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early termination

In March/April of 2008 I made a call to Direct TV to get info on there service, and decided to go with them as my provider for TV, after Directv gave us crystal clear information on if I were to move, which I was planning on doing so, Directv told me that if at my next residence if they did not have or I couldnt have the Directv service for what ever reason then I could have my service canceled with no early termination fee. Well I did move about a month later and canceled service due to my landlord telling me that there is already cable provided and did not want Directv installed on her property. I returned there equipment with the box and postage paid which Directv provided. Next thing I know is that Directv sent out early termination bill and sent out a collection agency for the early termination fee that I refuse to pay. They have also put this disputed debt on my credit report as well for $527.00, I have filed numerous complaints with Directv and they have promised to call back and never have. When I called them out to have service installed they missed 2 appointment and came on the third. When I moved out Directv would not come over to get equipment they installed on apartment, Fire Dept. came out and issued a citation for the installation Directv did which was totally against city code, called them again and they ignored me. Finally had to pay a handy man out of pocket to take down there equipment that was thrown away after Directv telling us do whatever you want with it you own it...what a joke. Directv is the WORST company I have ever dealt with...BEWARE...My suggestion is not to do business with them at all, there are plent of TV subscription companies out there that im sure provide better service then this.

  • Kd
    kdavidr Aug 07, 2009

    I used Direct TV for over a year and was generally pleased with their product. However I had to move to a new apartment complex that would not allow satellite dishes to be installed. When I called to cancel my service I was told that I would be assesed a $320 early termination fee. Now I have issues being charged a termination penalty when I had no choice on if I could keep my service, but the problem gets worse. The following Friday, Direct TV withdrew the $320 from my bank account without notifying me that this was going to happen. This in turn caused me to have several NSF fees related to checks I had written not knowing that Direct TV was going to to this. Direct TV should have billed me the early termination penalty and at least given me 30 days to pay or contest the issue. Instead they have caused me many unnecessary issues and I will make sure nobody I know will ever do business with them again.

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  • Fi
    File with FCC Dec 05, 2009

    Print your own ### Direct TV tee shirts!
    File with the FCC!!
    this is what is sent them! I WILL DO
    thank you for finding a solution for your catch 22 situation. I moved to a rainy place where all my neighbors say they cannot get good reception. It will cost me $199 to move and your customer service rep told me No refunds on bad service. Now i have a $140.00 cancelation fee.
    That is not fair. Sorry but i can't pay that. I will file with the FCC, FTC Florida coorperation commision, Buy media, Ceate a web site. Small Claims court with TV cameras. You can find a solution other than black mail. Thank you for your attention. Dan R

    Email reference #091205-000653

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  • Ap
    ap4190 Dec 06, 2009

    I had direct tv for a long time, but switched to dish for the what was supposed to be lower rates.I found out that dish was the wrong company.I went back to direct tv within a month and yet they charged me an early termination fee.i think this is bad business .they took 440.00 out of mt checking account with out my permission.

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  • En
    Entrapement by my own TV Mar 25, 2011

    After being forced to use Direct TV because of a contract with the apartments we live in, we had to switch from Dish to Direct TV. First, we ordered DVR's, but they only gave us receivers. I lost my job and had to move in with my mother. They said I had to pay early termination fee. When did I sign a contract? I told them Dish doesn't do contracts...obviously if I disconnected with them! Customer Service told me Dish was the same and had contracts. Not only am I on a contract, it's 24 months. I have never been contracted with ANYTHING longer than 12. No wonder they charge fees to leave them, because everyone wants to leave them. This is ridiculous and not in the customers best interest. Dish TV will go down someday because of this entrapement.

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unable to order pay per view movies

I am writing in response to the fact that I have been paying Direct Tv for five years and am still having problems. I have never been late with a payment or missed one. I am terminating my service next month. I have been over charged and not able to order pay per view movies even though I have paid for the month. They put my on hold for an hour at a time and many times they disconect you. Buyer beware. I spoke with two managers tonight, Rachel from a North Florida call center, badge # LKC1424 and Maryann badge # LKC1711. They would not even listen to the problems I have been having.

  • St
    Steve Hedrick Mar 20, 2013

    I have had the same issue for almost two years not being able to order pay per view. Unfortunately, they hold everyone hostage with Sunday Game Plan and other exclusive products. If you check the BBB, they have had a constant "F" rating for years now. They and the cell phone industry are the only people I know who punish customers for loyalty.

