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Home Depot Canada

Posted: Jan 14, 2015 by    

customer service

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home depot canada
saint lambert
Greenfield Park, Québec
I have been dealing with home depot for meny years. I am a carpenter. I spend in the 10s of thounds of others ppl money in that store every year for a least ten years. But the last few years i seen the products they sell are getting worse. Cheaper. And the ppl selling them know less and less. Some things like lumber, concreat, and calckings i wont even think in getting there anymore. Yesterday i was home watching you tube and saw a project i wanted to try, out of p. V. C tubing. The you tuber i watched lives in b. C. Canada. I live in quebec. And the project was made with p. V. C. Pipeing and conectores of 1 inch and 1 1 / 4 inch as soon i i started looking i was asked if i need help by 4 sales reps. I said nope im just picking up some pvc pipinng. He then stated that p. V. C was not sold just 1 inch pipe. And conectores were no longer made. I look at him in shock. So started looking at abs. With the 4 reps right over me. I took a quick look around and the row was shut down and a fork lift was thereand i asked if i was in there way. They all replyed yes. And was let out from the cage they put me in. Lol i went down to the contreactor desk to see if i could order some pcv as the abs is too bulky for what i wanted. At first she was sure but when she found out i was wanting 1 leanth of 1 inch and 1 of 1 1 / 4 with olny a hand full of fitting i was told no. And to go look somewere else like reno depot or rona. Why have a home reno store if you dont sell the products found in almost all homes. And have staff say that they stop making products thats a flat out lie. I feel i was dressed not in my work clothes so they took me as a stupid and not a contrector that knows more about what they sell than there sales reps. (I do know 2 ppl in that store that knows what there doing but not on that day) telling me to go the there main competor more and more makes me think why even shop at home depot. I sent a letter to then via there web page but have not heard back. Thiss year ill shop reno and or rona (Its all the same) and see if they ever tell me to go to home depot.
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N  29th of Nov, 2007 by    0 Votes

Home Depot Of Canada - Terrible quality products!
Home Depot Of Canada
2920 Argentia Road
Phone: 905-814-3860

After a recent purchase and installation of replacement Farley Windows from The Home Depot of Canada, I have learned the windows allow water to leak into the house. If water leaks air may leak, too. The Home Depot of Canada has said they are looking into this matter but nothing has happened after several months. Farley Windows, the manufacturer of these windows, seems to be content that it's OK for their new windows to leak water due to the poor design of the window drainage. I know Farley Windows of Alexandria, ON manufactures these windows sold by Home Depot Canada and by many other dealers as well. By going on the Internet, I hope to learn if others have had the same experience, and how I may be able to deal with this situation effectively.
N  31st of Aug, 2008 by    0 Votes

Home Depot - Flooring contractor
Home Depot
Pinellas County
Saint Petersburg
United States

Home Depot unlike other major home improvement companies subcontracts all of their flooring installations out to a company named USIG (US INSTALLATIONS GROUP) and this company hires in contractors at a very below average price per square foot. Then on a regular basis (every week) their accountant conveniently forgets to send one or two of their installers checks for the work performed. USIG relies on unsuspecting contractors who haven't yet heard of the shortcomings of others to take the place of the disgruntled contractors and repeats the process of holding contractors pay for various bogus reasons. USIG usually ends up keeping the contractors last check or two for no reason other than the contractor refuses to continue working for them. Once these contractors are disgruntled they are displaying poor installation tactics, therefore you likely have less than a 50% chance of getting a quality flooring installation done. I suggest you use a local retail flooring store or one who advertises on t.v. regularly for installation services. They will most likely use an in house contractor which they oversee and pay regularly, therefore prompting a quality install.
N  22nd of Sep, 2008 by    +1 Votes
I used to be one of those Installers I used to Fix All those mess ups Covering my but so USIG would not pull the same thing on me In the end when the economy went down they found every minor repair like a piece of quarter round and charged me 500.00 dollars to fix a five minute 1 Nail Fix That company Is crooked they steal and they owe me alot of money they make you sign paperwork while your working for them so you can't put alean on a house to get your money Their president and owner Bruce Deluca has ran 3 other buisnesses Into Bankrupcy and Home Depot Puts up with them Anglisano Flooring LLC (darkwolf2348@yahoo.com
A  16th of Jan, 2009 by    +1 Votes

My step father and his brother are experiencing this same issue right now. They worked for a local carpet company for 15 years and then the crash hit and the busisness went under. And this sent my step father and his brother looking for work. With our economy in ruins they were happy to finally find a company that had business - HOME DEPOT/USIG. But now ... as much as it seems to pay the bills, the company is shorting them left and right, just as described in the original post and the other comments made by Brian Anglisano.

It's disgusting what they are doing to their employee's/sub contractors AND customsers.


