. We also told him that we want to leave and get him to the hospital, because his hands were bubbling.

The manager kept us at bay for almost 30 minutes. We told him we were leaving and then we got up to walk out. All of the sudden he gives us our check. We didn't eat, and left everything on the table. We walked up to pay so we could finally leave. I asked him to write his name and the servers name down so I knew how to contact regarding his medical bills. He starts arguing with us, telling us our son had no business putting his hands in the food. I said 'excuse me' and he continues, 2 people were behind us, so I told him to let me pay my bill so I can get him to the hospital.

He then looks at the people behind us and tells them not to worry about their bill, and he was sorry for there inconvenience. Really!! I just stood stunned, he then says, what the [censored] is my problem, I told him to just let me pay my bill. After that he proceeded to call me a ### and told me to give him my F-ing bill. When I told him that he had it, he started up some more, so I said 'that's it' I'm through, and walked out.

My son had to see his regular doctor the next day and she was overwhelmed by what happened. Unfortunately, there isn't too much they can do for him because of his age and he's small. She could only give him a ointment to apply when he feel asleep. By Friday of that week, he ended up with an infection in the blister; they were starting to pop.

After trying to contact IHOP for a month, someone finally calls me and asks that I have his doctor send a fax of his situation. She also makes the comment, 'You need to understand that the server was only 17 and does not have children of her own.' They sent them one stating that he did receive 2nd and 3rd degree burns to several of his fingers on both hands and would be scarred as a result. We didn't hear anything more, so I sent numerous e-mails to IHOP, finally we contacted by their insurance company a month and a half ago. The insurance man came to our home and took pictures of his scars.

We were told that they would contact us asap as to how they will settle this. I still haven't heard back. I just sent a e-mail telling IHOP that if this isn't resolved, I would turn this over to my attorney. I have given these jerks ample time to try to help the situation and the only response I get form them is, 'it's your son's fault' and 'sorry, but what do you want us to do?'. If I hear back, I will update this report as to what they want to do.

  • Br
    Brittany May 08, 2009

    There is no IHOP on GUAM!!! I want IHOP!!!

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  • gesserfan Dec 11, 2010

    How is it Ihops fault? you baby burnt himself. you are a [censor].

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Wrongfully fired employees

I was wrongfully fired because they say i tried to resale a ticket and some of my beverages were not on my...


MasterCard's Merchant Rules prohibit merchant's from requiring identification to process a credit card transactions on signed credit cards. After dining at IHOP I provided my MasterCard for payment and was asked for ID, which I declined. They asked for another form of payment as their "policy" required ID. I told them I had no other form of payment and was threatened with arrest for 'dine and dash' and 'theft of service.' Until my wife finally paid. Unacceptable, Merchant should know the rules.

  • El
    Ellen Tyler Jul 13, 2008

    Mastercard should not make a ruling like that, unless your picture is on the card. Cashiers are not hand writing experts, which means anyone could use your card. I welcome any place of bussiness asking for my ID.

    0 Votes
  • Ch
    chicken bear Jun 09, 2009

    I agree. If the cardholder wishes to show their picture ID with each card use, why not simply write 'Check ID' on the back of the card?

    I don't believe you signed a waiver before you dined agreeing to live up to their credit card/ ID policies. Perhaps these should be served with the menus??

    0 Votes
  • Wh
    whatever4 Jun 09, 2009

    You should be thankful they (IHOP) have that policy in place.

    It protects you as the consumer. With all the identy theft and credit card fraud going on in the world, an ID check is the first step measure enuring the name on the card matches the ID and the picture resembles (however vaguely) the person attemting the tansaction.

    A restaurant (or business) pays a fee for each credit card transaction, so in effect they are accepting less than the full amount transmitted. If a fraudulent transation has occured it is charged back to the restaurant (or business). They lose the money.

    When a business accumulates losses above a tolerated amount they usually pass that on to the consumer in increased costs.

    Would you have complained if someone had used your card and IHOP had not checked ID?

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  • Jo
    Joanne DG Mar 11, 2010

    A merchant has the right to ask to see ID any time they want. I worked at a major credit card co for 20 years in the fraud investigation department. I WISHED more merchants would have asked for ID cause it would have saved the company I worked for tons of $$.

    Per merchant agreement the merchants are supposed to veri the signature on the back of the card matches the signature on the sale---just how many times do merchants even bother to look anymore?

    I write "check photo id" in sharpie on the back of all my credit cards (debit cards too) and highlight that. I get asked id occasionally which I am thankful for.

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  • Sw
    Sweetpea02 Mar 06, 2011

    I have experienced the management at store 95 in Lake Wales to be very rude. She talks to them any kind of way like they are 2 year olds. I am so surprised to see people get treated like this and nothing is done about it. These servers are here for the customers. Without them there is no running a store. I am very upset. Some management take their authority to far.

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  • Sw
    Sweetpea02 Mar 06, 2011

    Someone has got to go into the Hwy 60 store in Lake Wales. The servers wash dishes. How unsanitary is this. Instead they are to cheap to hire full time dish washers. I am sick of companies not providing enough help in their business. They are just concerned about the funds of the business and saving money. Instead of paying for what the customers want. I have been into the 95 store and you have the Regional and store Manager talking to an employee like they are nothing and something should do something about. You don't treat people like crap. They help bring you business. How can you think your above everyone when you don't know how to deal with people.