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direct tv holding mailed payments until after due dates to collect late fees

I have been a Direct TV customer for a few years now and in the last year their service has went to hell. In the last few monthes they have held my payment that I sent via US Mail until after the due date. They then disconnect me and expect lates fees to be paid. I am mailing first class mail to the payment center for Direct TV in Carol Stream, Illinois from Peru, Indiana. It DOES NOT take over 12 days for a first class letter to go from Indiana to Illinois. Their reps on the phone are hateful and half the time cannot speak English. they told me that is the chance I take for mailing my payment instead of paying electronically. They are punishing me because I refuse to send it other than US Mail. When this happens and they hold my payment, it "Miraculously" shows up the DAY After they have disconnected me when the payment has been mailed close to 2 weeks before it was due! Has anyone else had this problem? Let me know! I am filing complaint with the BBB on them. Its very sneaky and shady!

  • Ma
    MaybeYesMaybeNo Sep 05, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Can't you file a complaint with the FCC? That would get their attention.

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  • Di
    dick bowman Oct 21, 2009

    lets start a class action law suit to STOP direct tv illegal business actions. Another Bernie Madoff Please pass this on !!
    Thank you

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  • Di
    Direct TV Ripped Me OFF Dec 09, 2009


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instalation at wrong address

i ;used to live at 573 isbella ave and than i moved to 213 5th st apt 2-c charleroi pa 15022, all in the same small town due to the other occupants of my former address ithey had direct tv installed and for one te old work order was used with old addressof 57 idabella ave and than insteadf of it being pulled out through error and new installe in my new address of 213 5th st apt 2-c charleroi pa 15022 its still there and my wife hlas tried to get it moved here but your people have been rude and ;unhelpful, last resort is to contact you and the att. geneal here in pa, e and let them settle the case but i think youll be able to do the job for us thank you

terrible service!

I am disgusted with the service. The attendant Stephanie badge #409782 was incredibly rude and argumentative...

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direct tv will wipe you out!

Ordered Direct TV over the phone mid Feb. 2009. Installer brought personal problems to home (which I overheard some of his conversation, so I know he was pissed that somebody was backing- out of buying something off of him), and was irritated by something during a personal phone call and began to rush through the job. After he left, I was unable to watch 1080I HD on my HD Television. I called to inquire what was wrong and was told that everything was good to go and I needed to review my TV Manual and that the problem was on my end. I soon realized that my TV was NOT the problem. Turns out the [censored] left me with an outdated box and it was not HD Ready but HD Compatible. In other words, it would have given me 1080I but the untechnician (even though he was supposed to provide me the HD Ready), would have needed to setup the HD Compatible box prior to storming-off to his next job or date or whatever. Then, come to find out, even though I specifically signed up for HD Service, the order taker had never put that through, so now they were wanting more money than I was quoted (keep in mind I was getting Direct TV, and cell phones bundled into my current landline/DSL Internet through AT&T) and was hoping to save money with bundled services. I emplore you, do not trust Direct TV. Due to nothing but hassles for the first 24 hrs. and inconsistency within pricing and other aspects of service, I canceled the service within that 24 hrs. I figured since I canceled so fast, I will not be charged anything. Wrong! Those evildoers hit my fricken bank for $460! early cancelation fee. Since this past Thurs. I have been in regular contact with Direct TV and they had assured me that this was a mistake. They are not supposed to hit your bank for the early termination charges unless you cancel beyond the 24hr. deadline for deciding you don't want the service. Therefore, they admitted they had made a mistake (yeah uhuh) and they promised me over and over again that the funds were going to be credited back to my account ELECTRONICALLY within 48 hrs. Today is Monday and they have now sent me an EMail stating that they intend to refund my money in the form of a check in the full amount, but that it will be mailed to me in 6 to 8 weeks!!! I have bills to pay by the end of this week. I called and got a rep. and her name was Milinda ID #415961 and she was extremely cold and callus about the whole thing and basically told me I could wish in one hand and crap in the other and see which would fill up faster (my words, her sentiment). I contemplated playing my last card (joker is wild), which would have meant filing a fraud claim through my bank. It was surely fraud and illegal for them to take that money from my bank and I figured that may be my only remedy in recouping my lost funds. Not to mention this fact: Did you know when they install those dishes on your roof it can cause leaks? Did you know that I am not the property owner but just a boarder in this house? Did you know the property owner can sue Direct TV for repairs to the roof, when Direct TV fails to confirm that the person placing the order is, in fact, the owner of the property? Just some tips for everyone. Well, anyway I really hate waiting at the bank, so I decided I would call Direct TV as many times as needed until I got the right rep. on the phone. So far it looks like I was successful. This latest person I talked to has apparently taken control of the situation and I am supposed to see the funds back in my account in 48hrs. but even she said it never happens that fast, more like seven (7)days. Well, I am trying to believe her that nobody is going to maliciously steal the ball and change the refund back to check-form, but either way, I cannot afford to wait 6-8 weeks or even a week, I need my money they stole from me and I need it back in my account before this Thursday. Looks like I still have to file a fraud report with the bank, write a letter to The Attorney General's Office in Ohio and the property owner is considering a lawsuit. I have Buckeye Cable now, and for $14 a month I can watch TV and I could not be happier for the price. Best part is, if Buckeye rips me off, and there is dry pavement, I can make it right to their office in about 9 minutes flat! The worst part of this whole mess is the trained liars will lie to you over and over again. Most of billing department will tell you that they DO NOT have the ability to issue refunds electronically and that is a flat-out lie! Just keep calling until you get some chick with a sexy southern accent and a soft tone, and you just may find someone who actually cares and maybe even has a soul. If you read this and you still order ANY service from this company, you will deserve whatever you get. BTW, I cancelled all 3 cell phones through AT & T as well within that same 24 hrs. and thus far no charges from them, but I wouldn't be surprised to see some huge bill down the road for that cancelation, as well. It pains me to keep the DSL service with AT & T since they were the ones that bundled the services and I will be going with Buckeye Cable for my Internet and phone service very soon. Oh yeah, lastly, that one day that I had Direct TV (with brand-new dishes and brand-new boxes), well we got some wind that day, and the picture on most channels was so bad, it was like using Rabbit ears in 1973 to pick up a Detroit Channel in Toledo via our old 1970 Model Zenith TV. Please, don't fall prey to these liars. Geesh.

