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Halstead Communications / Direc TV / incompetent employees

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Look at there work force... They are children!! Halstead Communications does not hire experience. They prefer to hire children between the ages of I just got my license to drive and 25. These children know nothing about your home and how it is build. Halstead employees take a week of school room training, to install Direct TV. These employees (or future house hacks), haven't a clue as to how a dwelling is put together, thus Halstead Communications is getting, and will continue to receive the complaints with respect to there installations. The only one profiting from Halstead doing your installations is the roofer, drywall and electrical contractors. Direct TV is no more then a company selling you a product, in this case it is a receiver an antenna and a contract that you have to buy out if you are not satisfied. Halstead Communications is simply an Installation Company that has grown to big for there own good, they do not care about there employees as they (Halstead Communications) must meet a daily quota or they could loose there contract with Direct TV. As I have previously stated Halstead Communications can not keep a "seasoned" installer for many reasons nor will they hire a real installer.

There is a simple solution to your Installation needs DO NOT LET HALSTEAD NEAR YOUR HOME!! Get an independent installer, ask him or her if they are qualified. Some states require that Installers pass a test (SBCA). Ask to see there Insurance binder, so you know they are insured. Also one of the many benefits of an Independent Installer is COMMUNICATIONS (something that is at the end of Halsteads name, and that's the only place you will find it). An independent installer will have no problem giving you his or her cell phone number. Try that with Halstead Communications. If you have a problem with Halstead Communications install or service you can always call 1-800-who-are-you. Or if you had an independent contractor do your install you simply can call him or her, as no one knows what your install or service issues were then the tech who did it. Bottom line always request when speaking to Direct TV installation department or service department that you prefer a independent contractor. JUST SAY NO to Halstead Communication because your home is a terrible thing to get destroyed!!


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