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Every single time FedEx is supposed to deliver a package to my home, I have a problem--it's unbelievable they are still in business!! Two weeks ago they were supposed to deliver a package to my home-I was home that day-the package did not need a signature. I tracked the package when it didn't arrive at the end of the day-their website said that the driver tried to deliver it, but no one was home to sign for it! LIAR!! No one came to my door that day--my dog barks whenever anyone comes to the door--she did not bark all day! Plus it did not need a signature--so another lie. I called FedEx and within an hour, my package was delivered.

I expected another package to be delivered yesterday. It never arrived. I checked the tracking number-their website said it was delivered--a lie--I was home all day and watching out of my window-not one FedEx truck came down the street. I called FedEx--they told me the driver told them he left it in my driveway near my car--I told them there was no car in my driveway--so he's lying--and where is my package?? No one knows! Today FedEx put a tracer on it---I doubt I will ever receive my package--who knows what the driver did with it--well, I hope he chokes on the coffee that was in the package!!

I absolutely REFUSE to buy from anyone who uses FedEx as a shipperfrom now on--it's not worth the aggravation and time spent trying to right their mistakes. I just don't get it--can't their delivery people READ addresses? And the lies are too much at this point! It's as if FedEx is a "free for all"--anything goes and is acceptable. I can only hope they go out of business--they don't deserve people depending on them.


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