  • Bo
    bowhunter484 Feb 26, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I can relate they did the same thing to me only with out my consent they are heart less I have to file a suite as soon as i get all the proof i need to make my case against Direct TV. My bank could not stopped the transaction I called back demanding to speak with some one higher and had the authority to help me resolve the matter he refused saying on one is higher than he . I had every intention of paying off the bill i was not giving enough time to make payments the bill was less than 30days I asked to make payments which i was lead to believe was acceptable.. The next day i checked and they took the whole payment in one shot which put me in the red .. I agree people should be aware Direct TV Has become corrupt its bad for business all around especially when times like these people are hurting by corporate greed .(( Blessed are the poor in spirit for he will lift them up))

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don't give what they offer

when i called to let directv know that i had a problem with my installation, in one room i had no signal/and he didn't set up the bedroom tv .they made me fell bad about my self that i was silly enough to fall for there lie's.they made me fell like i was a liar, that i was in the wrong .i was also told i would get a HD DVR WHEN I CALLED THEM ON IT ALL OF A SUDDEN I HAD THE WRONG PLAN man if i get the chance to tell my story to someone who really care's

worst customer service/poor quality

Direct tv has terrible customer service and poor product quality. Dish is much better at both. I encountered terrible attitudes from customer service from the beginning, but could not cancel the contract without paying the $5oo.Oo fee (Some states have a 15 day grace period-not mo). Do not do direct tv unless you want to be treated like crap!!! Only 1 phone rep was decent-the others were trained idiots. We even wrote letters to the president and the billing office in colorado. This was months ago. The president's office - not the president-said "there is nothing we can do-pay us now or pay us for 2 years-basically said "screw you and the horse...". The other letter has still, to this day, not been responded to in any way. I assume the post office still delivers in colorado.

We never had a problem with dish. We h ad 2 receivers and could rewind all of the tv's (4 of them) and record programs from any tv. Now we have 4 receivers, can't rewind on 3 of them, and can only record on 1. We had to have techs come out to install the system (Take out high-tech and put in low -tech), had to buy unnecessary equipment, change schedules many times, to end up with bad service, bad system and hearing "too bad" too many times to count from the "representatives.

It's a 2yr contract due to the "special". I can't wait to go back to dish.

  • Ap
    ApalledAli Oct 07, 2009

    I hadTHE WORST experience ever. these people cussed my mom out and had the nerve to call her back and shove a pen up her- when she asked for the name of the sales agent and after he treated her like crap and told her she was dumb for the questions she asked then he called her back. We spoke to 2 people who did absolutely nothing to solve our problem- finally i got to speak to a so called supervisor who did NOTHING yet insisted on me still getting their service. Apparently therude and insulting agent kept the number of our home because he later on that night called and made a sad case of some kind of prank call talking about us being ###ed for the exact questions we made.

