Google Treasure Chest/Grant Springsunauthorized charges made to my debit card!

I fell for the "google" trademark and advertisement "likeness". after authorizing the $1.97 initial charge for a cd-rom on how to make money at home, the small print caught my eye. since I authorized the initial purchase of $1.97, it signed me up for free trial's to several different companies; etax, a1member, grant springs, dr grant masters. when my bank finally notified me that I was overdrawn in my checking account it was too late!
Huntington bank must be in on these scams also! the bank refused to refund over $150.00 in late fee's and non_sufficient_funds charges! I was treated like an idiot by the people at grant springs, they refunded 1 charge of 24.87 but refused to refund the 2nd charge of $24.87 plus a forgein transaction fee of $.75. they charged my account under 2 different entities, have at least 5 different phone numbers for the same place. I am still trying to recover money from my bank. I live on a fixed income that is a direct deposit to the bank so, I had no choice. the bank took the funds even though this was clearly a scam!

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