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Customer Support Phone Numbers

+966 920 000 548(Customer Service) 23 10
+966 800 124 2121(Customer Service) 16 6
+966 114 089 000(Priority & Elite) 6 2
+966 920 000 576(Customer Service) 11 4
+966 800 124 0001(Priority) 6 1
+966 800 124 5050(Elite) 6 3
+966 800 124 0006(Marketing) 3 3

Banque Saudi Fransi Complaints & Reviews

Banque Saudi Fransi / receiving calls of blocked atm

Sep 07, 2019

Received a call from [protected] telling me my atm is blocked. The person asked for my Iqama number. Can you confirm and verify. Is it possible you are calling your customers on mobile number even if the card is registered as salary use in a company? Please send me email for this [protected]

Banque Saudi Fransi / transfer fund more than 10 day havent receive

May 07, 2019

Banque Saudi Fransiat the 26/4/2019 at my hongkong company nuobote trade co limited hsbc:[protected] amount:usd 50997.45 transfer id:hk126049HN569243 tranfer account number:[protected] iban no:sa-5655000000096678100262 name:mobarak mohd al utaibi est for cont but until today:7/5/2019 havent receive the...

Banque Saudi Fransi / international transfer to inactive account in pakistan allied bank of pakistan

Apr 26, 2019

Banque Saudi FransiDear Sir, I have transferred amount to my brother account which is now inactive/Closed account and amount couldn't be received by him. How I can get back my money to re send it in his active account. The transaction details are attached. Please get this money back as still not received...

Banque Saudi Fransi / status of money transfer not received

Apr 17, 2019

Banque Saudi FransiMy name is Arul company unique laboratory for soil testing, Riyadh transferred money to my Indian bank : state bank of India Attur Salem India. to the account no. [protected] on April 11, 2019. Yet I haven't receive money. Transfer ref: 038/TT/F42710/19 . Reference number: 038BSF1191715072545910754. Debit...

Banque Saudi Fransi / deposit refund

Apr 07, 2019

'd like to raise a serious complaint on the slow process to handle a very simple issue of mine, as i requested visa card cancellation from abha branch, and accordingly the visa was cancelled and i issued a request to refund 1875 sar which i deposited during the visa card issuing, the...

Banque Saudi Fransi / The balance I recieved when I closed my investment account

Mar 23, 2019

Hi, Good afternoon! I need further explanation about my march 2019 my attorney have visited the main branch in jeddah to collect my balance and close my accounts. She recieved only sr4880. However, according to the last bank statement I received on 31/03/2015, I had sr 15, 122...

Banque Saudi Fransi / amount in a closed account

Feb 19, 2019

I have a previous BSF account number F472320 0186 which got frozen and then due to prolonged period it was closed and when I tried to reactivate this same account I found it is not possible at all, so I have created a new account G873280 0188 Which I receive my salary on it. The problem...

Banque Saudi Fransi / refund my amount

Nov 23, 2018

Dear gents Sorry to say your I have spokes three time with your employees but they didn't give any response was I went restaurant by mistake they deducted 52 riyal already I have disline slip I had open ticket for refund untill they not return my amount and was talking very badly they not...

Banque Saudi Fransi / service

Nov 19, 2018

Good day Sir, I'm Goran from Croatia, I working in KSA almost two years for oil drilling company SANAD (Saudi Aramco Nabors Drilling). I'm interesting for take loan from your bank for buy house in my country. My base salary is 28 500 riyal per months. ID: [protected]. Could you please...

Banque Saudi Fransi / transaction reference 068tt51487618

Oct 24, 2018

Dear Sir, I have transferred fund to India vide Reference # 068TT51487618 through online banking service of SAUDI FRANSI bank on 07-10-2018 but my beneficiary could not get it in their bank account and also it did not return to my bank account. This is not the first time its happening and...

Banque Saudi Fransi / international money transfer to india

Oct 16, 2018

Dear Sir, I have transferred funds to India 07-10-2018 but my beneficiaries did not receive it in their account or did not return to my account . 1. Transaction Reference-068TT51488718 - on 07-10-2018 2. Transaction Reference -068TT51487618 -on 07-10-2018 Kindly verify your record and please inform me accordingly. Best Regards, REJIMON.V.K.

Banque Saudi Fransi / inquiry on the deposited money from the atm

Jul 22, 2018

Can I ask if the deposited money with the amount 1, 680sr was successfully deposited or not, upon the depositing the stated amount and the screen shows that its successfully deposited but no RECEIPT came. I want to know if the deposited money was successfully deposited. Here are the...

Banque Saudi Fransi / payment ref#065ttc7081618

Jul 17, 2018

Respected sir (payment ref#065ttc7081618) my name is nadeem ahmed mohammad yousuf i informed you that i send usd:9950 from riyad ksa to karachi pakistn on 04-07-2018 until 17-07-2018 we not received this amount habib bank limited inform me sum other information need fm your bank he i...

Banque Saudi Fransi / international transfer

May 21, 2018

I have made one international Transfer on 08-May-2018 with REF: 068TT23657118 Since then there is no update with my money. Please request someone to call me at number [protected] to pls provide me update status. or reply my email back on [protected] I am writing emails to...

Banque Saudi Fransi / international transfers

Apr 21, 2018

This is one of the worst banks of Saudi Arabia, the customer compliance and complaint department run by a guy called Hameed Al Onaizi is incompetent liar, they take 15 to 20 business days saying, ' we are looking into your issue' and then they come up with another lame excuse, Make sure to...

Banque Saudi Fransi / salary transfer in freeze account due to iqama expiry and account holder is on final exit

Apr 17, 2018

Banque Saudi FransiI have an account in saudi fransi (Roail Hussain Shah Account Number D4470400145) which was freez due to IQAMA (Iqama Number [protected]) expired. Now I left KSA on final exit. Please advice how can I get my salary as my ATM is also axpired. My pakistan number is [protected]. Please contact...

Banque Saudi Fransi / تجميد الحساب وتحديث العنوان الوطني

Apr 11, 2018

Banque Saudi Fransiشكوى واعتراض تم سداد المستحقات المتاخرة على بطاقة الفيزا رقم [protected] رقم حسابها A0420400226 ولم يتم تحديث بيانات السداد ومازال حسابي مجمد ولا استطيع تحديث العنوان الوطني بسبب تجميد الحساب, للمعلومية بانه تم التواصل مع التحصيل هاتفيا عدة مرات وتم التفاهم معهم بخصوص جدولة السداد وتم بالفعل...

Banque Saudi Fransi / credit cards

Jun 20, 2017

While doing transaction excess amount is deducting from my card it is too high than purchase amount. Today i have purchased one item worth is 195 SR in Lulu hyper market, Riyadh but 328 SR deducted more. Before transaction my balance was 1500 SR above and after transaction 977 SR... So many...

Albank Alsaudi Alfransi / robbed my money

Saudi French Bank in Saudi Arabia, robbed my money, the balance was US$ 32000- in 1982. When I am writing to them they do not reply, I wrote to all the ministers even to the King of Saudi Arabia but they are not replying. In 2008 Saudi Embassy contacted me and I submitted all the document...

Albank Alsaudi Alfransi / stealing of funds

I am fedup and tired of fighting with them and they do not even reply emails, fax and letters. Is there someone on this earth that may help find the solution and give me justice against these white collared criminals The injustice was done and the crime was committed in Saudi Arabia by...