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refund of monies due

I am a disabled senior citizen living on a fixed income. After a year of bad service, bogus charges, etc I cancelled my DirecTV service. I notified them 2 weeks in advance. The boxes for returning the equipment arrived 2 weeks after the cancellation and were damaged. I called DirecTV and asked if they wanted their equipment returned in damaged boxes. They said no and would send out new boxes. I was out of town over the holidays and when I returned I found the boxes and returned them the same day. DirecTV received their equipment back on the 21st then on the 23rd they took the equipment charge out of my bank account without authorization. Now it's over a month later and still they haven't returned my money. I can not afford to wait any longer. I've called and talked with numerous people, each of whom has EXPEDITED the refund...NOT!!! I plan on filing a complaint with the BBB and notifying the local TV & Radio. This is ridiculous. They committed fraud when they charged me for equipment they already had in their possession and had already "logged" into their system. I will never do business with them again and I advise everyone else to steer clear too.

  • Sh
    Shelley Barker Nov 12, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    It might have taken me a couple of months but I finally got my money back that Direct TV stole out of my account and everyone else needs to do the same thing and run Direct TV out of Central Florida. They are nothing but out and out theives!!! You can do this one of 2 ways. First send an email to Ellen Fillpiat, who is the Vice President of Direct TV in Idaho, @ [email protected] or [email protected] ATTN: Mara. Or you can reach Mara @ this number (208) 363-6015, and tell her how much they stole from your accounts. She is the one who can give you a refund. They stole $680.28 from me and she refunded me $571.17, which was my balance after my final bill. But it is my belief that ALL of us should get together and file a class action suit against Direct TV for damages and personal injury for what we have had to endure over these thefts. I have an attorney who is willing to go to court against them. But if you want your money back get it back the same way I did.

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bogus contract and hd receiver deceiver

7 minutes ago by kristin 0 votes
I cancelled my direct tv today after having comcast install. I have written complaints and called and complained for two years about problems ordering pay-per-view. I have paid nearly 180.00 a month for over 4 years. When i called to cancell my service, the rep told me that the hd box i paid 120.00 for at best buy wasn't mine and i had to return it, i said no i paid forit. She said i had leased it, and that was stated on the bottom of my best buy receipt. Also there would be a 75.00 early termination fee on my contract, i said i had no contract, she replied it was automatically done when i purchased... Oops leased my hd box and that also was printed on the receipt. When i ordered service for the additional hd tv and another active television, no rep mentioned the contract, no best buy salesman mentioned a contract and my receipt, which i have is unlegiable at the bottom due to low ink in the printer at best buy. I have not verbally agreed to a contract, nor was i notified, or even asked if i wanted to renew a contract, which i would have said okay then. But to slide it in at a retail store on a receipt and try to charge a loyal customer a fee and did i mention take back the box i paid 120.00 for. Is criminal. I left direct because of two years of bad customer service, i feel you had ample time to correct the problem. Now you are basically trying to steal money from me? My neighbors on both sides of me called comcast today to cancel direct tv service and they also thought they had purchased not leased your hd tv box. I am calling the news tomorrow and getting other consumers names that have fallen for this deceptive business scam. I never signed a thing and i paid cash for my box, no signature there either. Let's see what class action lawsuit direct tv can tollerate, sadly if cable is a nightmare, i will go back to dish network whom i used for 11 years or go without before i will ever use a company that tries to decieve and bully money out of consumers. I would have gone back to direct tv possibly. Your loss> kristin eaker jacksonville, fl.[protected]@yahoo.com let the war begin, you will never get 75.00 out of me. And we are getting more names of others daily. P.S. They also threatened to charge the 75.00 cancellation fee and 500.00 to my credit card if i didn't return the hd receiver i paid 120.00 for and pay the fee. I told them that i would file criminal charges on a fraudulant charge to anyone who used my credit card without authorization, , which they do not have neither my permission to carge anything on my charge card nor my credit card info. Touche!

  • Gr
    Greg Gardner Aug 19, 2009

    I had two receivers go out within a two week period. Direct TV told me they would reimburse me for the one, and required I pay for the the second. I agreed, and was told that they would credit me $21.70 on my next statement. When my bill cam the following month, they would not honor the agreed reimbursement for $21.70 the first receiver as agreed. They refused to go back to their recorded file with reps comments confirming that I was suppose to be credited for teh $21.70.

    I'm binded to their 2 year contract, and they know it.

    Suggestion: make sure you write down the reps last name with their employee identification.

    Dish TV offering super deals, and if you're near the end of your two contract, go for it!

