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Ge Money / Lowes / interest added to account paid in full

1 Kingsport, TN, United States

We too have experienced the GE Money Scam; however, we did not realize it until we received a call from the collection agency and it was already on our credit report. We bought appliances on July 31, 2006 on a one year, no payment, no interest loan. We paid it off in Oct 31, 2006. (That was only 3 months after we bought it). We did not receive any further correspondence on this bill and we knew it was paid for so we did not worry about it.
December of 2007, we received a call from a collection agency stating we owed $490.17 on a Lowe's charge. The collection agency said it was for late fees and interest. To make a long, tiresome story short, we have made numerous calls to Ge Money, have worked with a Lowe's store manager to try to find out what this charge is for. Apparently, we have no rights, not even to find out why a charge is turned over to creditors. The store manager did finally get one Ge rep to tell her the amount that was charged on our bill which was $5217 - the exact amount of the check we have a copy of paying to Ge. So what exactly was the $490 for, Ge will not tell us. We were told we would have to submit a letter in writing to El Paso Texas and request a copy of our statement and it will take 2-3 months to get. I am seriously doubting we will ever get a statement from them. Meanwhile, we went ahead and paid the $490 to try to restore our once perfect credit. However, our credit report now will only say that we paid the bill not that we paid a bill that was a scam! Does anyone have any advice on how to get it off our credit report and how to make Ge tell us what the charges were for? .

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