Glocellbill query - lack of service

I am starting to wonder if there are any humans actually working at Glocell. Tried calling them on 16th January 2017 with no answer after having sat in the queue for 40 odd minutes with no answer. Resorted to mailing customer support at 13.05, no response. Resent same mail 17/1/2017 at 13.07. Still no response. Today called the call center. After having held on for 10 minutes, automated voice wants me to record a message or press star for an operator. Well guess what. no chance of getting through to an a operator and call was then disconnected.

Please can the billing query on account APP0115546 be attended to. Requested that the 20g bundle be cancelled in October. Was done for one month but then back on account for December and January bills. Kindly refund me for this and ensure that this bundle is in fact cancelled.


Jan 18, 2017

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