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terrible company

We received an advertisement that seemed like a great deal. I called the company and was told I could receive...

salesman lies/ contract scams

A salesman called and offered me a great package: 3 months free movies and a $59.99 package for $39.99 for 12 months. All I had to do was download a discount activation form and mail in. I was told I'd pay $59.99 the first month, since the form wouldn't make it to their office in time, but months 2-13 would be $39.99.
* No one at Direct TV could ever produce the form; it was never at the locations to which they referred me, so I couldn't activate my discounts. No one would fix my billing.
* They all played helpless... but wanted me to pay the first bill, which was for the first 2 months: around $125.
* No one would ever honor the promises made by the sales person.
* Of course, I had signed a contract for 24 months for the dish and receiver; that's their scam. Once they get your contract, they can do whatever they want as far as billing, and there is nothing you can do. You have to keep programming active for 24 months.
* The last person I talked to told me they can increase the prices whenever they want.
*They are not in business to give you a product and make you happy. They are obviously in business to make money, by whatever means necessary. THIS WAS A WELCOME BACK, PREVIOUS CUSTOMER special. Imagine how they'll treat you. STAY AWAY from these liars!
*Now they're billing me for early disconnect, since I hate doing business with cheats and liars like Direct TV... around $450.
*I'll fight it to the end. Contact your Attorney General's office if you've been scammed by these people.

  • St
    Stoneowl Sep 25, 2009

    I singed up for a $29.99/month service as advertised last May, upon my moving to Virginia beach.
    Until tonight, September 25, 2009, I had no idea that an old account, disconnected for over two years, was all I could log into at direct tv's website.

    My email has been kept in company records in association with a disconnected service. and prohibited me from accessing my new account. I expected the services I signed up for to be active and I just learned tonight that I had to cash in a rebate for the services I signed up for over the phone--I was not told by the sales representatives that I must do so to obtain what I'd signed up for. I learn now that a grossly expensive service was instead implemented without my knowledge, and I have been paying $79/month for said services--services that sometimes fluctuated with some channels available at unaccountable times, otherwise not available at all.

    I am angry that my email was kept in online files preventing me from accessing my current account, from accessing current info. I wanted the service i signed up for. instead, a much more expensive service was charged me, and now i learn that termination of service will cost me $400!

    I have spoken with several reps tonight, and have achieved nothing but a change of programing to the very lowest level--I should not have been shifted to such expensive service after not having been inforemed by representatives of a need to active a rebate. I depended on the internet services direct tv provides to be kept informed of up-to-date circumstances, only to find I have not been.

    Talking with representatives tonight has left me with a very bad taste in my mouth, and I feel that direct tv is even worse than cox cable, which I loath. I am told it is all my fault, that direct tv has no responsibility for sales-reps' failures, etc

    I feel ripped off and abused by representatives who are unable to accept repsonibility for failures and ommissions, and for innaccurate reporting of content of previous calls to direct tv.

    I want the programing I signed up for, and the extravagant amount of money I've spent credited to my account.

    I am furious over being held accountable to a system that is certainly devised to confuse, misinform and discount my efforts to obtain the services I signed up for.

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  • Ly
    lynne schneider Aug 15, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I just went thru this with salemen that promised me internet and cable. I now sit with two satellites, two seperate bills.Talk to direct t.v. management two days ago and she promised I would not be charged for breaking the contract. and they would be here to get the satellite under these circumstances. I called today to see when they were disconnecting my able. I was informed there was nothing stating this lady told me that and I would be charged for disconnecting early. The best part is the salemen new I could not get the internet were I lived and stated he could. This is all on the contract. I've only had this service for less than two months. And Ive been fighting. Any help?

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getting billed 3 years later

I canceled my direc tv then 3 months later I receive a bill for unpaid pay per view. Kinda funny being I had a pay per view block since my service was hooked up in 2006 this is the 2nd time this has happened.
They also turned it over to a collection agency with out ever billing me for these bogus services.
My local phone company Qwest was on the phone with me trying to help being they signed me up to begin with and documented there descrepencies and was more than willing to help me get this resolved.
Calling the Idiots they chose to employ to represent there company is your first mistake they havn't a clue what they are doing and are probably from India reading there scripts barbatum.
So here I would like to pass on the great information I have obtained from this web site that worked Thanks for the info guys Direct Tv is contacting the credit reporting places and fixing there mistake they say I'll be checking up on that one, and crediting the acount of the pay per view charges that we never watched.
Here is who I contacted by e-mail and his office called me with in 2 days to handle this matter very pleasently.

Update your address books: a reader reports that DirectTV has a new phone number for their Office of the President: [protected]

DirectTV CEO's Contact Info The corporate switchboard is [protected]
DirecTV's CEO, Chase Carey, email chase.[protected]@directv.com.

Chase Carey's contact info:
[protected] or

This Chase Carey guy seems to be on the ball give him a try before you give up, and again great site thanks for posting useful information it helped me a great deal.

