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Fifth Third Bank / / vehicle titles

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My name is Steven McDonald,

I am having an issue with the way your company handles titles for vehicles. It seems 5/3 and My Title Support are not communicating with each other. When I was living in Ohio, I took out an auto loan for a vehicle purchase at Joseph Volkswagon of Cincinnati located in Norwood, Ohio. This happened in 2016.

I recently moved to Kentucky, roughly 20 miles away. My registration was set to expire on November 22, 2018. On November 18, 2018 I went to the Kenton County Clerk of Courts located in Independence, KY to get my registration switched over and new KY plates. This is a very common request. I received a 30-day tag and Kenton County sent off a request to have my title switched to KY. Again, very common.

On December 17, 2018 I went to Kenton County again and they informed me that my title was not in. I go to the closest 5/3 to get information. All they said was to call My Title Support (this was the first time I heard about a 3rd party vendor having my title and not 5/3) I called My Title Support and they informed me that only I could request a state change and that it would cost me $48 by phone or $36 online. I went online that same day and requested a state change, paying the $36. Not a big deal but still not something I was expecting. I called My Title Support back to see how long this would take, and they said 4-6 weeks (28-42 days). I was able to get another 30-day tag even though KY only allows one. The tag was set to expire on January 15, 2019

On January 13, 2019 I go to Kenton County and the title still has not arrived. After speaking with a supervisor there, I was able to get a 3rd 30-day tag set to expire on February 12, 2019. I called My Title Support again and they informed me that it usually takes this along which was only about 25 days later.

After the 45 day mark had come, I called My Title Support again and they told me the reason it is taking a long time is because 5/3 never received my title, so they had to request a duplicate from the state of Ohio. I am now dumbfounded at this point.

I contact the 5/3 branch that I processed my loan through, Norwood, Ohio on Sherman Ave. The guy there could not give me any information, just kept saying "I only started 2 months ago". I even asked for a branch manager or a loan specialist. It was not until after I told him that his customer service was not the best that I was connected with someone who had answers.

This person (I wish I knew his name because he was helpful), informed me that 5/3 had my title, that Ohio does "electronic titles" (A fact that 5/3 should have informed My Title Support about since, you know, they hold your titles). This was music to my ears. Finally a person who has an answer, or who found out the answer, and not pawn it off on another person or tell me "I have only been here 2 months". The helpful guy told me I would receive a call in 1-2 days letting me know the progress that has been made.

I received a call the next day by a lady named "Lorraine or Lorie" something of that nature. She had good news for me as well saying she is reaching out to My Title Support to get everything straightened out and that I would receive a call by 2 pm today February 6, 2019.

I received a call today not from the nice lady as she was off today but someone else. He informed me that a request was made for a duplicate and that he will check with Kenton County next week to see if the title came in. My tags expire, next week February 12, 2019. This answer was not good enough. I do not know the chances of me getting a 4th 30-day tag. When I asked if he could send me an email stating this process is still going on, his answer was, no, another department will have to do that. I then asked if they will be able to email the letter to me, his answer was, no. They could only send something in the mail.

So here I sit worrying if I will be able to legally drive my vehicle back and forth to work next week, to make money so I could pay off my car loan that you have when all of this could have been avoided by communicating to the 3rd party vendor who holds your customer's titles that Ohio has E-Titles no duplicates should have been requested.

You have pissed off a customer, who has been a great customer, albeit not a rich one all because no one is sharing information. I would re-think your customer service training for the ones who did not know what to say or who to talk to for answers, and also re-think the process of using a 3rd party vendor especially if your company forgets to inform them how each state operates and stores titles.

I really hope someone goes through the trouble of reading this and realizes that 5/3 dropped the ball on this customer. You have my contact information if you need me to clarify any of the above material.

Thank You

Feb 8, 2019

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