People are trying to make a living and feed thier families, but USIG is sitting back laughing it off.
A  11th of Mar, 2009 by    +1 Votes

Bruce is trailer trash~ Tony Whit anf John are his pupets. Keep going- there are better things in life.
A  24th of Mar, 2009 by    +1 Votes
USIG rips off both the installers and the people who measure for the flooring installation. Accounting has some stupid excuse every other week why the checks didn't get sent to the measure/installation people. USIG pays less than any other company because they KNOW the market is low right now. When the State and Federal people FINALLY get around to investigate USIG and their business practices and how they rip off customers they will finally be shut down FOR GOOD! I would'nt let Home Depot/USIG install flooring in my DOG HOUSE much less even enter my home. If you shop at Home Depot...BEWARE! Go someplace safe like Lowe's or a local Mom and Pop where they still have honor and dignity and care aboout their customers.
A  1st of Dec, 2009 by    +1 Votes
I fully agree, having 1st hand experience with USIG. If you do make the mistake of using HD and USIG, complain and demand your money back. They will give it to you. Their thinking is money will make any problem go away.
A  22nd of Mar, 2010 by    +1 Votes
I agree that USIG is the worst company I've ever dealt with. But I'm an installer and work there not by choice but neccessity. If you do demand your money back it is given back to you with no problems because they take it straight from the installer. There is alot of hacks that do work there but as for the good installers like myself( that has paid for full jobs because the customer did exactly what your saying to do), only complain if it is a complaint and remember that the installers are NOT USIG. You will get your money back no problem, but it's the installers pay that you are taking. USIG has no backbone and their kness start knocking when any issue arises that may involve Home Depot. They will do ANYTHING to make it not their issue even if it is. They have to maintain a high v.o.c.( voice of customer ) or Home Depot will cut them when in actuallity they would of been cut already but there is no other company big enough to take over right away. If there was, USIG would of been cut a while ago. Not only customers and installers hate USIG, their own staff hates their jobs. I've never seen anything like it before. It's only a matter of time before you get fired if you work for them. In 3 years I've seen the office personel change 8 times!!! Their vice president is a 26 year old ex-head cahier who doesn't know her ### from her elbow and is fire happy. Their mentallity is if someone in their staff isn't cutting it, they fire them without counseling or retraining and replace them with someone new that has no experience. Yeah, that'll fix it. This is one reason why no one ever knows what they're doing. This comapny has no heart, no backbone and no idea what they're doing. And as far as Home Depot goes, why do they hire a sub to hire subs????????? It used to be installers working directly for Home Depot. No middle man, no confusion. Installers got paid what they should which in return good installers worked there. Lowes still does it that way. I garauntee you get a better install with Lowes, not to bash myself. So wake up Home Depot. Read some complaints. Get rid of the middle man and hire direct again. Installers know how to run their own business better then a bunch of unhappy, disgruntled, unknowledgable USIG employees.
A  2nd of Jun, 2010 by    +2 Votes
I cannot believe I found people who think exactly as I do about USIG, it is unbelievable how they rip installers out of paycheck, they hold payment for 3 weeks; ask for the highest insurance liability to cover themselves, They also keep $3,500 from every installer, supposedly they return that money to the installer after a year of not working for USIG, now this company has that money from every installer, and they are country wide, does Bruce de Luca invest that money? Makes interest on that money? And more importantly has anyone gotten that full amount back after leaving USIG and a year has passed? All Bruce de Luca wants is money in HIS pocket. A customer calls to complaint for anything the gift card she gets is deducted from the installer’s check! People, how much do you pay to Home Depot to have the furniture moved from the rooms before the installation?? Care to know how much the installer gets… $5 (yes five dollars), you are better off negotiating a tip of $10 to the installer, you save money the installer get more and HD gets what they deserve! Get smart people…!!!
A  9th of Jul, 2010 by    0 Votes
I want to do EVERYTHING I can to expose USIG and get Home Depot to drop them. I made the mistake of getting Home Depot to install carpet and now I have a 14 inch crack down the middle of tile in the shower of my master bathroom. This crack is directly (measurable) adjacent to the baseboard of the closet where USIG installed the carpet. They must have really banged on that baseboard. I meade the mistake of not even thinking on inspecting adjacent rooms and when I finally found the issue cleaning the shower 10 days later over the weekend, the company and insurance (for USIG and Home Depot) denied my claim because I reported in 13 days later and signed the release form. It seemed really suspicious that the installers were adamant I sign that form before they walked out that door.

Now because of water damage (through a leak in our kitchen) I need to replace the carpet in one of our bedrooms. While I ordered in through Home Depot because it was the easiest and cheapest, I told them that I could not have USIG install it as I'm still fighting over the shower issue with them.

