Glocell / I did not receive my data bundle

South Africa

1 February 2017 - i did not receive my data bundle only my contract data.

I also was paying the previous 2 months for data bundles that i have not received and after a few calls that i was struggling to get hold of the call center that was removed.

Now with that removal the data bundle that should be active is not active now i am paying for this bundle and i have not received it!!

I am fed up with the bad service can never get hold of anyone my queries om my app also not being resolved no one phone me regarding my queries!

I have never struggled with any service provider like with GloCell!

The worst service ever!!!

I want my problem resolved with immediate effect as soon as possible!!!

i phoned all the contact numbers for the support team and no answer anywhere!

The is no GloCell located in Bloemfontein so i cant even go to the shop to resolve this problem!!!

Feb 1, 2017

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