  • De
    Deuce Bigelow Jul 12, 2012

    DTV Has a whole department set aside at the "310" number above for just resolving disputes/escalation calls. They take your money first and make you fight to get it back, disgusting business practices for a simple tv service? Do not give them any credit card info or bank info. Just pay with money orders to avoid any chance of them having their way with your money.

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opt out services

In January of 2009 I was going about my normal bill paying
on a Saturday afternoon. I logged onto my online account with Direct TV and thought the balance due was a little high so I decided to check our services to see if we could cut down on some services to shave a little off of our monthly bill.

We have a pretty good channel package along with HBO and Showtime so I thought we should look into downgrading. We were feeling the effects of the economy after the holidays and figured some selective amenities needed to be re-evaluated - no matter how much we love our precious HBO and Showtime.

I took a look at my last months' statement online and I saw something that I hadn't noticed before. I normally just pay the amount due online without a glance to any online or paper statements that come my way (I now realize how much I should be doing this). What I saw was a charge on our account for $41.50 for NFL Sunday Ticket. We're both pretty big football fans around here (Go Vikes!) but we had not ordered the NFL Sunday Ticket. I looked further back and found out that we had been charged for this service for the previous 6 months, as well.

I called Direct TV Customer Service and was told that it was a service we had signed up for. Apparently, with us ordering the service the year prior, we were automatically signed up for the 2008 season as well. It's an 'opt-out' sort of thing where if I didn't want it for 2008 I would have had to contact Direct TV by June or July of 2008 to let them know. WHAT?!?!?!? I was told that it was mighty fine timing for me to call in and complain after I had 'already taken advantage of what the service had to offer - as the season was coming to an end.' I understand where they were coming from - they probably felt I was trying to scam them - like I had watched an entire season and now wanted my money back.

Believe me when I say in all honesty this is NOT the case. If we had known we had access to all of these football games and the automatic updates that flash across the screen when one of our Fantasy players scored a TD, etc., we would have been taking advantage. But no - we did not ask for the service, we did not use the service, we had not wanted the service, yet here we were paying for the service simply because we weren't told about the automated sign up when we first got it in 2007. As the representative kept saying over and over in her best Americanized accent that there was nothing she could do for me and argued that I should have opened my June and July bills so I could have taken their 'appropriate action to cancel the service' I got more frustrated and angry. Here I was, a true advocate for Direct TV, directed tons of friends and family to their service and I was being treated as a complete scam artist. I thought I was being reasonable by asking for half of the amount we had paid over the past 6 months to be credited to us but apparently that was completely out of the question. At first, I was told that there was NOTHING that could be done - that I had not followed proper procedure to opt out. Then the story changed to a $15 credit. $15 towards $250 that they had taken from me? Then after further 'discussion' it changed to $30 and finally an hour and a half later I got off the phone by having her say that she would refund $41.50 - one month of the subscription fees.

I wasn't happy with this resolution but realized after the lenghty conversation that they simply weren't concerned with keeping customers happy and I settled.

Now, here it is February and I logged on to pay my bills. I'm now reviewing my statements religiously online and noticed that the $41.50 credit that I was told to be receiving was not applied to my account. Again I called Direct TV Customer Service to which an agent told me I would not be receiving the credit as a credit was not owed to me. The notes on my account said that I had declined the offer of a $40 credit. Here we go again - blood pressure rising, heart racing I pulled up the reference number I had been given on my last pleasant encounter with Direct TV Customer Service and gave the representative all the information I had. Still I was told that Direct TV had done nothing wrong and I would not be receiving the credit that I was promised last month. Now, I'm asking for a manager. 20 minutes on hold I finally speak with a 'manager' who repeats to me that I had declined the credit of $40. After explaining the entire story to yet another person, I am told that it will be taken care of. I have a new manager's badge number and will continue checking my account online waiting for the credit but I won't be holding my breath.

  • Kn
    knowledge Feb 15, 2009

    Check your bill...from may to july...there should be a notice of the charge for nfl and states what to do to cancel...dtv did notify you 2 to 3 mos prior before the charges start...

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unauthorized billing

After canceling service in jan of 08, they somehow unknowingly to myself how, they decided to turn their...

rip off!

My services were disconnected on Feb. 11 prior to the disconnection date of Feb. 16, though I paid my accurate charges on the account. I was charged 74.99 for the NFL package which included the premier package, per 4 months. In additional, to the full payment, they charged me 42.00 for prorated use of movie channels. The rep claimed I agreed to such charges based on the plan I purchased. Direct TV's customer service to its customers is simply dissatisfying. This is definitely a RIP OFF! The customer service rep refused to assist me any further, until I paid the account

  • Ki
    kim renken Feb 14, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Service was installed for less then a week when I called to cancel service, I was told that they did not have a cancellation policy (like most company you are given a grace period normal is 10 days). They then charged my credit card a total of 219.61, 20.95, and 57.75, with out my permission, my credit card company reversed charges and now I am getting harassed by a collection company on a daily basics. Something needs to be done with a company that falsifies their services. Reading about complains on line it looks like I am not the only victim.