I don't think I'll get any legal solution because of signing that form, but I sure can setup a Facebook page for all to join and comment. Once I get the thing completely setup (with pictures of the damage). I will post the link here for all that have had issues with Home Depot and USIG can join to show Home Depot that it's in their best interest to DUMP USIG.
A  10th of Jul, 2010 by    0 Votes
Ok... here's the link to my new facebook page. Anyone want to comment about Home Depot and USIG, please join and see what kind of exposure we can get on Facebook.
A  1st of Aug, 2010 by    0 Votes
Looking for any infomation about Bruce deluca past.
N  22nd of Oct, 2010 by    0 Votes
I bought $5, 00 in carpet and underpad with install. The first thing I said to the sale's person is tghat I do NOT want one guy that lay, s the easy stuff and then an other guy that lay;s the stair;s (the hard part of the job) First off I had Lay, d carpet as a young man back in the 70, s. I also instaled all of the carpet in my parrents new home, s and 2 of my own home, s copleate stairs as well as all seems, I have never had a seem show or come apart, When the installers showed up at my door it was a guy I knew from hockey. His father had layed carpet as a profetion for as long as I can remembr so he was a pro.

His so was a ambulance driver as a proftion for the last 10 years, but due to a layoff he went back to working with his dad. I don't Know how long it had been since the last time he had worked for his dad but he assured me dad was just finnishing up an other project and would come to do my carpet as soon as he finnished that day. The so was going to pre the floors and install the underpad. I was ok with that but as the day got older the son told me HE would have to do the upstairs and he would do all of the seems in all of the bedrfoom;s and hallway. He assured me he had done this all of his life and woud do a great job. The father called and said he would not make it that day and the son would have to install the compleat upstais and the living room and the fater would come the next day and install the carpet on the stairs.

After telling Home Depot that I wanted the same installer do the hole job considering the amount I spent on the job and the Quality of the carpet was asa good as they sell it should have been an easy lay. Every seem shows and the carpet is buckled every where. After 5 years the carpet is garbage. This was because the instal was so poor when I asked HD they said there was nothing they could do it was the installer;s problem and the installers said the same. I only wish I had layed it myself but I have a soinal coard injury so I could not.

Now I recently bought hardwood flooring and of corse I will do it myself. So I called to ask how mutch to rent the stapler for the fooring HD price was the highest of all tool rent all places around . You would thik if you buy the flooring there they would rent the tool for a cheaper price . The fact is they want 46 $ a day and I am getting the same tool some where else for 39$ tax in for the weekend from friday 3pm till 9am monday morning. I am at the end of my dealing with the Home Depot . You people better get your ### together befor you kill your buisness.
A  4th of Nov, 2010 by    0 Votes
Bruce is a ###. A word to investors, don't let the facade fool you. He treats his employees like toilet peper (40 grit). His character is so lacking that he is the poster child for what not to do in your life.
N  5th of Jan, 2011 by    0 Votes
Wow I can't believe this is happening !! USIG (HOME DEPOT ) is a nightmare. I subcontracted there too, and I thought I was the only one they were doing this to. How about when installing tile you (subcontractor) had to provide backerboard and nails, while they charged customers as well Where did this money go to... so basically we the subcontractors got paid with OUR OWN MONEY !!! They are unfair and using people left and right.
A  8th of Jan, 2011 by    0 Votes

•American Bullnose East Inc.
•Business Integrating Technologies, Inc.
•Business Integrating Technologies, LLC
•Depot On Wheels, Inc.
•Esoftware Solutions, Inc.
•First Choice Marketing Solutions, Inc.
•Interior Design Outlet Center, Inc.
•Medefile Marketing Inc.
•Profitmax America, Inc.
•Special Finance Consultants, Inc.
•U.S. Custom Furniture Inc
•U.S. Flooring Installation Inc.
•Ultimate Trucking Inc.
•US Development Group of Florida, Inc.

write to corporate Home Depot and ask them whose pockets are being greased that this Company is still installing for them? That's what it's all about. Unfortunately, things are that corrupt! He would be gone in the Home Depot in Georgia/South Carolina/Georgia.
N  11th of Jul, 2017 by    0 Votes
@CathyBusiness The same problem exists in South Carolina . The Home Depot in Seneca SC uses USIG out of Greenville SC . The USIG rep there is Rebecca Dick . Apparently her job is to prolong any negotiations concerning proper repairs required as the result of improper installation. Home Depot wants the customer to deal with USIG as they take a back sit and wait for USIG to make a decision . Customers went to Home Depot, NOT USIG . Home Depot gives a lot of lip service but leaves it to the customer to deal with the BS fro USIG . Home Depot is not concerned enough to even send a rep to look at the problem, once the check is cashed, Home Depot could not care less about the customer, "just call Rebecca Dick at USIG, she will help you " ...BS
N  26th of Feb, 2011 by    0 Votes
Need information on District Manager Lisa MArtin
N  26th of Feb, 2011 by    0 Votes
Need information on District Manager Lisa MArtin. Having HUGE problems with her accountability of damage to an antique piano. She is trying to get the cheapest person to refinish the damage.
N  9th of Mar, 2011 by    0 Votes
Looking into Bruce's past? Is he really from Florida, does he invest, does he live in several states, who are his cohort's...first & last names would be good. Who is Anthony, who is Heather, who is Lisa, who is Rueben, does anybody have a picture or Bruce? Thank you in advance for posting...
N  4th of May, 2011 by    +1 Votes
Bruce Deluca lives in Boca raton. You can find his adresss by simply going to the palm beach tax apraisers office web site.

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