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We have this IHOP nearby that we started to go to, but then decided to avoid. Because the place STINKS! It stinks literally and it makes you stink as well - in 15 minutes of dining there at the furthest table from the kitchen your hair, clothes and even the hand bag will smell so bad, you have to immediately take a shower and do an urgent load of laundry. If you have a romantic date - don't go there!!! You will not enjoy getting close to each other after that! We told the manager over and over again about the poor ventilation, but were ignored. I wonder if someone else, too, has complained! This place is NASTY smelling!!!

service - poor food - rude

After ordering our drinks they arrived with no straws for drinking-minor detail. had to ask 2 servers for straws. after waiting an unreasonable amount of time for our food we had to send the bacon back because of being raw. Tried to eat remainder of meal (mine was french toast -takes 5 minutes preparation) no utensils. Asked 2 servers, including hostess, waited 5 minutes - other patron asked for pancakes to be placed on a separate plate - was not done nor was there any butter for the pancakes. We asked to speak to a manager - 30 minutes later when we left no sign of management. Tried to pay - can only pay server, who carried around a wallet, of sorts, and didn't have the correct change. Took a "How are we doing card" no address or phone number. I will never eat in one of the Ihop restaurants again. The food was not terrible but the service was horrible, the response to the clients, in a customer service business, was very unacceptable.

  • Br
    Braden Nash Jan 18, 2008

    After seating w/a friend at the IHOP located in Texas City TX our server came over (almost 15 min later) and took our drink orders. After our drinks arrived (about 15-20 minutes later) we placed our order. Our server seemed to be on some kind of "substance" and our opinions were more confirmed when she sat down at the booth w/us while we ordered our food. After doing so, we waited at least another 25 minutes before our drinks were filled again and our food had still not been served. After waiting an hour (as well as watching other customers come in and place orders and recieve them before ours) my friend and I left money for our drinks on the table and told the waitress and cook (whom were outside smoking while we were leaving) to cancel the order we had placed over an hour ago. I am very dissapointed and will not return to that location. I hope this complaint will enlighten ones as to the way this particular store is operated and cause action to enforce a drug testing policy immediately on all employees on a monthly basis.

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  • To
    Tom Jones Jun 27, 2008

    Your experience is without a doubt exactly what I would expect … The reason I would say this is because IHOP states in their advisements that they as a corporation roughly only operate 1% of the units the rest are franchise .. that means they have 10 to 12 company operated locations ..

    Reflecting Those Company operated units that are in Cincinnati being their own corporate training locations... the Director for those units was hired by Julia Stewart CEO .. she had worked with theis excecutive who was a Vice President of franchising of Wendy’s International and gave him the job Of Director for these company locations with Ihop cinncinnati and now she has promoted him to the Vice President of Franchise operations .. his work speaks for it self !!

    However Ihop Corporation has never and still cannot operate a restaurant sucessfully.

    Your experience seeing what the corporate operations do for professional restaurant management, service, and cleanliness are exactly their standards .. No manager would dare to be visable or speak to a guest while the place is malfunctioning

    When Ihop Opened the Cleveland market their opening team trainers were arrested for disorderly conduct, fighting, and public intoxication … When they expanded their market in Iowa they had a 2 plus hour waiting lines because the food was not coming out of the kitchen .. the food that was served was so horrible that the manager was crying and could not talk to any more irate Guest with complaints!!!

    The Franchise consultant just stood their with his back turned towards the customers .. ignoring the customers … as customers were screaming, cussing and were leaving really unhappy ..

    It’s not an isolated occurrence...

    0 Votes
  • Ma
    Maxine Aug 14, 2008

    We arrived at 9:45 PM was serverd our meal at 10:45 PM, food was half done. Manager was unconcern. It is really unfair that one waits an hour, improper preparation of food, no concern with management, and we wonder why so many customers become angry?

    1 Votes
  • Ri
    Richard Kuhn Sep 23, 2008

    I had been sick for a long time with not much of an appetite.watching t.v. I saw the advertisement for thwe cream cheese crepes. So a freind and I went to the Ihop in morristown tn. i ordered the nutella crepes. It was gross and soggy and I didn't eat a half of one of the crepes. not at all like crepes i've had before I have always liked I hop before this incident. therefore i thought I should contact Ihop. i told the waitress and al she could say was sorry about that, which surely voided a tip for her and after the response I got i thought i should conact you. If i don't get a response from you, that will be the last time i go to Ihop.m Let alone the pictues on the t.v. and at the the restaraunt DO NOT LOOK LIKE ANYTHING OF WHAT YOU GET.plus the strawberrys were obviously frozen cause they were slimy and mushy. what about using fresh strawberrys.Fresh fruits are best.
    slimy is gruesome for any fruits. when you go to the market do you buy slimy soggy fruits, i wouldn't either