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  • Da
    danny fish Feb 20, 2010

    direct tv is the worst service I have ever had, can't wait till contract runs out!!!

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  • Tl
    TLBHT Mar 03, 2011

    So we got Direct TV in November. In march the service goes out completely. They tell us that we have to pay $6.00 every month if we want someone to come fix it on top of the bill we are paying every month for the service. Since the 90 day protection plan ran out. First of all, we were never told about the 90 day plan to begin with since our installer could barely speak english. They said it was our fault that the satellite wasn't receiving a signal!! I don't understand how it was our fault? Then the costumer service rep tells us she doesn't even have Direct TV service herself! She has Cox communications! We ask her how much it would cost to cancel our service she says $400!! They wanted us to pay $400 to cancel a service they were not providing in the first place! And they say they have 6000 channels but 90% of their channels are channels dedicated entirely to playing infomercials!!! This business is a rip off.

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  • An
    AngryE Jun 16, 2011

    Direct tv email reply. To refer a friend.

    DirectTv is a Rip off!

    I will never refer a company who cost me $1600 for 1 day of service. But I will let people know how horrible my experience was.

    I paid $400 up front for two HDDVR that took 3 weeks to first get an installed.

    The satellite was put on a non secure tripod and blows over my balcony the first night at 4am. So far I've had the service for 12 hours half of which I'm asleep.

    Schedule a service call. Earliest two weeks out. No call no show! Schedule another service call. Another two weeks. Tech gets the service back on but is un-reliable. Goes in and out for weeks. Mind you this first month with little or no service I've been charged for.

    Finally had it! Call to cancel. I'm obligated to pay for a two year contract break and they want the boxes I spent $400 on back with no refund on the $400. Wow great company.

    I'm required to mail the boxes back in empty boxes that they have to send to me. These empty boxes never show up. Called to order more. Again nothing no empty boxes to return equipment.

    So second month goes by. Mind you I've only had actual reliable service for 12 hours.

    So finally I wake up to $1200 taken out of my bank account without my permission from DirectTv on a card they had on file from the boxes I thought I bought for $400.

    Now here we are $1600 in the hole for again 12 hours of service.

    What a great company right!

    So no DirectTv I will never refer anyone. Instead defer everyone.

    That's my DirectTv blows story!!!

    Don't give them your credit card or they will rip you off!

    Shove your $100 up your ###!

    On Jun 9, 2011, at 12:55 AM, "DIRECTV" <[email protected]> wrote:

    Refer a friend to DIRECTV and you'll both get $100 in bill credits.

    $100 in bill credits when person switches to DIRECTV and activates CHOICE™ programming or greater. New customers only. Offer ends 7/20/11.

    ©2011 DIRECTV, Inc. DIRECTV and the Cyclone Design logo are trademarks of DIRECTV, Inc. All other trademarks and service marks are the property of their respective owners.

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  • Jd
    jddogguy Jun 17, 2011

    I believe i commented on another complaint about direct tv. I had them once in FL. never again. My situation was very similar to your. So I'm jumping on your band wagon of anti-direct T.V.

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  • Pa
    Pamela Simpsonville SC Jul 08, 2011

