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Johannesburg, South Africa

Let's let's start from the top in march 2016i wanted to take up
The promotion of the msc cruise. I applied for a glocell contract a R99 x24 month wifi router I was advised by a Jacqline Blatt that my credit score was to low and I did not quilify.

I could not understand how that was possible but I left it.

In June month I was in the Internet and the msc cruise advert popped up and I applied again and was help by a gentle man and he told me I was approved for a P8 for R299 per month and that someone will contact me with regards to the Delivery details 2weeks or so passed I followed up and a Sharmiela Beseky She tried to help me but she was also no help. She refered me to a glocell store

Contacted store they had some on my details and helped me further in the end I was approved and got my contract and link was send to claim my cruise I registered and all was well.

I noticed my payments was not going off I called in multiple times to enquire and was assisted on 1 November and money was deducted R1500 I advised them that my banking details are incorrect and I was told it will be updated en enable my debit order to go off and I was told my account will be e mailed to me never received 1 statement until today were i actually spoke to someone that can help me. We also determined that my banking details was still incorrect aswell my e mail address, home address and surname no wonder the payments did not pull through and I was not getting my statement.

Today I was also told my msc booking was cancelled by glocell and no one informed me due to my account not being up so date. So tell me how is it my fault my details was incorrect and that if I was the only one in contact with glocell to rectify glocell's error I made a direct payment into glocell 's account today to get my account sorted.
Someone need to contac me urgent as I can lot leave it like this I get penilised as the customer that tried to correct glocell 's mistakes how does this work

And another thing ;first my credit score was to low to approve R99 contract but was sufficient to approve a R299 contact makes no sense seeing that it's 3 times more please explain this aswell

Jan 9, 2017

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