    0 Votes
  • Ja
    jaywalking Jun 17, 2009

    i eat at the i-hop in hurst, texas their staff is amazing great food even better service they have a manager there
    by the name of micheal who amazing he really seems to care about the staff and restraunt and of course the customers this guy does everything humanly possible to keep the restraunt running smoothly i have no doubt
    he will have a chain of resraunts of his own in closing i-hop is a great place to dine

    mary cambelle

    -1 Votes

undercooked runny egg whites the norm at ihop

iHOP Restaurant

3750 S Clack St
Abilene, TX 79606

I always order my egg whites cooked. This restaurant seems to not be able to do that on a very consistent basis. The State Health Department requires them to make a posting on their menu to the effect that "undercooked eggs are a potential health hazard". Runny egg whites on my plate are unsightly, unappetizing, potentially unhealthy and just plain disgusting. I am a cancer survivor and can not (NOT) eat something that has questionable preparation.

  • Te
    Teena Beshk Oct 27, 2008

    Party of ten on Friday nigth Oct 24 service was terrible for one guest, first they for got to put in my order. Then it took to long for the order to be brought to the table once it was prepared. My party was already finished eating. There was no apology for the inconvience. The manager, Van was asked to come, he just stuck his head in and never addressed the issue at hand. Another person whom we were with went and spoke to him. The manager took 20 % off of everybodies ticket. But no apology or discount/meal on the house was given to me--I was the one whose order was forgotten and later received once my party had finished their meals. I left their without eating after having sat though the entire meal while my friends ate. Once my food did arrive it was to late eveyone else had finished eating their food.

    0 Votes
  • Pe
    Perri Slape Mar 15, 2010

    The staff at Ihop in Abilene Texas is very rude ro their employees and they need to train them alot better. The only manager I would say was very good was the new one "Christy and Evan" . The other one with his wife working are very rude to me and I want to be happy at my job and not have to look for another job becauase these 2 maybe 3 people are rude...

    0 Votes

we will never eat there again!

Ihop #5521 9540 Colerain, Cincinnati,Ohio. My husband and myself choose ihop for a meal July 29,07 at about 3:00. We placed our order of their special, buttermilk chicken, mashed potatoes, slaw and cinn. rolls. We waited 30-4O- min. for meal. We got everything but the rolls, the waiter#181 Adam W told us it would be a few min. 3 times. We ate all our meal still no rolls. We give up and went to pay, he was very rude when we ask for discount on our bill being we did not get all we were paying for. Adams response was the rolls were free and we only got the other food on the menu. We will never eat there again and will tell other about our experience. Earl and Jauhnell Sawyer.

  • Le
    Leba Lewis May 18, 2009

    A friend and I had a similar problem at that IHOP, we drove all the way from Columbus and when we walked in there was no-one to seat us, we waited and were just leaving when a gentleman came out from the back and apologised and seated us and had someone bring coffee, then we waited again and finally another manager came over and asked if we had been served we told him "no" so he took our order, then we waited again and finally out came our food with another apology, the food was good then we waited for our check, finally we got up walked to the register and told the young man who was ringing up someone else's order that we were a little upset at their inefficency, the Manager came out (he was the one who had been our waiter?) and we got another apology because he was covering for the waiter who was on a break and forgot to tell him to get our check, everyone was very pleasant but after driving all that way we were a little put out, however the Manager did not charge us for our meal and was so pleasant that we didn't get annoyed but we will obviously not go there again as the last comment proved that they are not capable of running an establishment plus we found that there is one in Chillicothe which is much nearer home. Jacqui Leary

    0 Votes
  • Ih
    IHOPhater May 14, 2010

    i dislike IHOP and their policies that have nothing to do with their food, they tried to shut down my business because i was giving them free advertising selling shirts that had the IHOP logo on them. my business did in fact have to close. i curse IHOP

    0 Votes
  • Ur
    urallidiots Jul 06, 2011

    the rolls were free.

    0 Votes

foreign object in my spinach salad!

Last night my wife and I ate the Cypress Park, Los Angeles, CA IHOP. I was very disgusted to find a piece of dirty plastic in my spinach salad. The piece of plastic resembled that of a portion of a coffee pot handle. I voiced my concern to the server who then called the manager (who never came to the table).

At a minimum, I expected a sincere apology from the manager and not to be charged for the salad. I got neither.

The manager offered to give me a 20% discount on my total, but this would have amounted to only about half of the price of the salad. I objected to the offer and replied that my dining experience had been ruined and told the manager that I would pay full price and never eat there again. I had been a regular customer for the last eight years.

  • Tc
    tcpeay Jun 03, 2008

    Springville, Utah IHOP is just a plain dirty mess. My family and I ate
    there during Memorial Day weekend. One in our party got very sick
    after eating. The best part was the hot dog that was passed off as
    being Summer Sausage. We complained to the waitress about it and she
    said there had been several complaints about it but she did not do anything. Do not go to the Springville, Utah IHOP it is a mess

    0 Votes

poor service

My family and I decided at about 9 o'clock one night to go out to eat. We decided to go to IHOP. Once...

coupons in the local paper is a rip off!

In the beginning of Jan 7 I have found a bunch of coupons for IHOP restaurant “Buy One Breakfast get...

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