    I am not happy at all with Direct TV, My son moved out of my home, into his first home. I was helping so I called Direct TV and Charter to see who had the best deal, I told them that my son has already purchased 2 HD DVR while living with me, they looked at me account and told me that he could take the DVRs with him to his new home, All we had to do was Purchase's 2 New Cards @ $20.00 each to take them out of my service to his, So after he got moved and Direct TV Install I called for him to buy the new cards for the HD DVRs, He got the HD DVRs on a special they were having for $99.00 when I got them they told me they were reg, $199.00
    So what a deal Right. WRONG when I called to get the new cards they told me that the DVRs were leased we did not buy them that if we had purchased them they were $499.00, Know one never told me that was a lease, I was unstanding that I got a special deal and was buying the DVRs for $99.00 Reg $199.00 So people if you got a DVR and didn't not pay $499.00 for them the DVR is not yours, you are only leasing them plus paying $4.99 a Month each on your bill for the Service, SO this is what I see is I paid $99.00 for each HD DVR plus $4.99 each a month to used them for 3 years so far that $359.28 plus that is a total of $557.28 Now I am told my Son will have to lease 2 new ones at $199.00 each Down then the monthly fee, In the 3 years I have been a Direct TV Customer I was never told that the HD DVRs were just a lease, Now I did call and talk with someone on the phone and after talking with 3 people Finally a really nice guys was trying to help me out did agree to send me one DVR but not a HD DVR out for free but get this I got to buy the other one for $99.00 and pay some fee of $69.00 but they will take off the $69.00 on my bill. Ok so now I have to turn in the 2 HD DVRs that we have had that I have already invested $557.28 so I have lost money on this deal and now I wish I would have told my son to go with Charter they really have a better deal. if any one knows a Atty, they has a case with Direct TV I would really like to get in with it, I think it is time that big companys stop screwing with people and a law suit is the only way so maybe they will open ther eyes, My e-mail is [email protected], So I look at it this way The girl knew I was shopping for the best deal for my son and she just lied to get the sale, I try to see if I could Cancel now so I could go with Charter and was told I only had 24 hours after install to do that so now my son is under a 2 year agreement with them and I am very upset, I will NEVER IN MY LIFE REFER ANY ONE TO DIRECT TV Thanks for your time. Pamela

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hd receiver doesn't work

A year ago today I had Direct TV install an HD Receiver. Since then, the receiver has continually "frozen" and I have repeatedly called customer service. (And endured hours on hold) After the fourth or fifth time the customer service reps had led me through the process to try to reboot, one rep finally scheduled a technician to come out and check the receiver. Of course, I had to wait two weeks for the tech. The tech diagnosed the grounding equipment on my house to be jamming the HD signal, and cut the wires to the grounding equipment. To my surprise, I was billed over $80.00 for the service call, even though the technician had determined the problem to be related to the installation--after all, the grounding equipment was in plain sight when the dish was installed. I wrote Direct TV twice and received form letters in return--from someone who hadn't even read my letters, it seemed. I paid the bill, but continued to have problems with the receiver freezing the picture. Today, exactly one year later to the day, the receiver stopped working altogether. The customer service rep for Direct TV was rude, and said the earliest they could send a tech is in two weeks. I asked to be let out of my contract early, and he said no one at Direct TV has the authority to allow that. He said it would be $240.00 to be allowed out of the contract. He acted as if I was whining and had no valid complaint. Please--NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH DIRECT TV. We've been customers since 1997, and they have no loyalty to us, offer us no help. They are not an honorable business.

  • Tv
    TV watcher Feb 12, 2013

    I just had our DVR go out after a year and they said we are responsible for shipping cost to send out a new receiver. The only way they cover all the cost of the exchange is if we had bought they're protection plan for 6.95 a month. That is in addition to the 170 we already pay. First year was 59.00 big jump to 170. I stated that they charge me 10 a month to rent the equipment I shouldn't have to pay for their defective equipment. I ask about cancelling and was told that they would charge my account for the remaining months. of the 2 year agreement. Tehy have you by the balls coming and going.

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contract? bad service?

Moved into a new home last April, called Directv (unfortunately).Installer came, installed satellite dish...


I too have been the victim of Direct Tv false advertising scams. I signed a contract with a Direct Tv agent...

illegal use and smuggling of cable recievers over international border.

Signed up with Direct Tv. and got 5 recievers with puchase of direct tv.4 of the recievers are across the border in Canada.People that have recievers are family members. They are paying her monthly bill for use of the recievers.Their names are Jerry Lucier of Wallaceburg Ontario Canada. Bradley Lucier of Wallaceburg Ontario Canada. Nicole Lucier of Chatham Ontario Canada. Do not know the other person. I wish to remain anomous

  • Do
    Doreen Monczki Feb 08, 2009

    It is ellegal and upsets me very much. I pay every month and these people are driving the price of my cable bill up.If you can not afford it cancel it.

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  • Su
    Sunil Feb 15, 2009

    No one likes a tattle tale--grow up and mind your own business you old hag!

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  • Ca
    canadadirecttv Jan 03, 2010

    to the sad existence of a person that squealed about those guys getting satellite tv, go f*** yourselves and get a life. to the next guy who agreed, who gives a f*** about cable? go get yourself some satellite tv and get real.

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  • An
    ana need help Jan 25, 2011

    direc tv offers the worst and spencive services I change dish for directv I make a terrible mistake I have less programation and now I pay more. I really will like to cancel my service but they said I can until I my contract its over.HElPPPPPPPP PLIS>

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  • Gl
    Glenda Armtrong Jan 25, 2011

    If you call Dish and tell them you would like to switch back, they will get the contract fee waived.

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